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  1. Anyone have any idea what type of sub is in the various lines of Energy brand subwoofers? Are they using the BASH amps like Klipsch? Any info would be great. Thanks!
  2. That is causing me some confusion as the diaphram is bigger than 1"! It is bigger. http://reconingspeakers.com/product/tannoy-diaphragm-7900-0205-hpd295-hpd315-hpd385/
  3. The Speaker Exchange? reconingspeakers.com I need to get a replacement diaphram for a Tannoy Berkeley speaker and they are a ways away from me as I'm in Canada and they are in Florida, I believe. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this company and how they are. Thanks!
  4. Going by the description, it could be a blow up doll that is finally getting some sexual parts added. LMAO Pics?? No, thank you!
  5. RIP George! He always asked " Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes" I don't think anyone will be able to fill George's.
  6. Hey fritz, be safe and enjoy the summer!
  7. My speaker wires always go the direction of my speakers, but they rarely take the most direct route. I'm still looking for the directional arrows.
  8. Thanks again derrickdj1, I think I'll get one.
  9. derrickdj1, I have limited knowledge regarding these conditioners, do you have to physically go to a switch to turn it on or can you do it by remote? The unit you are talking about, is it the Rocketfish HTS-120??? Thanks
  10. Thanks willand! That 12V trigger cable is just a 1/8" at both ends correct? Mono is fine?
  11. Hi All, I am thinking about purchasing an amp to power my mains. I don't need one to do the other three. I am running a Marantz SR-6004 receiver. I know Emotiva makes some great stuff, is there anything for us Canadians that is a reasonable price? I don't think Emotiva does much in the way of warranty for out of states customers. Someone may know more. Also, how does one get an amp that turns on when you turn on the receiver? Thanks guys.
  12. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All Air Supply
  13. He probably can't get to/find his computer anymore with all the subwoofers he has, lol.
  14. Yeah, I saw that too. I would believe it is the II's but I haven't saw them in my local F.S. store to see for myself. If they are at your local store, check the woofers(they look different than the I's) and if you can have a look at the back of the cabinet, it should say.
  15. Hopefully you purchased it from a dealer. If so, contact dealer. If not, is there anything else that happens when it shuts down?
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