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  1. Has anyone had a problem with these speakers? It sounds like it's blown.
  2. Thanks a million. I'd just filled it out. Hopefully it will be taken cared of in a timely matter. Cheers.
  3. After numerous troubleshooting due to a noise/distortion coming from one speaker, I have come to the conclusion that I may need a new woofer. The noise is coming from the center woofer. I will call Klipsch warranty department tomorrow to see how to handle this issue. The speakers are less than a year old and I never abuse them. Has anyone ever used Klipsch warranty? If so how was your experience? Thanks in advance.
  4. I don't know what happened. Never loaded.
  5. After some experimenting, I came up with this room acoustics setup. I have never done this before so I'd looked at some websites and got ideas. As far as the sound goes this is as good as it gonna get for me. Cheers.
  6. They are very nice indeed. I have mine for sale on Audiogon.com for $1100 including shipping. Cheers. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/processors-anthem-avm50-anthem-avm-50-2016-06-13-home-theater-92882-corona-ca
  7. I'd just upgraded my Anthem AVM 50 to the Anthem Statement D2v. Indeed a very nice unit but the 50 is about 90% as good for a lot less $
  8. Good for you. That is a very good amplifier. I owned one for a short while along with the 200X5.
  9. I like them very much. I am more into 6 channel SACD sound though. I don't care about the house shaking or none of that stuff. It's all up to the sub when it comes to that. My sub it's sealed and I like it that way.
  10. Everyone needs two of these to get proper bass. I ordered 3 just in case.
  11. LOL Who wears Farmer John's this day and age? I remember they were cool in the early 70's
  12. I think everyone should have at least two of these to make sure you have enough bass.
  13. You are right. I do not like the room shaking. I like a tight base that can be felt on one's stomach.
  14. How big was the room where you auditioned the HSU? About 13X 25 easy.
  15. You may also be able to run the wires underneath the house.
  16. I ordered it from PSA. I have no idea how long it would take before I have it. I hope it's not too long.
  17. I go Marantz over Onkyo on any given Sunday.
  18. I'd just came back from HSU Research in Ananeim, CA. I auditioned their subwoofers and they are awesome subs at a great value. I was impressed with the VTF-15H MK2 but it's way TOO BIG for my taste. I really liked the ULS-15 MK2 in Rosenut. After listening to these subwoofers I simply do not understand why some people got to have 18" and 21'' drivers with 1000's of watts amplifier.
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