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  1. Check in time. Been seeing lots of subs at the swapmeet. Anybody have any ideas about replacing pods?
  2. Get a second harddrive. If you have xp on a ntfs partition you may not want to try make room for the linux partitions. But if you're a sucker for punishment check out Ranish partition manager and some of the links down the page lead to some partition resizers.
  3. Sega Dreamcast for $25, and you can burn all the games you want for free, and fans are rebuilding seganet for free use, and you can get a lan card for your networked broadband router, it can boot linux, and you can find keyboards, and mice, and it has usb, and stuff... ...oh, yeah, they are really hard to break. Like step on it.
  4. http://www.boostaroo.com/index.html If you want to buy, Or build something times three from here; http://headwize2.powerpill.org/projects/index.htm
  5. One of the Elliot Sound Products (ESP of Oz) has a project for a set of computer speakers. Maybe you can build the amps. http://sound.westhost.com/project73.htm
  6. I think dts.org has a rundown on perceptual encoding as used by dolby in their ac3 codecs. Explains how 5 channels of bass thru 1 speaker and 1 channel of high freqs thru 5 tweets are used to save bandwidth.
  7. Depends on where you bought them. When I bought mine from vanns.com, they were giving a five year warranty for Klipsch thx speakers. So my v2's qualified for the 5 year cone and 1 year electronics. Then I bought another 5 year extended warranty for 10 years cone and electronics.
  8. 1394 sound; Swissonic, Yamaha's mLAN, and Creamware. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  9. You can't use a card set to .1 output with a set of 4.1 and/or a set of 2.1s'. They don't have sub inputs. DTS can have 6 descrete channels "if" the sound is mixed that way. EAX for games can set itself for the number of speakers in your system.
  10. All they got to do is stand behind them with a 2 year warranty, and maybe pay shipping if needed, then they could be a good deal.
  11. If your dvd player software supports multi-channel. Most OEM vers. do stereo down-mix.
  12. The French model is for 240 volt? Is Pakistan a 240 volt country? If so then maybe your 2.1s' and the 4.1s' were made as 240 volt? But if you're running 120 volt that blows that idea.
  13. If an amp doesn't have pre-outs you can convert to line level. http://www.jensen-transformers.com/as/as068.pdf
  14. Does DVI applie to anything other than LCDs'at the moment? I have a Hercules 8500le with an high definition svid/dvi/dsub outs, but haven't used yet as it is incompatable with the abit at7.
  15. How much is the shipping? I think it was around $35. Does Klipsch pay the return shipping for repairs? $150 + $35 + $35 = $220 with about 30 days left of the warranty. Does that sound like a good deal? Since I bought my v2-400s'Klipsch has downgraded their warranties 3 times. Now you can have a 90 day warranty. Do you think anyone has put voltage to these speakers in china to test them? I do believe that klipsch has put more care into the repairs of these burn-outs than that of the assembly line that made them. You can buy refurbs at $150 + shipping or about $100 more and get the full 5 year warrenty from a legit dealer with new stock.
  16. From the experiences I've been having with VIA you may be better of with Intel's.
  17. Use the same brand for router and pcmcia cards, sometimes thet gives you some extra features. 802.11A or 802.11B?
  18. Still got 7 or 8 years of my extended warranty. Gotta'get my money's worth.
  19. You can't blame them for trying. That pile of dead boxes represents lost profits. If they want to frankenstien together their reject done blown-up once boxes they really should get much better warranties. Like I said, $230 at vanns w/free shipping and a full warranty, extended to 5 years if you want. or $150 plus shipping and a 90 day warranty. Why not just sell the dead sets and let someone deal with that headache.
  20. Buy another set of the 4.1's. Then you'll bet ready for any 8ch card. Some gamers have a Audigy and a SQ2500 installed, to have A3D 3.0 for Quake and EAX for newer games.
  21. http://www.ubid.com/actn/opn/getpage.asp?AuctionId=7815411 Klipsch also made a outdoor version of these, the HS2, with the same powerhandling. This message has been edited by rol1 on 08-28-2002 at 11:44 PM
  22. Macs are using USB and Firewire devices. The m-Lan from Yamaha is directly supported in osX, maybe??
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