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  1. Hey! I've forgotten this thread... Rediscovered it while serching for some of my old photos.... It has been a lot of changes since I last posted in this... New house, new source and new amp. The Cornwall III's are still with me. My new amp is a Leben CS600: I use E-H KT88 as power tubes. My new source is a pc... and a WLM Gamma Reference DAC. I use audacious in Linux and play bit-perfec to the dac.
  2. Hi! Does anyone here have personal experience with this turntable? I'm considering getting one for my listening room. The rest of the set up is Almarro A318B and Cornwall III. Will it be an overkill for my set up...? Shuold I settle for a more reasonably priced table?
  3. I've tried this though... wasen't "my cup of tea"... lacked a bit of dynamic and details. especially in bass and treble... Midrange was good! It's a Nottingham analouge Hyperpace. I used it with a Benz Ace medium, Space Ace arm and ASR Mini Basis. Conclusion was: a beautiful piece of equipment, but I preffered to listen to my CD-player...
  4. Short commment to the difference is... The Diva's are more precise, holografic and direct. lack som of the bass definiton of the CW's and doesen't fill my livingroom with music in the same way as the CW's. But in a dedicated listening room they are my first choise... The to different systems... WLM Diva, Leben CS300 and Electrocompaniet EMC-1Up Klipsch Cornwall III, Almarro A318B and Electrocompaniet EMC-1Up Yes... I'm still short of one source...And still looking for a tunrtable...
  5. Well.. I've done a lot of tube rolling in my Almarro. And so far my favourit combo is RCA VT-231 grey glass(early-40's) and a KenRad 6SL7GT "round silver plates" (-49) IMO a perfect mach! Solid, dry, defined bass, a midrange to die for(!) and "never ending" highs! Another interesting set up is with a russisan metal base 6H8C(-50's) and Sylvania 6SL7WGT (late 50's) This is a verey detailed set up, and a bith bright sounding. reveals a lot of information especially in the treble range. A solid dry bass! but doesn't seem to go so low as the first set up... and lack a bit of presision... The russian tube is a very interesting tube. Quite transparent in sound, and fun to try different SL's with... my favourit for late night listening combo is with the russian tube and a -42 National Union 6SL7GT "black glass"... A bit "rounded" highs and a powerful bass! If I try to cranck up the volume a tad here, my windows starts to shake, pictures falls of the walls, and my wife is yelling at me... But for late night listenening... Superb! It's fun to test tubes!!!! [<)] And in my opinion: both tubes are equal important! It's about synergy...
  6. Now I've tried a turntable in my system... It was a Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace. Sounded ok, but not good enough for me to spend so much money on... Tried it with a Nottingham Space Ace arm, Benz ACE pu and ASR Mini Basic... I missed some bass definiton and tonal presence in the midrange... So the search continues...
  7. Not sure what a decent price is for you, but this is a good model of Basis table, the same well-regarded model that Garymd has, that seems well priced if you don't take the cartridge. The Rega arm is good, not as top-notch as the Basis Vector, some SME arms, etc. I am not familiar with the Benz M2 cart or how good that $500 price is, but I do find Benz's a little bright for my taste.Pics are needed for this item, and assurance that the table and especially the plinth are not scratched or beat up. Anyway, if that costs too much, many people on the forum swear by VPI, e.g., the Scout. You might be on the lookout for a used Basis 1400, a somewhat plain-looking table that is very good and no one has been unhappy with. Larry Thanks! It looks interesting, but perhaps a bit to expensive for me as a entry model? The Basis 1400 seemes more in my price range at this time.
  8. I found the A318B to be the best amp for me. Great mid's and high's and a superb bass... I'm very happy with it! I've done some tuberolling with the 6SN7 and 6SL7. 6SL7's I've tried are Sylvania 6SL7GT and 6SL7WGT, National Union 6SL7GT, CEi 6SL7GT and RCA 6SL7GT"Grey-glass" 1950's. 6SN7's I tried so far are RCA 6SN7GTB"Coinbase", 6H8C"Metallbase"(1578tube, Russian military NOS tube) and RCA VT231/6SN7GT 1940's. The tubecombo I found that I prefer are the RCA 6SL7GT and RCA VT231. But the Russian 6H8C and Sylvania 6SL7WGT are a very good sounding combo too. A bit more "high-end" sound, but not so sweet and harmonic as the RCA/RCA combo. Does anyone have a recomandation for other tubes that will work well with the Almarro A318B in this setup?
  9. Just thought I shold post a picture of the new home for me and my Cornwall's.
  10. I allmost forgot... I promised to tell you what I think is the best of both worlds. Almarro A318B and Klipsch Cornwall III [] The Almarro is a SET-amp, with great mids and highs, and it also has a solid deep bass! And teamed up with the Cornwalls it is a perfect match!
  11. I don't have a turntable for the moment, but I'm in the search for a good one now. I had to get a good amp for my Cornwalls first. I do not use a pre amp either. All of my amps are integated ones. So my main system is a three pice system. A Electrocompaniet cd-player, http://www.electrocompaniet.com/products/digital/emc1-up.html , Almarro A318B, and the mighty Klipsch Cornwall III. I've been a solid state man for the last 20 years, with a "highend" system. Untill I, rather by coincident, bought the Music Angel amp. Then I realised how much I've been missing in musiclistening. So I bought the Cornwalls to get some speakers that where made for tubeamps. Then I found out that the Music Angel wasn't a perfect with the Cornwalls, and started my search for a perfect amp. And found that the Almarro was perfect for me. In fact these last 5 months have changed how I listens to music completly. Before I bought the Cornwalls and tube amps, I listened to the system, and now I hear the music! So now the quest continues. Next is a turntable! I'm trying to find a decent priced good one... Suggestions anyone?
  12. Unfortunately I haven't got all of these amps. I've posted these pictures and minireviews to share what I've been trough to reach my goal in musical listening! I've only got the Music Angel XD800MkIII, the Leben CS300 and of course the Almarro A318B. The Music Angel is in use at my son's(12) room with a set of Cerwin Vega[:$] It plays his favourit music very nice! The Almarro is in my main set up with the Cornwalls And the Leben was just to beautiful to let go... I've got to get som speakers for it some day... Did I hear someone say Heresy II??? I've a couple of ss amps as well, but I don't use them... I like the sound of a good tube amp! So I guess I'm done for now...[] I hope you have enjoyed reading about my listening experiences!
  13. And then it was time for the last amp I have had with my Cornwall's Almarro A318B The best amp I've heard! The Almarro has an amazing powerful and detailed bass! And the highs were beatiful! Stereoimaging were superb, and the midrange were in typical SET manner. To die for!!! And I think it's a beauty as well... The two fairly large power tubes(6C33C) Glows beautiful, but gets pretty warm. You can feel the heat from it a few feet away! This amp is in my humble opinion, a perfect one for the Cornwall's. It is a japanese SET amp. It has 2x18w, three pair of input jacks, and the bias adjusting is done manually from the outside. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/almarro5/318.html
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