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  1. My forum name was inspired by my experiences slinging speakers at Best Buy... A well-dressed man came in one evening and asked "Do you have the Bose 3-2-1 system?" I said "Yes, it's right over here..." as I said the words, he walked over, grabbed a cart and followed me to the back of the store where the speakers were all lined up for auditioning. There was one 3-2-1 box in the bottom stock underneath the system on the shelf- he grabbed it and he began cramming it onto the cart. I asked "Would you... uh... like to hear it?" "No." he replied curtly and shoved the system on the cart and walked up to the checkout.
  2. Thanks, CECAA. Looking forward to it! Hornmiester, I Pm'd you back.
  3. Hi Ear! I was just on your profile a few days ago and noticed you hadn't posted anything in almost 4 years, same goes for me.
  4. Hey peshewah, your sig says "A3-300" which is the same as my sub. It is a bass beast for the coin. Shame that eD went out of business.
  5. eth2, nothing has been spoken for yet. I'd love for someone to visit me and wheel it all out to their vehicle. And thanks, Boxx. I lived in H-town from '96 to 2002 so this is like a homecoming for me. I've very excited.
  6. Philly- Not sure if you received my first response, just sent you another PM.
  7. I'm in Johnston, RI. No bridges or ferries needed to get to me lol. I have a moving pod arriving on May 9th, so ideally I'd like the stuff gone by then. I'll be in town until May 15th.
  8. I'm moving to Houstion, Texas! I've learned that moving costs money (who knew?), so I need to liquidate some of my toys while I'm still in Rhode Island. A variety of factors has turned this into a quick sale, so my prices in bold are all negotiable and I'll definitely consider package deals. These are for pick-up only. I am selling: Pair of RF-82s in black- condition 8/10, the left tower has two small dings on the bottom cone. ($500/pr) RC-35 in black- condition 9/10 ($185) Elemental Designs A3-300- condition 9/10, I had to turn it off when I moved to this apartment, it nearly got us evicted. ($300) Walker Edison "Everest" Component Stand- 8/10, minor swirl marks on some shelves ($175) Oppo DV-980H- ($70) condition 8/10 - SOLD! The Panamax M5300-PM pictured has been sold before this posting. I also have a pair pf RB-61s on Sanus stands and a Yamaha RX-V1800. I was planning on keeping these pieces but if anyone would like to make an offer on the whole set as a true 5.1 deal, please feel free. I apologize for the "heavenly glow" in all of the pictures. We have two HUGE windows behind the equipment and that glow is there at all times. These pictures were taken at dusk, if you can believe that. I can upload any new pics as requested. Thanks!
  9. Wow Bill, What an excellent story. I have tickets to the Canadian F1 Grand Prix in June. I am so pumped for it. Nothing beats a race in the flesh.
  10. With the Formula 1 season in full swing and the Australian V8 Supercars tearing up the track, my racing calendar is looking very pleasing indeed. The events I am perhaps most looking forward to are the 24 hours of Le Mans in June (although it is on the same weekend and the Canadian F1 Grand Prix) and the 24 hours of Nürburgring. My question here is over the latter race, the "24 Hours Nürburgring" as it officially known. I don't know of any TV network offering coverage of it. The 24 hours of Le Mans is being broadcast be speed, as it is every year. Does anyone know of a way to watch the race, preferably all 24 hours-worth? Also, just for fun, see the attached poll.
  11. CECAA, How is that 150FD doing? Does the idea of having an indentured servant interest you in any way? []
  12. I have also heard this. I was hopeful that Panasonic would successfully replicate the second-to-none PQ of the Pioneers of old, but so far I haven't seen anything even close. Perhaps future sets hold promise, but so far most TV manufacturers seem obsessed with 3D rather than picture quality in general.
