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  1. Was there last night. A win is a win. But it was messy. Had to go because I am a Wilfork fan an that may have been his last game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Does any one have a source for the 70th Anniversary grill cloth? I would like to use it on a project.
  3. I will take a pair if they are still available
  4. Trim was made up of the plastic trim board used on homes. Some was left over from a project and I planed down the board to right depth and cut thin strips on the table saw. Sanded the out side face and edge. Used a disk sander and 45 degree guide block for the mitered ends. Used 3M double stick portrait tape to set them in place and small flathead countersunk screws in the corners and in middle of in each strip.
  5. I used 3M 77 spray glue. Got the cloth from Crites. Link: http://www.critesspeakers.com I layed the cloth out face side down and stretched it out a bit and clamped down in the edges with wood strips. Left the center area clear and placed the grill board down after spraying it on the face down surface. I put some weight on the board and let it dry. Then I trimmed the cloth leaving a 1 1/2 inch overhang. I took a plumbers torch and melted the edges a little to limit fraying. Doing one side at a time I sprayed a 1 1/2 inch area on the board and the exposed cloth at the same time. Needed to mask the board and the background with cardboard...the spray seems to travel a bit. Good luck.
  6. I left some space when cutting the replacement grills with the idea of adding some trim. Finally got around to the project. See the attached pictures.
  7. I am posting for a friend. I have heard this cartridge many times and vouch for the quality and condition. This is a tremendous value IMO. PM me and I'll send you his contact info ASAP. For Sale, Benz Glider Medium output phono cartridge. This cartridge has been on my turntable for two years. Upgraded to a Ortofon Cadenza. It was purchased new from a dealer and has been carefully played and cared for. Moderate playing time, a lot more digital source during the last two years. It comes with the original packaging and tools as seen in the photos. Free FedEx shipping to USA only. Signature required. Payment methods. Cash Certified Check PayPal (buyer pays all fees) Price $600 Error uploading pictures. I will have to figure it out, until then email me and I will send them via return email.
  8. I was thinking of using a TC Electric Impact Twin (24/192, interface/DAC/ADC), Pure Music software's crossover and filter features, and three inexpensive amps to tri-amp khorns. Any one have any experience with this method? I would also like to get some advice on some amps. I saw that parts express had low pricing T-amps. Any recommendations or advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  9. A bit off topic... I got an app for my iPhone that is kinda fun. It does some equalization gymnastics and simulates the cross talk that you you usually only get from speakers. It is called "Canopener". It is pretty fun to play with and it is supposed to play high resolution files. Have not tried that yet.
  10. Joe, Been getting in to headphone gear in the last couple of years because of an increase in travel. Hard to set up Khorns or Cornscalas in a hotel room or short term apartment. I started with some Shure 840's and the amp in my Lynx Hilo. Upgraded to some of the Senn 650s with a Zu cord. Then I built a Bottlehead SEX amp. Next was some JH7 in ears with a Audioquest Dragonfly for plane travel. Previously used Klipsch X11 in ears which are really nice and the only ones I could tolerate in my ears for more than an hour or so. I too miss a soundstage that does not come from the center of your head when I am on the road. I owed a friend for some serious assistance and for the Bottlehead SEX amp kit he gave me as a gift. I got him a Schiit Valhalla for his birthday a while back and I it sounded a bit better than my Lynx Hilo with my 650s. You won't be disappointed. I also spent some time with some of the other Schiit gear at the RMAF in Denver. Some great sounding gear. Even the new $100 amp is really good. Add the DAC and the dedicated DSD DAC and you have a first class system for under $350. My 650s and my SEX amp are my best set up, with the JH7s and the Audioquest Dragonfly being almost as good with 24/96. As soon as I move to 24/192 or DSD sources the 650/SEX set up shines. Enjoy your Schiit, Pete
  11. Low signal tubes benefit from matching more than power tubes in my experience.
  12. My Cornscala's have no bass problems. After you check the logical things posted above. Consider this... Is your room is square? You may suffer from bass cancelation. I struggled with it for a long time. The geometry of a square room is not good for the reflection of lower frequency sound waves. I found the following on a site which explains better than I can. "When the total distance traveled by reflected sound is half a wavelength of the original sound, it destructively interferes with the direct sound causing a notch to appear in the bass region of the loudspeaker. This first notch will be typically about 2/3rd octave wide and cause a significant decrease of the total bass energy in the room. You must check that the loudspeaker is not at a distance from the wall behind it that will cause this cancellation notch to appear in the frequency range that the loudspeaker can reproduce." I installed and juggled all sorts of sound treatment panels, traps, and reflectors. The room never sounded good. The continuation of the theory as it was explained to me is that no matter the arrangement, some frequency would suffer be cause equidistant reflection surfaces. If squareness is present (not you, the room), take your speakers to different space and see if they sound better.
  13. There is a DE120TN titanium driver available. Any opinions on Titanium Vs. Mylar?
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