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  1. It was nice meeting you and your son yesterday. I'm glad to hear your wife is on the mend. Having danced with the big C myself 9 years ago, I know how scary it can be.
  2. I had a great time at the gathering. It was nice having MoparDave along for the ride to keep me company and be my navigator.The Jersey Mike's subs were to die for! DizRotus' super Heresies and HIP's were outstanding, putting out way more sound than their small size would lead you to believe was capable. On the other end of the spectrum was Claude's monster subwoofer loaded system that registered at least a 7.2 on the Richter Scale! A truly amazing experience to see what can be accomplished on a small scale and a grand scale. Meeting people in person that you have only corresponded to on the Klipsch Community was really a treat, as everyone had a common like for good sounding speakers. Can't wait for the next gathering!
  3. Well, that comment did it for me. People who believe in some kind of guy in the sky will believe anything, I guess!
  4. The Back to the Bricks car thingy goes on all next week up here, with the cars show on Saturday. Last year they had 600,000 people attend. Its getting out of hand. Soon there will be a cruise all the way from Flint to Detroit.
  5. I went down a similar path, and ended up making much bigger tratrix horns, which I feel greatly improved the sound. Of course, they are now getting away from being stock looking (or sounding) Klipschorns. I think I've reached the limit on how far I can modify K-Horns, although I do have another set of bass bins and another project in mind.
  6. That's always the worry since I hardly drive them. One hasn't been driven yet this year! Plus they burn premium gas.
  7. Maybe I should drive one of my 'Vettes down there instead of my Caddy?
  8. Looks like 2 KG-5.5, 2 KG 1.5 and a KV-3. No affiliation. https://flint.craigslist.org/ele/d/atlas-klipsch-surround-set/6943533128.html
  9. I get a lot of flack for this, but I believe in larger size speaker cable. I recently rewired my K-Horns and used 10ga for the woofers and squaker, and 12 ga for the tweets. Many will say it's overkill, but I'd rather err on the too much side as opposed to the too little side, and the cost difference is minimal.
  10. I just bought 100+ lps from an estate sale for $30.00, all in nm condition. Maybe I'll bring some along.
  11. I used to get upset over things like that a lot more than I do now. As I get older I figure that my time is limited, and the more time I spend fussing over little things, it detracts from my ability to enjoy it. If you bought it to resell, that's one thing. If you bought it to enjoy, then enjoy it.
  12. I've got all of Led Zep on remastered 180 gm, As expected, the sound gets better as you proceed up the lp's and the recording methods got better. The early ones lack a bit fidelity wise.
  13. Thanks a lot guys, now I've got the itch to try some Jubes!
  14. I thought those big ol' mid horns were wider than 26" ? I don't think I have a room big enough to fully enjoy the output potential of the Jubes.
  15. Since my gall bladder surgery, I'm only able to eat filet mignon and lobster tail, washed down with a bottle of Dom.
  16. I wanted a horn the width of the K-Horns bass bin, which is 26 inches. I wanted a true 2:1 ratio, so I just punched in the numbers on the spreadsheet until I came as close as I could.I think I had to stretch the length out a tad to make it exact. I am using passive crossovers built by some DeanG guy. They have adjustable attenuation, so I can dial in the right mix. The 2" exit drivers will put out more sound than the standard K-55's usually, so it's a good idea to be able to scale them back to match the bass bin output. The reason I didn't go the Jube route is because I don't have the space for them, but I'm not complaining.
  17. I don't have Greg's mods, but I built my own 2" tractric wood horns, and the difference is amazing. Really opened up the sound.
  18. I'm Kevin. I know it's a stretch from my user name here.
  19. I haven't heard of anyone else from my area going, have you? I'd hate to drive down all by myself.
  20. Just do it and report back. Remember though, nothing is real without pictures.
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