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  1. I told them I'd let them know after thinking about it over the weekend. We'll see if they offer an upgrade!
  2. From Corvettes to Coffee in 3.9 seconds......
  3. I have purchased several items from out of state sellers, and I always use paypal. Even when disputes, such as damaged goods from shipping, I've always gotten my money back. I'm sure I'll get burned someday, but I've been good so far.
  4. I contacted Solen and sent the pictures. They said they hadn't seen this before. They thought that it could happen in a high heat situation, but noted that the outer film casing would be distorted as well, which it isn't. They think more than likely it is the adhesive from the outer wrap. They would like me to send at least one back so they can study it. They have also agreed to replace all of them with no charge. Now I have to decide whether to remove them and send them back or just leave them alone. What would you guys do?
  5. Interesting about the rebranding. I had heard of rebranding taking place, but never any specifics. I might send the pics to Solens just to see what they say.
  6. Crossovers are back in play with no adverse effects, sound wonderful!
  7. Primary cap is 48uf. I think it's a Dayton. I was thinking of using the same Solens cap that is in my crossover you built, unless you have a better recommendation.
  8. I've refurbished several 'tables over the years, but never a Lenco. Make sure to post pics during the process!
  9. My original crossovers were aa. My modified K-Horns have nothing in common with stock units, therefore resulting in the need for a little more flexibility in attenuation. I have a pair of crossovers built by DeanG that cross at 400 and 6000, plus this pair that cross at 400 and 4500. I'm doing a comparison of the two crossover points, but eventually one pair of crossovers will reside in another pair of modified K-Horns that I'm building for a much smaller room.
  10. Sorry for another crossover thread. Here is my situation--I have an older pair of crossovers for my modded K-horns that are the universal type, with crossover points of 400 and 4500. It has the 1.5 mHy iron core inductor for the woofer. Would I be better off to swap it out with a 2.5? How will that affect the bass response? Also, I'm going to swap out the caps for a better grade .I've been looking at the Jantzen Alumen Z-caps. Has anyone tried these in their crossover? Any suggestions on your favorite sounding caps? It currently has Gen 1 Sonicaps. Thanks in advance for your input!
  11. it cracks me up when I see a high end system like that in a room with a couch sitting sideways!
  12. These are my crossovers, and here is a little more background info.The zip ties are not overly tight and not causing any squeezing of the caps. the crossovers have never been subject to more than one or two watts of power. Room temperature is a constant 74 degrees.The substance is gooey/sticky feeling, not solid. all 4 caps are experiencing this, on both ends. It doesn't affect the sound any. The only reason I even noticed this is because I swapped out the crossovers for another set I had for comparison. I'm not really concerned at this point, just curious. I plan on putting the crossovers back in without cleaning them up and see if the "oozing" gets worse.
  13. I like Bob Latino's kits.http://www.tubes4hifi.com/bob.htm
  14. if has any linkage, such as an automatic tonearm lift system, clean all old lube off and re-lube. Check vinyl engine website for an owners manual also.https://www.vinylengine.com/
  15. the republicans would just give the tax dollars to their rich friends anyway.
  16. If you want bottom dollar sound, go for it. If you want the best sound you can achieve, I'd look for something new, or at least newer. Most old receivers are going to need their caps replaced, and maybe more.
  17. I would use a thin foam seal, like the stuff you buy at Home Depot, to make sure the cabinet is as airtight as possible.
  18. I bought a few years ago to try out the feature on my CD player, didn't hear any difference.
  19. Check out Dennis Had's Firebottle amps also. There are a few of us that have them on here, and we all love them. Tool Shed amps are also something to check out as well.
  20. When I got rid of my Mac stuff, I went to tubes and never looked back!
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