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  1. I'd just bought one. I don't know exactly what a pear processor is but for $150 I take a chance http://www.sounddistributors.com/buynow.asp?action=detail&prid=3893&crid=395&cat_name=Search%3A++krell
  2. Yeah for $150 I'll take a chance that's for sure.
  3. I don't know exactly what a Krell Foundation/connect/pear processor is but I'd just bought one. See Sound Distributors website below; http://www.sounddistributors.com/buynow.asp?action=detail&prid=3893&crid=395&cat_name=Search%3A++krell
  4. After doing serious research I am stuck between these two Subs. Reaction Audio Gamma 18 1400 W and the Power Sound Audio S30001 Dual 15" Drivers 1700 W. Ice Power Amp. This is the biggest enclosure I am willing to live with. Your thoughts please.
  5. I think I am going to buy a Reaction Audio 18 1400W. They give you 45 days in home trial with 5 Year warranty.
  6. I sold the Velodynes and made some good settings in my audio processor and now The sound improved dramatically.
  7. Meant to say DeanG. Spell checker issues.
  8. I have been listening a few hrs now in 6 channel mode. SACD and I find these speakers fatiguing to the point they hurt my ears. I think I may have made a mistake getting rid of the defang 7's.
  9. That's what the salesman at PVS told me. He recommended the 13 ultra sealed not ported. Maybe I should keep what I have since they sound pretty good to me. After all they are 15" Subs.
  10. have you owned both of these? I have. The palladium is no slouch.I would take the palladium over all that you mentioned. Now if you were gonna spend a little more I would say get a ported version like the pb-12plus or the pb-13 ultra. Or a little more could get you a seaton submersive which would crush all of them hands down. Never owned Klipsch subs. I am using two Velodynes and they sound pretty good. I want a sealed sub though. I don't care about explosions and things like that. I want the very best musical sub for the money.
  11. I recently bought a Palladium P-37 set. P-27C and P-27S's. I am using two each Velodyne DLS-5000R and I want to run just one awesome sub. Music is my main preference. Room is 3300 CU FT. Klipsch P-312W 18-120 Hz. 1000 Watts RMS, 2500 Dynamic. Velodyne DD-12 Plus 17-120 Hz. 1250 Watts RMS, 3000 Dynamic SVS SB13 Ultra. 20-460 Hz. 1000 Watts RMS, 3600 Dynamic. That are all about the same price +/- $400 since the P-312W is around $1750 From the specs stand point the SVS has the edge.
  12. Does anyone know how to decode serial numbers on Palladiums? These are the s/n's on my speakers. Example: P-37 S/N 101334415090013 S/N 101334415250005
  13. That's exactly like my set showed up at my door. 390 lbs pallet.
  14. Thank you kindly. I need to play them at least 100 hrs so they can really sing.
  15. I like these better. But not $5000 more.
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