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  1. bought some used la scalas

    Depending on the age of your La Scalas, they may need the crossover capacitors replaced. Bob Crites is a good source for replacements. Provided there are no damaged drivers, they shouldn't need anything else. La Scalas may not go as low as other speakers, but what they do produce will be very clean. You will hear an improvement in the bass if you can place them in corners.
  2. From ad: Pair of 1950's Klipschorns. Excellent condition. Sound excellent as well. Will accept offers https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/pair-of-1950s-klipsch/6292720819.html
  3. Help! Balanced Tube Preamp

    Although I haven't owned them personally, you might also want to look into Balanced Audio Technology (BAT).
  4. EICO HF-81 Phono Section...

    I have an Eico that's not being used. Maybe I should also try hooking up a turntable -- I've also never used the phono section.
  5. La Scalas -- DFW $1000

  6. transporting La Scala

    If you plan to transport them in a pickup (uncovered), make sure to cover up each horn opening well so that they are relatively air tight. This will prevent wind from blowing into them and potentially damaging the drivers. Remember how a horn works normally -- you would get just the opposite effect with a wide mouth opening allowing a lot of air in and then increasing pressure as the air moves into the horn. At 60 mph, that could be significant.
  7. WTB Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

    I have a Classé Audio CAV-75 that might meet your needs. It is a six-channel amp that puts out 75 wpc. Each pair of channels are bridgeable to 150 wpc which allows you to configure the amp for 3, 4, 5, or 6 channels. If you have read any of my posts regarding solid-state amplifiers, you may recall that Classé Audio is one of my very favorite brands and one that I recommend highly if you're looking for solid-state, especially with Klipsch Heritage. There's just one problem -- I haven't decided if I'm going to sell it yet...
  8. WTB Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

    How many channels do you need? Assume you will be using the speakers listed in your signature under "Atmos Home Theater?"
  9. Congratulations to the new parent(s)!!
  10. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/6172694875.html
  11. What I Got Today!

    Cool! I have my eyes on them. They seem to have pretty good reviews and are priced right! I'm gong to need a few of them so I'm just waiting for the prices to come back down to the $119 range. I'll be painting the posts black as I did with another similar rack years ago.
  12. What I Got Today!

    Nice! Are those racks the Sanus AFA?
  13. What I Got Today!

    These are high end disposals that offer you the option to add on your favorite esoteric power cords in order to get the very best sound from your disposal. Of course, for those that don't believe a power cord can improve your sound, you can just use the same power cord from your old disposal.
  14. What I Got Today!

    What I coincidence! I also did the same, and got the exact same disposal!
  15. Someone has a good sense of humor!