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  1. KB-WO Khorn pair, NJ

    Gotcha! I was thinking you didn't like the year more so because of age and I didn't consider the crossover type. But even so, crossovers are easy to change out and finding the right Khorn nearby isn't always the easiest thing to do. I do understand the condition doesn't make this the "right Khorn" for many, so completely understand your point of view. Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. Looking for a 5 channel amp...

    Wow! I just found a CAV-150 for $1000. I think these typicality run around $1500 used. For reference, the CAV-75 usually sell for around $800 used. If everything is in operating condition, you won't regret getting this amp. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649395288-classe-cav150-6-channels-150-wattschannel-bridgeable/images/1709672/
  3. Looking for a 5 channel amp...

    Classé Audio CAV-75 -- a multi-channel amp that can be bridged / configured to 3, 4, 5, or 6 channels. Classé makes very smooth solid-state amps that sound great on Heritage. Power output is 75 watts in unbridged, or 150 watts in bridged mode. If you need more power (and you don't with Klipsch), there is also the CAV-150.
  4. KB-WO Khorn pair, NJ

    There's no reason to avoid 1986 Klipschorns based on the year of manufacture.
  5. Temperature

    If you had no heat your biggest worry should be frozen pipes. That will damage your speakers instead of the cold (if the pipes thaw when you are not there and flood your place).
  6. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    Width is about the same, 904s are about 2 inches deeper and with the top horn, about 15" taller. Keep in mind that these speakers were made for movie theaters and intended to go behind a screen. As such, stock crossovers are going to be tuned to have a slightly higher output in the upper frequencies to account for the screen. I'm not sure by how much but you can probably do a search to find the exact amount. If you don't plan on putting them behind a screen with similar acoustic properties, you can either get new crossovers made (talk to Crites) or dial them down with an equalizer or tone controls. Of course another simple solution would be to get some of that screen material and just place it in front of the 510 horns (build yourself some grills). $850 for a pair is a heckuva price assuming everything is in working order.
  7. $500 for both? That's a great price! Look to be in nice condition too!
  8. Scored Chorus II + Academy in oiled oak

    Go to "profile" from drop down menu under your username/avatar in the upper right hand corner. From there, click on the "edit profile" button, also in the upper right hand corner but below your username/avatar. Nice find by the way!
  9. Klipsch Forte

    For reference, I owned a couple pairs of Forte Is, both in oiled walnut with black grills. I sold one pair back around 2013 and the other in 2014. The first pair I sold for $450 and I thought that was a bit too low so I sold the next pair for $500. They were not perfect, but were very presentable with only small/minor flaws -- the kind that are only noticeable when you are up close (such as when applying oil). In both cases, it did take a little while to sell despite being in a large city.
  10. Klipsch Forte

    You can tell they are version 1 from the mid-horn. I see some damage on the base of one and that's not a very good photo. Price would depend on condition.
  11. Recommendations on a 3 channel amp

    For reference, when I was looking at the 100x3 just a few years ago, the used prices were in the $300 and up range if I remember correctly, so $155 is a fantastic price if it is in good shape.
  12. Klipsch Noob intro and questions

    Wow, you hit the Jackpot my friend! Some have tolerant wives/girlfriends but it's probably pretty rare for the woman to be the one owning big Klipsch! Sounds like you have just discovered what many of us here have already known -- congratulations, you are in a select group of people. It's my belief that many "audiophools" of the world won't allow themselves to come across this discovery because they have their nose in the air won't even give these speakers an honest listen. Get some quality electronics in front of those speakers and your experience will only get better.
  13. Recommendations on a 3 channel amp

    Although I have not heard them personnally, I would also suggest looking into the Acurus 3 channel amps. They also made a 100W/channel amp at the lower price point which will be plenty to drive your speakers. Value-wise, it might be tough to beat the Acurus. If you would be interested in getting another very nice multi-channel amp, you can get into the true "High-End" with the Classé Audio CAV-75. These will tend to be closer to the $1000 price point used but are extremely nice (I own two of these) -- very smooth solid state amps. When I was looking for multi-channel amps, I considered the Acurus but ended up holding out for what I really wanted -- Classé. I had owned this brand before and was very impressed with their performance on the very revealing Heritage speakers. They are 75W/channel but can be bridged to 150W/channel and are configurable to 6, 5, 4, or 3 channels. Classé also made a more powerful CAV-150 but those will be above $1000 used. They came in three different faceplates.
  14. OK Klipsch start making plans. Here is your opportunity to show off all your new offerings... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lone Star Audio Fest Attendees, I'm happy to announce that room registration for LSAF 2018 is OPEN! Mark your calendars! The dates will be the weekend of May 4th, 5th, and 6th. This year we'll be having official seminars in one of the larger rooms down stairs. Seminars on audio compression, quality, amplifiers, and MUCH more will be offered on Sunday. If you'd like to host a seminar session as a speaker please email me and we can get it organized. We still have a few slots available. EXHIBITOR ROOM Registration Link (use this one if you plan to show a system) http://bit.ly/2j1kWXc Attendee Room Registration Link (use this one if you just need a place to sleep) http://bit.ly/2jURvqI We are really looking forward to the show this year. We certainly hope to see you there! All the best, ____________________ Steven Solazzo Founder and Owner www.StereoClarity.com