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  1. New Lower Price...For Sale....Mcintosh C-15 Preampflier. Like new C-15 preamplifier. I have the original boxes, remote, power cord, and manuals. This preamp works perfectly and is cosmetically near mint. This preamp features a great phono stage, silent electromagnetic switching, Ultra-low distortion, Precision-trimmed volume control, gold plated input and output jacks, steel chassis, glass panel with illuminated nomenclature, remote control, headphone jack, and many more features. This was used in a two-channel system along with a Mcintosh MC-300 power amp. I can send pics to serious buyers. I'm located in Omaha, any questions feel free to ask. Thanks 800.00 OBO
  2. If you score some CF-3's, there's definitely going to be a FULL moon on Friday nights!
  3. AintjoMama....Your systems electronics, and the room there in are vital to your decision on any of these speakers. I have CF-2's, bought them new in 95 and have no intention whatsoever of buying different speakers. The CF-2's have the same horn, just smaller woofers than the 3's and 4's. I have compared them to heresys, KLF 20's and 30's in my system so I have a fairly good idea of how they all compare and sound. Out of the three I've had time to audition in my system I liked the 20's the best. Overall they were much smoother than the 30's. My CF-2's with only eight inch woofers went deeper than the 20's and 30's. I know this has to do with the room there in but the Epics have mucho box size and can really go deep, staying tight and in control. As for the Epics horn being in the middle, the benefits far outweigh the negatives, if any. It makes the imaging incredible and unless your sitting too close to your speakers, you can easily sit with the horns pointing at your ears. As for high frequency roll off compared to fortes or cornwalls, this is most likely a good thing, unless you have plenty of advil around. The only problem is finding a pair of Epics.
  4. Heck, the Joshua Tree album alone is worth 25$!
  5. ---------------- On 6/4/2004 3:28:38 PM Maron Horonzak wrote: ROWOOO I have a Picaso print too. I dont look at it either. ---------------- I'm happy for you!
  6. Maron....Is that a habit of yours, buying items you have no interest in or just plain ole hate?
  7. ---------------- On 6/2/2004 2:59:30 AM boomac wrote: No problem with my hearing neo33. Did you ever hear her live? Probably not! I never suggested that Krall was the best but I certainly prefer her to Nicks and I don't need you or anybody else to tell me I have a hearing problem because of that preference. My guess is that more men would agree with me than not. You and Ray may really dig Stevie Nicks and that's fine but neither one of you seems prepared to say she's the best female vocalist ever. I'm not shy about saying Brightman and Merrill are two of the best. Many may disagree but they wouldn't laugh me off the forum. Go on, say Nicks is the best female vocalist ever! Ah, you just might. I think you're both strokin' me. ---------------- O.K. here it is!! In my opinion Stevie Nicks is the best female vocalist of ALL TIME! And yes I have heard her live. Shivers and goose bumps is all I have to say.
  8. ---------------- On 6/1/2004 2:55:06 AM boomac wrote: Are any of you that have mentioned Stevie Nicks serious? If so, please explain why she belongs in the company of: Sarah Brightman - Helen Merrill - Linda Ronstadt - Ella Fitzgerald - Billie Holiday - Lina Horne - Sarah Vaughan - Diana Krall - Karen Carpenter - Aretha - Gladys - Yearwood - McEntire - Kline - Midler - Garland - O'Connell - Clooney - Babs - or even Old Lady Partritge! Please enlighten me my fellow Klipschsters. ---------------- I can't speak for the rest of them but I'm definitely serious. I'd like to know why YOU think she doesn't belong in that company?
  9. boomac, Stevie Nicks a typo????? You have to be kidding me. Amanda Marshall, Natalie Merchant, Martha Davis, Ann Wilson, Carole King, and of course Cyndi Lauper are a few of my favorite voices, all beautiful in there own way. I suppose with all the tornadoes we've been having around here lately I better throw in Judy Garland too.
  10. Vital....You don't here much about the Epic's because they were only made for two years. There's not too many out there. Klipsch loyalists thought the Epic's strayed too much from the classic Klipsch sound, coupled with the cost of the 2 inch tweeter brought production to an end from what I understand. They sound wonderful with really impressive imaging.
  11. It seems Mr. Stern has been bashinig the Bush administration regularly in recent weeks and recently all but gave his endorsement to John Kerry. Oh No, I bet the Bush Administration is just clinging to hope that Stern's endorsement doesn't harm them too awfully bad!
  12. With the incomprehensible, and rather unfortunate likelihood that Kerry and Clinton will reign over all of us for what could be a period of sixteen years, gay marriage should be the least of our concerns! Hold on!
  13. I too received that catalog from Mapleshade. They have some real nice equipment that's for sure. Some of there stands are downright gorgeous! I don't know how I got on there list either.
  14. Though it's a movie, you have to include U2's Rattle and Hum! Has some great concert footage as well as some behind the scenes stuff.
  15. Yes......this has been posted in the past on a few occasions. The synchronizing of the Wizard of Oz and the album Dark Side of the Moon is in my estimation "Spine Tingling." I have goose bumps on top of goose bumps every time I do it. Just start the C.D. right after the second MGM's lion roar during the beginning of the movie.....Good Luck, any questions feel free to ask...
  16. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
  17. Transparent audio makes some interconnects that run around $20,000 dollars I believe. I know they did at one time anyway.
  18. Yea, with older vcr versions it really does look funny, but now with dvd you can certainly see that it's nothing more than one of the many birds they had let loose from the San Diego Zoo.
  19. Take your old thick mouse pads and cut them into four squares. You can double them up if needed. There isn't a cheaper mod than that.
  20. "Before the Hijacking," come on now that's horrible. With the fortunate addition of Lindsey and Stevie, Fleetwood Mac became the best rock band of all time.
  21. Guys, it's a public forum.....interpret fall asleep however you want!
  22. Gary, When you receive the DSOTM lp, open it up put on side two and drop the needle. This must be done first. The rythm and drive of the bass on Money is unbelievable, absolutely kills the bass from my cd. Your going to love it...
  23. I still have dreams to this day of Nancy and Stevie Nicks suddenly appearing in my bedroom and performing a duet as I fall asleep.
  24. Tombjr...I have owned the 5500 for a few years and have really enjoyed it. I was running it with a GTP-600 pre/tuner and then I bought a used Mcintosh C-15 preamp. The Mcintosh, which you can probably pick up used on Audiogon for 900-1,000 made a considerable difference in my system. Much easier on the ears, warmer midrange, and the bass extension and clarity is in a different league. Mobile, "I don't think" has heard the newer Mosfet Adcom amps, he's referring to the 555's and late eighties and early nineties Adcom amps. I have heard the 555 and it was definitely brighter and less musical than my 5500. Good luck....
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