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  1. I don't believe this has been done with any accuracy. It would be a pretty big project that is not currently "in my cards". And "my cards" only go to the early eighties! Beyond that it is all Klipsch Group.
  2. I'm not sure of the date when side access was changed to top access. However, I do believe top access was very short-lived.
  3. These are probably 1964. They had not shipped per the 1963 logbook. Logbooks from 1964 thru mid-1976 came up "missing" about 25 years ago. KDFR stands for Klipschorn / Decorator (open face HF) / Fir / Raw. Good job revitalizing these!
  4. Without substantial combing of the logbooks, one was shipped to Rodgers as early as 1976. At least 100 in sequence were shipped to them in 1978. I have not seen one with woofer access at the top.
  5. These were shipped to Flanner & Hafsoos on 12/3/81.
  6. The Klipsch Museum does not have access to the more recent years' serial numbers. I doubt that Klipsch has retained these. All I can say is that the RF7 debuted in 2001, and ran until 2006.
  7. 1030 shipped Jan. 27, 1961 with no woofer. 1090 shipped Aug. 20, 1962 with a K-33-J woofer. Both had K-55's, K-77's, and W5-33 networks. My GUESS is that the buyer of 1030 already had the 1959 woofer in the pic.
  8. Khorn #13 (Baldwin-built woofer) sent to Consumers' Research for the first review in 1948. Not quite the same geometry on the front vertical edges.
  9. #513 shipped on Sept. 30, 1953 to Geo. C. Lessig. It was a raw utility model (K-357-U2) with Stephens 103 LX2 woofer, University SAHF mid, and University 4401 tweeter.
  10. These are not CF's. I believe they are part of Klipsch's first THX home system.
  11. This is clearly one of the oldest survivors. Any additional info on the faded labels would be very helpful. In those days at least several, if not many, Khorns were sold using customer-supplied drivers. The horn shows deformation, which was one of PWK's first quality issues to be dealt with. The woofer cabinet geometry on the front vertical edges is interesting to say the least. It could indicate that this unit was updated in 1949, as units 14 thru 20 (1947-1948) were built at a local cabinet shop, allegedly each being a little different from the other. We have #18, and it's edges look "modern", so its conceivable this could be in the 14-17 range. At the same time, there were many home-builts that might have made it to the factory for repairs or updating. I suspect the Museum could find a "corner" for it!
  12. The 1975 brochure is the first to use the graphics at the bottom of the attached, but the pic of the Belle still has the old pie-shaped logo. In the 1976 brochure the Belle pic has the new graphics. There does not appear to be any notation regarding the logo change in the Belle logbook. My guess is that it changed sometime in 1975-1976
  13. My favorite letter to the editor.
  14. These shipped on June 17 and 18, 1974. The logbook has an "R" notation on 650 and an "L" notation on 651. This probably denotes that they were a mirrored pair. Why they shipped on two separate dates and with two different shipping department initials is unknown.
  15. Matti Otala (Finland) developed the method of measuring transient intermodulation distortion in amplifiers. His AES paper was included in the Audio Papers that PWK assembled and sold in a loose leaf binder. Google knows him!
  16. My first AES convention with PWK was in Los Angeles. Dinner with PWK, Heyser, and Matti Otala was severely humbling!
  17. I appreciate your reference to Heyser. I've seen a PWK letter to him addressed to "Teacher". The paper archives are essentially a mixed up mess for the most part. It would be very difficult to find anything until we have the opportunity to start reorganizing them. The opportunity keeps slipping into the future due to the day-to-day demands of "running a museum". They were "blown up" by me during the last several years of employment at Klipsch. It was a scramble to explore them before my retirement, because there was no non-profit museum envisioned, and there was discussion of donating them elsewhere. Not to mention they were moved to at least 8 different locations from 1978 to 2015. Keeping them at all was a "lay in front of the bulldozer" proposition several times. Fortunately that "precariousness" ended after Voxx came on the scene. [Thank you John!] The "scope" is significant. If you would like to discuss offline how you might help, please start the discussion at jim@klipschmuseum.org.
  18. Greetings! Your list is Impressive! However, the Museum has an unfair advantage. The current Archive index to "PWK Papers and Speeches" is attached. It is expected to grow when our archives are located in a space conducive to exploration. Note that most have a Klipsch date associated (YYMMDD). The folders have multiple page scans. The individual pages in the right three columns have yet to be collected into folders. There are also folders with additional content, such as the "Letter to the Editor" folder, also attached. I cannot supply all of these at this time, but a project to make all available does need to happen!
  19. HDBRbuilder and RandyH are correct. The logbook has no further information.
  20. Sorry, but I have nothing. I can't find 1233, or even any in that range.
  21. I received Maron's package on 10/16/2009. Definitely some good info on Paul's buddy, George Ashworth. In the 40's Ashworth told PWK that he had peanut butter in his ears. They remained friends!
  22. I agree with RandyH on all but the B2T. I have not seen batch numbers used on networks. The B2T could be a transitional designation between the B2 and B3. I am not familiar with it (or forgot!). It is clear from the pic that these Cornwalls have had some work done, as the woofer and squawker both have "circle R" red stamps, indicating replacements.
  23. #2262 shipped to PMA Engineering on 4/16/80, along with the next 7 serial numbers.
  24. The Rebel 7 was the last of the Rebel series that originally began about 1950. The earlier Rebels were all corner loaded. The 7 was still in the 1967 catalog. See pic.
  25. The woofer date code says: 67=Eminence (driver manufacturer) 44th week of 1985.
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