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  1. The really cool thing about our "hobby" is that we can listen to different formats and decide which sounds best to us. I know as I grow older and my hearing changes, things sound different. It's nice to be able to dial in my system to my liking.
  2. Getting ready to put in a raised bed this week. Hopefully there won't be any more frost advisories!
  3. we've had 12 days of below average temps in a row, and average is only 67! I had to wear gloves while cutting my grass yesterday at 51 degrees.
  4. I did the same thing, and after selling off all my vinyl and amassing a 1000 cd collection, years later I went back to vinyl.
  5. I've wondered that myself. You can get 6550 tubes in both a straight tube, like the GE's, or the fatter in the middle tube, like the Tung-Sol's. I'm sure some designs are functionally stronger, but I don't know if it comes into play on stereo tube design.
  6. kevinmi

    What I Got Today!

    Crites cast woofers, thanks to Hanksjim1. Collecting parts for my next modified K-Horn build- the KEVHORN II
  7. Hey, they're Authentic! You gotta pay more for that.
  8. I don't know because I've never played it that loud. You would be using 1 watt out of the 1.8 watts available. It would depend on the amount of headroom available and the source music.
  9. I have those in spring and fall during migration. Nasty birds, wouldn't wish them on anybody!
  10. I can run my Decware SE-84 amp at 1/3 volume and get 85db of room filling sound. It's only 1.8 watts and not super easy to clip!
  11. I'm glad you labeled them-nobody would have known what speakers they were!
  12. 1 watt will get you 104db, so you don't need gobs of power!
  13. I built my Latino ST-120 amp 9 years ago and it's still running strong. Great amp for the money, and tech support from Bob Latino is great !GLWS
  14. They look better in your house than mine!
  15. the money moved so fast from my hands to my wife's that it was all a blur!
  16. What I saw on that video was vibrations from someone rapping on the speaker cabinet, or stomping on the ground. I didn't see any actual music being measured coming out of the cabinet and the effects of stomping/rapping while it is being played. Maybe I should quit smacking my speakers while they are playing?
  17. I'd like to see a video of someone attempting to spike their KHorns.
  18. Oh yeah: if there's no pics it didn't really happen!
  19. Glad you like them, I enjoyed our visit.
  20. Beautiful speakers. Could you turn them up real loud so I can hear them in MI?
  21. I prefer my "juice" coming from wind turbines spinning counter clockwise
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