  13. Howdy all, I haven't posted around these parts in many months. I have recently relocated to Rhode Island upon finding new employment, and I have just gotten settled in. Anyway, I am seeking any and all leads in acquiring for myself a new/used Pioneer plasma, 42 or 50 inch. I call myself a Pioneer plasma "orphan" because I never had the opportunity (read: funds) to purchase my most lusted-after display device "back in the day" when they were still being manufactured. I know several of you here own or have owned Kuros and Elites, so I doubt I need to go into why I desire an out-of-production, "old-school" plasma. lol! Thanks in advance for any tips or leads!
  14. How did the babelfish translation work out? I always found that it hilariously mistranslated very important words. Just for fun, this is your message translated from English to Japanese and back again: "The [mu] it stacks, I concerning eating beat think that we would like to be what. I tonight cook those for dinner. The time eating the time after beat, when it is bright red there is a seat. Phenomenon 24-48 should cross within hour, due to the speed of your digestion power. The urine is red excessively, is when or it is pink, it is. That is harmless completely."
  15. Speaking of parties and beer: I had just got my shiny new Yamaha RX-V1800 from UPS the day before, so I trucked it up to a buddy's cabin for a little shindig. We had connected, if I recall, Two JBL stadium floorstanders, two 80s Mcintosh floorstanders, an RC-35 and a Sub-12. Well, I was down in yonder field setting off some firecrackers (a good thing to do while drinking) and a pal o' mine decides that the appropriate song to play would be the entire 15 minutes of the 1812 Overture, played at full volume. I hear the ruckus just in time and walk back to the cabin just in time to see lots of blue smoke rolling out of the top of the reciever. I could only blame myself for such silliness.
  16. I assumed as much. Any other alternatives in the Klipsch universe to consider? They just have to work... they ain't gotta be pretty. Also, I already have a source worked out and amplification. The speakers alone should satisfy my needs.
  17. That is a nice find... I wonder whereabouts they would end up costing? I might put a bid in for that auction. I had in my mind some kind of old Klipsch industrial set up - a pair of HIPs or something, but I imagine they would be out of my budget. Or would they?
  18. Greetings forum brothers- I'm looking to assemble some sort of rough and tumble outdoor 2-channel rig to crank out some summer tunes by the inflatable to pool, in which I shall smoke many a premium cigar with a few chums. I need a couple of speaks and possibly a reciever/amp if'n it'll sweeten the deal. I have a coupla serviceable sources of amplification laying around, so that portion is not absolutely necessary. The speakers don't need to be Klipsch, but that would obviously be a plus. By cheap I mean I have to spend ideally less than $200 on the whole affair. Feed me your ideas gents! And if you have something for sale matching what I'm looking for, by all means shoot me a PM. I wanted to post this in the Garage Sale section, but that place is always a bit of a zoo. thanks in advance
  19. Any Rock from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? Rush, Queen, KISS, AC/DC, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones... Bands that make you hurl? Endless Noodling? ERROR! ERROR! DOES NOT COMPUTE! I think that everyone in that group needs to expand their boundaries and listen to some truly awful, terrible music. I agree 100% wth skonopa, "brokenCYDE" stands alone on a pedestal of horror. They are almost willfully bad. Anytime I see one of their CDs in a retailer, I'll take the entire stack and hide it behind a row of Mozart or Pavarotti. That way, I can be sure that their target audience will never find them. However, I'm sure that Myspace is more to blame for their proliferation and success.
  20. I just read the review. In the beginning of the article, Lichte mentions how he loved the Heresy IIs but interjects that "Though I love much of what horn-loaded speakers can do, I have never heard one that did not impart some sort of squacky horn coloration." I don't know why they always feel it necessary to make this "disclaimer" on every horn-loaded design they review. I have yet to hear this "squawk" phenomenon. Perhaps I don't know what to listen for. I'm glad these awesome speakers got the glowing review that they deserved though. I heard them in person at Indy a couple of years ago, and I was amazed at what those "little" speakers were belting out.
  21. Another glowing review... this is just getting too tempting. But my TV needs upgraded so badly! What a conundrum....
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