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  1. You are correct, but the laser logo's did not run the full calendar year of 1978. The changeover was made sometime in 1978. Ask me how I know. 😉
  2. 1978 was actually the first year for those logos.
  3. They've arrived safe and sound. Thanks Speakmeister!
  4. I'll take these ones. Thanks
  5. JMON

    Klipschorns (DFW)

  6. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/ele/d/plano-klipsch-jubilee-speakers/6831010440.html
  7. I'd guess that demo went something like this:
  8. JMON

    Lone Star Audio Fest

    I'll make plans to attend. Will Klipsch be there?
  9. JMON

    Klipsch Restorations

    I was thinking the same thing. It would be a shame to see great Klipsch speakers disappear. It's almost like bringing a classic car back to life. Although the main difference is that most of these great Klipsch speakers are still being produced. That's not true with classic cars, although some of the new cars are attempting to have the same retro look as those classics.
  10. If you're close by I don't see why you can't stop by and see their shop an inventory. I'd bet they wouldn't mind. I actually just had a thought about letting them know about the Lone Star Audio Fest. Maybe they'll sign up and display their goods. There would be plenty of more expensive speakers there.
  11. JMON

    Klipsch Restorations

    Yeah, I noticed that too. I wondered where they got it from. Maybe it came from Klipsch (since they do have the speakers in their possession). They do advertise the speakers as Forte IIs, so no false advertising.
  12. JMON

    Klipsch Restorations

    I agree, most of the veneers I've seen I haven't been that fond of but I have also seen some nice ones (e.g., that Zebrawood KLF-20). I am also not a fan of those metal feet. I think I'd prefer the stock risers. However, the bases they made for the KLF-20 is an improvement in my opinion. I think the best option is to allow the customer to pick the veneer/finish and I'd bet they would offer that option if they were approached. We have seen several want to buy ads here. For those looking, it might not hurt to give these guys a call. Their website shows the following speakers currently in stock: HERESY HERESY II CORNWALL LA SCALA BELLE KLIPSCHORN FORTE FORTE II CHORUS II
  13. JMON

    Klipsch Restorations

    I hadn't considered the other "work" they do in terms of tracking down speakers, buying them, picking them up, etc. But you are right, there is a lot of time involved in what it takes to turn out these restorations. I'd be curious to know how much labor time is spent in doing the actual restorations. I'd guess they could do it faster than most hobbyists here since this is their profession, but that doesn't mean they should charge less -- skill and expertise cost more and nobody works for free. As I mentioned in the other post, I believe their prices are comparable to our forum friend that started a business of restoring Klipsch speakers. The market will tell them if they are overpriced and my understanding is that they have been able to make sales. I think it is great that someone is doing this. I don't believe our forum friend is doing restorations any longer now that his business has taken off. It's nice to know that if you don't have the time, skills, or tools but want something of this quality, it is available. And you don't even have to bring your own speakers.
  14. JMON

    Klipsch Restorations

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