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  1. I'm selling my Klipsch RSW-12 sub-woofer in the SF Bay area. Link to Craigslist: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/5841263425.html Klipsch rsw12, Klipsch rsw 12
  2. I listed all my Klipsch speakers on SF Bay area Craigslist. - RF-7: main front speakers pair. Maple. Immaculous condition with factory boxes. (SOLD)- RC-64: center speaker. Black. (SOLD)- RF-35: medium size main speakers pair. Cherry. (SOLD)- RS-35: surround speakers pair. Black. (SOLD)- RB-35: book shelf speakers pair: Black. (No longer available)- RSW-12: sub-woofer speaker. Black $500Local cash transactions, serious buyers only. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/5764749435.html
  3. I thought to chime in with a question. I just joint the Klipsch crowd with a RF35, RC-7, RS-35, RB-35 for HT, and 80-Khorns for stereo. I wonder if I should upgrade the cross-over for my Khorns, and if Dean's cross-over is the one to get, how much they go for and where to get them? Thanks
  4. There is a pair of Forte for $350 in my area Craigslist so I might get it.
  5. What is the going price for a pair of decent shape Forte speakers. I have Herey II, just wondering how are these speakers compared? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the warm congrads to this community. To end my story, I just locked in a deal for pair of RB-35s for rear surround of my HT setup. Bought the Anthem AVM-20 V2 pre-amp processor, B&K 7250 amp, and Marantz DV 6400 universal DVD player, and now I'm whole [] The K-horns in MA that I missed was in this forum's Garage Sale two weeks ago: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/969453.aspx and I believed it was also listed in Boston's Craigslist at the time.
  7. I had my KG5.5 a while ago until recently after we started to add a 300-squared feet area to our family room (not yet completed, framing done). I decided to get a nice LCD and set up HT speakers. First I got the RF7, pair of RS-35. Then got pair of 87-Heresy II. I tried to figure out how to mix these speakers to work for HT and music. As soon as I found as package deal a RC-35, a pair RF-35, RSW-12 (to get them, I had to drive two hours one way to Sacramento after work. My wife was concerned I might fall into sleep and came with me. We had a good time talking along the way since we had been busy lately for everything that are going on), I immediately decided to have a Reference set for HT and Heritage for music. I spotted the pair of 90 K-horns in the Garage sale section but a day too late trying to arrange shipping from MA across the country while other local guy snatched it. In desperation and to my luck I looked and found another fine condition K-horns pair in Santa Barbara just 6 hours away. I immediately told the seller that I would buy it at full asking price. I drove six hours one way down freeway 101 to pick them up the first Saturday and came home around 10pm the same day. (well, Yahoo map gave a wrong direction and caused me an extra hour of extra driving!). I needed a pair of RB-35 to complete my HT set-up and looked around my local Craigslist. One AM Monday morning after setting up some Cat-6 cables for my kids bedrooms, I checked Craigslist and stumbled on a pair of great condition (70's ?) Cornwall asking for a price too low to show [] posted just two hours ago. I didn't know what I would do with them but emailed and offer to buy since nooooooo one could pass up such a deal. When the seller contacted me the next day at 1 pm, I left my office and drove one hour to San Pebblo to pick them up, and they looked great! Someone up there must have felt a need to put some deterence to all these luck and madness, I was stopped by police for driving 48 in a 35mph zone. Oh well, I'm driving much conservative now and feel good about it. After all, who knows if this might have saved me some bigger troubble in the long run like what if I hit someone by less than careful driving habit. All these happened within the last four weeks that were never quite planned while preserving the kids education fund and a marriage [] Btw, I'm newbie here and have learned quite a bit from folks in these forums and will certainly more in the future ...
  8. Hi I'm newbie here, just joined. Trying to build a 7.1 system. Wondering if all the 4 surround speakers need to have the same fidelity between them and to match the fronts. Thanks
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