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  1. If you live in east coast or Canada: NDG 15144862777 ask for Stephanie.
  2. Hello All, I did order and received the two horns for $621.30 (plus shipping). I already bought two pairs of TAD 4002. One pair from ebay recently. I bought one K402/k1132 from ebay some months ago; I can use this one as sample to build the brackets and bases for the other k402/TAD 4002 set. I may take me another year to have the whole set of RT-C-LT complete, I will post pictures then. I thought to share the information on this forum so more people can buy the horn and Klipsch can sell more. I just think that if they can sell more they can make money with the quantity. I do not think it will cost Klipsch that much to make the horn. Selling mass quantity, they can make up for the research fund. It also will help their reputation too. There are many competitive horns out there from JBL, QSC, etc... Unfortunately, may be I am the only one lucky enough to get just the horn. Spencer told me that, if you bought the set horn/driver/bracket from klipsch, they will sell you the horn for replacement, after verifying the original purchase. Good luck
  3. Yes, the price is confirmed. I just bought two from him. May be they change their policy? I hope more people can buy the horn. good luck.
  4. Hello All, May be you all already knew about this, but you can buy just the horn, k402, directly from klipsch cinema dealer for $285 each plus shipping and tax. You can contact Spencer Chao at [O] 503-285-7015 [F] 503-285-6765. www.cinequip.com | spencer.chao@cinequip.com Good luck.!!!!
  5. Hello all. I am looking for a pair of K510. Please PM me if you have them lying around. I do not need the drivers. Thanks
  6. Hi Preston Tom, The lightspeed passive preamp has only one output and one input. The signal chain would be: Sources: CD, DAC, reel to reel, or turn table The source will go to passive preamp (lighspeed). will control the volumn for the whole system Then go to DBX drive rack 260. The 260, with a laptop, will control all the time alignment/eq/x-over frequencies/individual volumns for each drivers. Then go to the amps. The volumns to each amp will control by the DBX via computer above. The to the raw speaker drivers. So the signal path will be a mix of analog and digital (volumn control) Above are the setup that I plan to do based on my limited self-learning knowledge. Please comment and advice
  7. Hi DJK, Thanks. Yes I have dbx drive rack 260 as the crossover. Does anyone have any step by step instructions and pictures of the triamp back plate hook up to the drivers of the klipschorn. I want to built a switchable back plate between triamp setup and the original passive x-over. Thanks
  8. Hello Klipsch Experts, I have a klipschorn bought from ebay some years ago. They are now still at my friend's home. I am planing to bring it back home and hook it up to triamp set up. What I would do are these step: 1) use the "lightspeed" passive preamp as the preamp 2) Use a tube amp Decware for the highend 3) use Aronov ls-9100 mono block for mid end (tube) 4) Use Citation power amp 7.1 for bass (solid stage) Could you show me yours triamp klipschorn set up with pictures? Can you change any or all components list above? any suggestion is more than well come and appreciated Thank you
  9. Hello All, Have any one had any experience with space lab tech's products http://www.space-tech-lab.com/? I am looking for decent tube amp/preamp within my reach in term of budget about $5000.00. I am thinking of using active crossover for my klipschorn. The sources can be either from cd, computer, reel to reel, or turntable. Then go to tube preamp. Next will be dbx 260. Then three separate amps to the three drivers. I would like to ask if I can use the digital amp for the bass. And tube amps for the mid and high. I see on the net there are alot of chinese tube pres/amps such as: Yaqin, ming da, music angel, Melody...And then space tech lab and Frenzel http://www.frenzeltubeamps.com/page30.php I realy do know what to choose. Please help Here is what I have: Speakers: Klipschorn, Klipsch cornwall, klipsch forte 1, and klipsch kg4.2 turn table: Technics 1200 Reel to reel: Otari 5050 bII, technics, Akia CD: sony will update to OPPO Citation 7 amp Sansui 9090 db Aronov monoblocks Marantz MA500 monoblocks My objective is to stay with one system for long time. And i listen to all kind of music: classical, jaz, pop, choir, instrument, movie sound track etc... Please help. THank you
  10. Hi, Will klipsch ksc-c1 go well with infinity sm125? Thanks
  11. she already has a lcd tv 52" sony wega front speakers are infinities. Thanks
  12. hello, a friend of mine need help to build a home theater system. she already has a set of front speakers. She needs: receiver/center speaker/power sub/suround speakers Would you help us to choose a system within $2000.00 range? Thanks
  13. I use PC. The bottom line is I want to watch movie with good sound and have a good music audio system as the same time with less aquipment as much as possible. Thank you
  14. Hello, I have a preamp denon avp 8000dts and marantz M500 blocks. I want to play movie from computer (like movie server). I also want to play music from computer (music server). I am looking for a DA converter/external sound card that has USB connection. Is it posible? What converter do you recommend? Thank you very much in advance
  15. I just picked it up this morning. But it does not have power cord. Please show me where i can buy it online. Can anyone help me with the manual? I do not know who to use it. My passed away uncle left me +250 reel to reel tapes. I really want to listen to them. Please help. Thank you very much
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