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  1. I have decided to buy the P-37 Home Theater set up. And I would like to sell my current system and I want to get an idea of how much I can get for them. This system is immaculate condition. I have all the grills, boxes, manuals, etc. System consists of the following; 2 ea. RF-7's and RC-7 with DeanG crossover upgrades. 2 ea. RS'7 I also have 2 each Velodyne DLS5000R Subs that goes perfect with this system. Here is a link to my system. I am located in Corona, CA
  2. No pictures. It was night time when I did it.
  3. And by the way I did it to all three front speakers.
  4. Well I went ahead and performed the modification. It sounds a little less bright now. It does changes the sound in my opinion. Cheers.
  5. Hi Dean, Are you recommending against the horn modification? I was thinking about doing it to all three fronts. Please advise. Cheers.
  6. Ordered Dynamat sound deadening mat. I'll do this mod and from what i have read is pretty good on top of DeanG crossovers modification.
  7. It sounds like you are all correct. I am going to do the sound deadening mod on all thress horns. I am going to use the Dynamat self adhesive stuff.
  8. I though they will be an improvement since the RC-7 if I remember correctly were $700 new and the 64-II are doubled that.
  9. Hello everyone. I have a Klipsch Reference 7 home theatre set up that consists of the following: RF-7's DeanG modified RC-7 DeanG modified RS-7's 2 each. I got the upgrade bug and I really like the looks of the Klipsch RC-64 II although I have not listened to them. I would really appreciate your thoughts. Has anyone heard them with RF-7 DeanG mods? Thanks.
  10. Please delete. Got a beautiful pair from Toledo, Ohio. Thanks, Brian.
  11. Interested in a pair. Must be in excellent condition. Black preferred. WilI also consider a white pair. I am located in Corona, CA 92882
  12. I sold the Panamax power conditioner. It always made a terrible hum and Panamax did not want to fix it because they do not make parts for it anymore. Instead they want it me to buy another one at 50% discount. I will never buy another Panamax product ever.
  13. I paid $1600 in 2006, and sent the crossovers to Dean Wescott for modification. I am very happy with the sound. Dean modification is awesome.
  14. The first two numbers of the S/N is the manufacture year. Example 0623451 equals 2006
  15. I have the RF-7's with DeanG mod and I like them very much. Just wondering if there are any audible noticeable difference that's all. Cheers.
  16. Arturo Sandoval, Machito, Irakere and Paquito D' Rivera
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