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  2. If you plan to transport them in a pickup (uncovered), make sure to cover up each horn opening well so that they are relatively air tight. This will prevent wind from blowing into them and potentially damaging the drivers. Remember how a horn works normally -- you would get just the opposite effect with a wide mouth opening allowing a lot of air in and then increasing pressure as the air moves into the horn. At 60 mph, that could be significant.
  3. I have a Classé Audio CAV-75 that might meet your needs. It is a six-channel amp that puts out 75 wpc. Each pair of channels are bridgeable to 150 wpc which allows you to configure the amp for 3, 4, 5, or 6 channels. If you have read any of my posts regarding solid-state amplifiers, you may recall that Classé Audio is one of my very favorite brands and one that I recommend highly if you're looking for solid-state, especially with Klipsch Heritage. There's just one problem -- I haven't decided if I'm going to sell it yet...
  4. How many channels do you need? Assume you will be using the speakers listed in your signature under "Atmos Home Theater?"
  5. Congratulations to the new parent(s)!!
  7. Cool! I have my eyes on them. They seem to have pretty good reviews and are priced right! I'm gong to need a few of them so I'm just waiting for the prices to come back down to the $119 range. I'll be painting the posts black as I did with another similar rack years ago.
  8. Nice! Are those racks the Sanus AFA?
  9. These are high end disposals that offer you the option to add on your favorite esoteric power cords in order to get the very best sound from your disposal. Of course, for those that don't believe a power cord can improve your sound, you can just use the same power cord from your old disposal.
  10. What I coincidence! I also did the same, and got the exact same disposal!
  11. Someone has a good sense of humor!
  12. I certainly didn't say nor imply that. PWK did not invent horns, nor loudspeakers, nor electricity, nor the Internet! But let's not say he was not very instrumental in the development of loudspeakers (and I realize you haven't said that either). I think everybody here would acknowledge he will always have a prominent place in audio history. But even he stood on the shoulders of many others. And there are many that have stood on or are standing on PWK's shoulders. Everybody, EVERYBODY, stands on the shoulders of others. It is how society advances as quickly as it does and everyone benefits. Those that are working on the cutting edge of their fields are at those advanced stages because someone else before them figured out the previous stage(s) and they did not have to repeat those discoveries on their own. You may not have completely read my post as I clearly stated I really didn’t have much of an issue with the speakers being based on Klipsch designs. To claim they are not would be to ignore the facts that he admitted to having years of experience enjoying Klipsch sound, not to mention the years he spent restoring Klipsch speakers and then building Klipsch “upgrade” kits. I don’t believe I have seen Volti Audio offer upgrade kits for any other brand. And if that doesn’t convince you then just look at the cosmetic styling – you can’t say that the styling of the Vittoras come from anywhere other than Klipsch Heritage, right down to the type of grill cloth used. To repeat my comments above, it’s not that Volti is a derivative of Klipsch which bothers me, it is about that one statement I mentioned in my above post. I find that unethical. PWK may have stood on the shoulders of others, but I don’t think he disparaged any of them. Again, the Volti Vittoras sound wonderful and have fantastic workmanship. Kudos to all those that had any level of involvement in bringing the product to realization -- from the cabinet builder(s), technical designer(s), financier(s), and yes, even PWK.
  13. I have heard the Volti Audio Vittoras in person and they sounded wonderful! I wasn't surprised one bit -- they are based on Klipsch designs, they sound like Klipsch, and I love the Klipsch sound. So it was no surprise to me. I don't think I really have that much of a problem with copying the Klipsch designs. Several companies have already done this as noted above (Speakerlab, Shinall, and Eclipse is probably even more recent). All of these companies built and sold "Klipschorns" without having to compensate Klipsch. The patents are long expired and it is completely legal. It's how our laws and economy work. Several years ago when Mr. Volti started making his "own" brand of speakers (no longer just refurbishing Klipsch), he had the below statement posted on his website: "Volti Audio builds the best horn speakers. We also make the very best upgrades for Klipsch Khorn and Belle speakers. I grew up with the Klipsch sound . . . I have now grown up to appreciate a higher quality sound. Greg Roberts" The last sentence is what really rubbed me the wrong way. It may not have been intended in the manner I read it, but I interpret that as taking a shot at Klipsch for marketing. Here he is "standing on the shoulders" of PWK, copying his designs, and then disparaging Klipsch speakers all for the sake of chasing the almighty dollar. Mr. Volti is a fantastic woodworker, but I lost some respect for him when I read that sentence. Agreed! And by all means, for sure don't criticize the people you are copying -- that's hipocritical!
  14. Buy it now price of $2500. Sounds like they were removed from a movie theater.
  15. Don't know what these normally go for but it could be a good deal for someone: