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  1. Sorry to hear. Sending positive thoughts.
  2. Come on over some time and let me change your mind
  3. I heard it's a riot down there!
  4. It's not right. You need a turntable to spin some vinyl.
  5. another thing to look out for is your tube sockets. If they get loose on the pins from swapping out tubes, it can make the bias act funny, and even lead to a tube red plating. Take a tiny screwdriver and snug up the female pin connectors in the socket. Make sure the amp is off and unplugged first.
  6. If you are going to look at that caliber of a set-up, which I recommend, check out similar priced tables from Thorens, VPI, Oracle, ETC. Read as many reviews as possible. Mike Fremer from Stereophile and Analog Planet has quite a few videos on you tube about turntables.
  7. my motto is to keep the signal path as simple as possible
  8. I had one of those amps back in the day. Used it for an arc welder.
  9. I recently bought an Audio Technica branded one. Made by the T A iwan company
  10. Told ya I had a big pole barn!
  11. kevinmi

    What I Got Today!

    K-Horn bass bins from Escher!
  12. Not necessarily true. DJ tables usually have high torque motors to get the vinyl spinning faster, plus are built more rugged for being moved about. Home versions are geared more for better sound without needing the ruggedness of a more commercial application.But true, they all spin records.
  13. If your tube amp has a phono input, it already has a phono stage built in, and you don't need a separate phono stage. Your owners manual should tell you.
  14. Many years ago I got annoyed with my 5.1 home theater set up and dismantled it. I went back to 2 channel and never looked back. Now I rarely if ever bother to play movies.
  15. I think I saw those advertised a while back, like last year.
  16. There's a few good deals on US Audiomart under $1000. I saw an Oracle Alexandria for 850, an AR for 350,ETC.
  17. I have a Shanling T-100 CD player (MSRP $1995.00) with vintage 396A tubes.The other system has a Pioneer Elite multi-player. I do have as much in my analog as well.
  18. The more room you have, the more stuff you collect. I bought my house 5 years ago, with 2 barns and an attached 2 car garage. I have to park my truck outside!
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