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  1. When you look forward to this month's copy of AARP mag in your mailbox!
  2. Growing up in the Detroit area in the 60's and 70's, Bob played so much that we got tired of going to his shows! He's a great entertainer and I have all his earlier stuff on vinyl.
  3. no affiliatehttps://flint.craigslist.org/ele/d/mesick-klipsch-belle/6906580849.html
  4. I seem to buy a whole bunch of new music on vinyl. Of course it's from obscure artists like Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, Van Morrison. You know mostly unknown people. Google Jack White/White Stripes and see what he built in Detroit.
  5. I think the OP of this thread had a question about Full Music tubes, not who builds the best amp, etc. Let's not hijack peoples threads, just start your own topic, and try to not get locked out!
  6. Check out Bellari also. High ratings, around $300.00
  7. I scored a mint original vinyl copy of INNA a couple years ago!
  8. I bought a pair of working K-Horns for $1450!
  9. I'm thinking they look like 1/2 k shape to me
  10. If you look close at the ad, you will see this is the much more sought after Cornwell, not the Cornwall.
  11. I might take a look at them tomorrow and throw a lowball price out there.
  12. Close to me.https://flint.craigslist.org/ele/d/burton-klipsch-cornwall-speakers/6899051956.html
  13. That is one beautiful set up! Those Tool Shed pieces are works of art!
  14. That very well may be be the second smartest thing you ever said!
  15. kevinmi

    What I Got Today!

    Is that a garage door opener on the ceiling! Open 'er up cause I'm'a coming with my truck to get those Jubes out of the way!
  16. If they were closer I'd grab them and start my hoarding. I've already got one spare pair!
  17. Your amps are awesome looking! Love to hear one someday.
  18. I don't know if the wood sides are going to make it sound better, but I do know that my Cary SLP-98P preamp and Dennis Had Hotrod amp are a match made in heaven with my K-Horns!
  19. If you bought 5 of them and added a bread maker, would you have a true 5.1 system?
  20. Those wood horns look like the ones I built for my K-Horns a while back. They should sound awesome! GLWS!
  21. I didn't see any Samantha Fish or Joan Armatrading mentioned
  22. K-Horns will sound good in any room, but usually better on a long wall. More importantly is how far back you sit from them. The closer you come to a perfect triangle the better the imagining can be. A lot of people say that K-Horns aren't good for up close listening, but that's not true either.
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