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  1. I am posting for a friend. I have heard this cartridge many times and vouch for the quality and condition. This is a tremendous value IMO. PM me and I'll send you his contact info ASAP. For Sale, Benz Glider Medium output phono cartridge. This cartridge has been on my turntable for two years. Upgraded to a Ortofon Cadenza. It was purchased new from a dealer and has been carefully played and cared for. Moderate playing time, a lot more digital source during the last two years. It comes with the original packaging and tools as seen in the photos. Free FedEx shipping to USA only. Signature required. Payment methods. Cash Certified Check PayPal (buyer pays all fees) Price $600 Error uploading pictures. I will have to figure it out, until then email me and I will send them via return email.
  2. I was thinking of using a TC Electric Impact Twin (24/192, interface/DAC/ADC), Pure Music software's crossover and filter features, and three inexpensive amps to tri-amp khorns. Any one have any experience with this method? I would also like to get some advice on some amps. I saw that parts express had low pricing T-amps. Any recommendations or advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. A bit off topic... I got an app for my iPhone that is kinda fun. It does some equalization gymnastics and simulates the cross talk that you you usually only get from speakers. It is called "Canopener". It is pretty fun to play with and it is supposed to play high resolution files. Have not tried that yet.
  4. Joe, Been getting in to headphone gear in the last couple of years because of an increase in travel. Hard to set up Khorns or Cornscalas in a hotel room or short term apartment. I started with some Shure 840's and the amp in my Lynx Hilo. Upgraded to some of the Senn 650s with a Zu cord. Then I built a Bottlehead SEX amp. Next was some JH7 in ears with a Audioquest Dragonfly for plane travel. Previously used Klipsch X11 in ears which are really nice and the only ones I could tolerate in my ears for more than an hour or so. I too miss a soundstage that does not come from the center of your head when I am on the road. I owed a friend for some serious assistance and for the Bottlehead SEX amp kit he gave me as a gift. I got him a Schiit Valhalla for his birthday a while back and I it sounded a bit better than my Lynx Hilo with my 650s. You won't be disappointed. I also spent some time with some of the other Schiit gear at the RMAF in Denver. Some great sounding gear. Even the new $100 amp is really good. Add the DAC and the dedicated DSD DAC and you have a first class system for under $350. My 650s and my SEX amp are my best set up, with the JH7s and the Audioquest Dragonfly being almost as good with 24/96. As soon as I move to 24/192 or DSD sources the 650/SEX set up shines. Enjoy your Schiit, Pete
  5. Low signal tubes benefit from matching more than power tubes in my experience.
  6. My Cornscala's have no bass problems. After you check the logical things posted above. Consider this... Is your room is square? You may suffer from bass cancelation. I struggled with it for a long time. The geometry of a square room is not good for the reflection of lower frequency sound waves. I found the following on a site which explains better than I can. "When the total distance traveled by reflected sound is half a wavelength of the original sound, it destructively interferes with the direct sound causing a notch to appear in the bass region of the loudspeaker. This first notch will be typically about 2/3rd octave wide and cause a significant decrease of the total bass energy in the room. You must check that the loudspeaker is not at a distance from the wall behind it that will cause this cancellation notch to appear in the frequency range that the loudspeaker can reproduce." I installed and juggled all sorts of sound treatment panels, traps, and reflectors. The room never sounded good. The continuation of the theory as it was explained to me is that no matter the arrangement, some frequency would suffer be cause equidistant reflection surfaces. If squareness is present (not you, the room), take your speakers to different space and see if they sound better.
  7. There is a DE120TN titanium driver available. Any opinions on Titanium Vs. Mylar?
  8. Welcome to the other side...tubes.
  9. bliss53


    Are the new status headphones any larger than the mode m40? The m40 were too tight on my melon.
  10. Visited a place that had some cool vintage stuff. If you need vintage drivers or horns this guy probably has them. Spend the good part of the afternoon touring his place. I did not ask his permission to post his contact info but PM if you have any specific needs and I can put you in touch with him.
