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  1. Can anyone say, the one-two punch that is the Altec 641 and the Logitech z560? Each of those beats the Promedia 4.1 in their own way in sound quality, and both beat it in price, big time.... ------------------ "Feh." This message has been edited by Gluegun on 06-05-2002 at 03:42 AM
  2. Uh, the terms "Obscenely overpriced" come to mind, lol!! ------------------ "Feh."
  3. You got the PM4.2 system? Lol, you don't wanna hear what my personal opinion on that sucker is, lol.... ------------------ "Feh."
  4. It's too loud because you can't turn it down to neutral, duhhh.... at least you can turn an SVS down to 'neutral' and below that! ------------------ "Feh."
  5. BA7800, Logitech z560, Promedia 5.1, and I'm not sure if any 2.1 system gets to 113 dB... 113 dB is about where multimedia maxes out... ------------------ "Feh."
  6. A better upgrade in sound would be to sell your speakers and get something better... Check out this thread... The idea, for upgrading sound quality, is to spend the time, effort, and money where your system is actually WEAKEST... so you will get the biggest change. For example, selling what you have and picking up a set of Altec Lansing 641's, and a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz will be a very effective way to increase your sound quality.... ------------------ "Feh."
  7. I'd still take those dynamic/ribbon VMPS combos over any of these... can you say, "Best of Both Worlds"? I know I can!! ------------------ "Feh."
  8. I'd say, if you want soundstage *AND* dynamics, get some of those VMPS high end ribbon speakers with custom dynamic woofers.. www.vmpsaudio.com ... ------------------ "Feh." This message has been edited by Gluegun on 05-24-2002 at 02:31 AM
  9. Well, the 113 dB systems I know of are the z560 (they don't have a 2.1 system that loud), the PM5.1's, and the BA7800... ------------------ "Feh."
  10. OTL, If you want Roj to read that post of yours, try taking the argument to 3dss.com. He is willing to discuss this there. ------------------ "Feh."
  11. Cool! Which was loudest in your opinion, the z560 or BA7800? ------------------ "Feh."
  12. Anyway, yea, I've seen that Avantegarde website... I still wouldn't want their speakers over some very specific, cheaper options from other companies that do not use horns, even if I had a room in which they a.) would not look out of place and b.) could sound optimum due to room acoustics... ------------------ "Feh." This message has been edited by Gluegun on 05-13-2002 at 11:17 PM
  13. quote: Originally posted by OTL: What PC speaker doesn't? You guys need to lighten up and realize severe sonic compromises have to be made with these types of systems. The fact that you sit a few feet away makes a transparent soundstage impossible. There are plenty of PC speakers that don't. In the low end, try the Monsoon MH-502's. $75 online. in 5.1 systems, try the Monsoon MH-505, for $140. In high end 2.0 system, try the Swan M-200 for $200. Those have a better soundstage (much more depth, gotta love that silk dome tweeter!) than the B&W DM303's... I did a direct comparison... BTW, the Avantgardes are those $65,000 french ones, with the built in sub, right? Or is that something else...? *looks at there website* Oh yea, those are the $45,000 ones. Okay. I've been to this website before--I wasn't all that impressed.. they need a sub, and they didn't really explain the details they said they would explain about why their speakers really WERE better. I want some cold, hard facts in my salespeak, lol... ------------------ "Feh." This message has been edited by Gluegun on 05-13-2002 at 11:13 PM
  14. A friend of mine doesn't like horns... I'll quote a one of his better and more, ahh, interesting arguments... "Other people in the High End insist on resurrecting old technology and promoting it as new technology. In speakers, this means above all, HORNS. Bruce Edgar builds a $20,000 horn, that French outfit a $65,000 horn. Horns?? With phenolic drivers? Many milliseconds of delay? The megaphone effect (reflections within the horn throat that make everybody sound like Rudy Vallee)? Yes, the efficiency is amazing, as is the sound pressure. Yes its impactful and sounds better with those 5 Watt single-ended triode power amps. Yes the overall sound quality is marginal to dreadful. No, theres nothing you can do about it: change the driver, change the horn throat, equalize, use better materials. Nothing really helps. Dont listen to horns, theyre bad for your aural health." Oh, by the way, Roj heard some Horns, and he LIKED the high end Klipsches (hell, I'm sure *I WILL TOO*, as soon as I hear them with music that needs a good amount of impact!), but they *do* have a signature sound that makes them more suited to some types of music over others! Think that Rudy Valee argument (not by Roj) that i posted.. A signature sound like that reduces versatility, which, IMO, is a bad thing. I like my systems to be versatile... cause that means I don't have to buy a bunch of different systems for different types of sound! I have been doing that, you know--with headphones. Those are cheap enough that you can buy four different high end models from four different brands, so you can switch depending on your current music. Speakers, which are a bit more expensive, means you probably can't do this. Therefore, accuracy and versatility are very important to me. IMHO, any signature sound that is further than necessary from 'accuracy' is a bad thing! I found a good webpage talking about signature sounds, and such... it's a good read if you want to figure out a good way to compare and contrast speakers... http://www.audionote.co.uk/anp1.htm In relateds stuff.. the fact that horns direct sound the way they do caused Klipsch to have to make a few compromises with the Promedias. Horns are made for big rooms--the KHorns, of course, sound best in corner loading-- so that means that they AREN'T well suited to near-field multimedia. Klipsch knows this, and designed the Promedia tweeter to have a wider dispersal... lessee, compromised horn in a compromised location with a compromised design. No wonder I don't really like the Promedia highs. Yes, I have heard them... ------------------ "Feh." This message has been edited by Gluegun on 05-13-2002 at 10:48 PM
  15. quote: Originally posted by Btrigg: OLT, imo they are very biased compared to most, but it is true that horn speakers seem to flaten the sound stage and imaging since they are compacting the sound. I like my promedias, but I will say the transparecy is not there, although they make it sound like the pros sound like ish because of that, when this is not the case. They play all the same sounds, just don't place them with any accuracy. This is not notciable till you hear a set without horns, but the difference is there. They just put a lot of importance on that difference. The Klipsch sound is in your face, which doesn't sound as good as more neutral speakers imo. This is for music only though, movies and games, the Klipsch rule. I agree very strongly with this statement... another part of my case is that it is very inexpensive to get an incredibly detailed, awesome for imaging, very accurate and tight sounding 5.1 system for about $140.... If we didn't have an option that was such an incredible contrast to the Promedia 5.1's at such an inexpensive price, we might not be so zealous. By the way, i'm talking about 5.1 systems.... with 4.1 systems, and the price that the promedia 4.1's are... I believe that the 4.1's aren't a good value... I would definitely consider the 5.1's if ever I wanted a 5.1 system, though! ------------------ "Feh." This message has been edited by Gluegun on 05-13-2002 at 08:20 PM
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