  11. I just scanned this thread...but is there any way to move the equipment to another wall? There could be with turntables so close to mouth of the bass bins. The tables and other equipment may cause issues sharing a common wall with the extension bass horn surface. I know my current cramped quarters cause some issues and I am not using my khorns for that reason. Also be flexible with the video screen placement. I once had some reflection issues with a large screen in a squarish room.
  12. Works Great. I used short flat head screws through counter sink washers in the motor board and small neodymium magnets from (www.kjmagnetics.com) in a slightly countersunk hole with gorilla glue or epoxy. rough up the back side of the magnet with a file for good adhesion. To mark the location for the screws put some chalk on the magnets and move the grill around in the space. Put the screws in the middle of the white chalk smudges.
  13. Sorry. The sale has been put off for now.
  14. Selling for a good friend. I will ad some pictures and a detail description soon. Asking $1,500.
  15. bliss53


    Nice darts. I also have some hammerheads. Thanks for the valuation update. I had no idea they had value. Good luck with the sale.
  16. Before I got the step up transformer I used the RIAA applied digitally with MM and high output MC cartridges. After the transformer, MC cartridges with the phono stages in both my preamps sounded a bit better. The fact that my MC cartridges are of much better quality than my MM cartridges also pays a part. Unfortunately, my current ADC does not have the ability to handle moving coil cartridges. I have not yet found a quiet enough microphone preamp to bring the MC signal to the ADC. I will keep looking. The TC Electric has the range to handle all but the lowest output MC cartridges but the sound quality of my current ADC is so much better that I am using the configuration described above.
  17. Was the poster from the estate of Wiley Thomas. I am confused.
  18. There are firewire adapters for the mac plug. On the TCI used firewire for my external drive and usb for the interface or vice versa. The interface should not share a bus with anything else. See this for good info on all things digital. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/
  19. I have used several DAC and DAC/ADC combinations with Audirvana and Pure Vinyl. Currently there is a Lynx Hilo in my main system. The Hilo is the best I have tried so far at $2,400. As for RIAA correction, PV RIAA applied digitally is my preference for MM cartridges. The Hilo does not have enough gain for MC cartridges, so a MC tube phono preamp or a MM tube phono preamp and step up produce my the best recordings to date. This most likely a function of the fact that my MC cartridges, phono stages and step ups are higher quality than my MM choices. At $400 the TC Electric Impact Twin is very good and can handle MC cartridges. Using the TC, I preferred PV RIAA over all else until a well matched step up was added. Either unit should handle 2 way speaker crossover duties. I have not tried this yet. Would need to drill some holes in my speakers to run direct connnections. Both are 24/192. If you would like to try my impact twin PM me.
  20. Any idea what caused the stain? What is the current finish? If the stain is something that penetrated the wood it will be difficult to eliminate. A light sanding will give you an idea of how deep it goes. A new application of dark stain will help hide damage. I think the best results will come from a complete sanding of all finished surfaces and a reapplication of stain. Given that the stain penetrated, I am guessing the finshing is a oil based stain rather than a harder shell type of finish. Sand with a finer grit (150 or finer) and a palm type sander. Work down to finer grits (320). Be carefull on the edges. This can be easier to deal with because all the finish color does not have to be removed. I would recommend Watco oil finishes. They come in different colors. You can mix two or more colors to get the color you want. I put on 2-3 thin coats with a rag. Let each coat dry a day or so. Then some Butchers wax or bowling alley wax buffed to a sheen. PM if you have any questions.Good luck.
  21. KAB was the inspiration of my planned project. I had intended to measure and and build but I thought maybe I could be lazy and ask for the measurements.
  22. Very nice and also inspiring. I have a piece of cherry waiting for my 1200 as well. I think I will try some dovetail joints. Can you post the measurents?
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