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  1. Not quite the same thing but...give it try 😉
  2. The better route is a good horn sub. It will be a far better solution than any mods done to the LaScala. A tuba table worked well with mine and is not too huge
  3. No Sony fan boy but I have 4 in current regular usage and no issues. The only dvd/blu- ray player I’ve had that died before its time was a LG quite a few years ago. It’s old tech and getting no better with age, but seems generally reliable in my experience. As always YMMV
  4. I owned a pair of Tannoy System 12s (very similar to these but “pro” models) for a few years before I found my K-horns. Nice speakers but I would take my Klipschorns or Cornwalls over them any day.
  5. Yes, I have 402's on my K-horns. I have tried many different horns (including Volti) over the years, the 402 is the best by a huge margin. The stock drivers that come with them are quiet good, though at some point I will try the Celestion given their stellar reviews. Active crossovers are a must to get all the goodness. They fit easily on top and don't affect corner placement.
  6. Topping Pre90. Great reviews. https://www.stereophile.com/content/topping-pre90-line-preamplifier https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/topping-pre90-review-preamplifier.18283/ https://www.amazon.com/Topping-Preamplifier-Amplifier-Ultra-High-Balanced/dp/B08PY8H1ZX
  7. As a professional trombonist I hear trombone solos all the time 😜 However, it is nice seeing a band use a horn section!
  8. Doesn’t matter which model, cosmetically challenged fine too.
  9. Assume you mean the K402 and not the cats (no controlling them). I am using an Ashely Protea crossover, 7.7ms delay to the 402s
  10. Have a pair, and more of their ken so not in the market. Good price, excellent little speakers.
  11. I’ve had a great time catching up on some my kind of TV. Have watched all dropped episodes of Rings of Power thus far. Sound is really outstanding!! Watching Disney Andor tonight. Meh Amazon is stepping up the audio.
  12. 5.1 is Sony bluray player, HDMI out to Marantz 8805 processor. 2 channel is another Sony bluray player, coax out to Topping D90SE dac.
  13. Assuming you have a good stereo system, YES! If you have a good surround system, HELL YES!
  14. 100% agree with the above. Better sound quality than my DSOTM and Wish You Were Here SACDs
  15. I bought them. Going to make Cornscalas 😁
  16. I have used the A-55G/2 in both Heresys and Cornwalls. I recommend them without hesitation, it is the sweetest sounding mid driver of the type IMO.
  17. My tuba table is wonderful with Cornwalls. I have never been anywhere near as satisfied with any non horn sub. CW IVs are very nice speakers, give them the best!
  18. I am looking for a single JBL E-145-8 woofer. One of the woofers in my JBL 4628Bs is distorting quite badly and needs a recone so looking for a spare.
  19. I have the CXA81 at my rural place pushing a pair of large older JBL monitors. It is an excellent sounding amp with a nice quality dac built in and I would expect it to perform well with a pair of Klipschorns. I also looked at the CXA61 at the time, in addition to less power the dac in the lower model is not the same (ESS Sabre SE9016K2M in the CXA81 vs ESS Sabre SE9010K2M in the CXA61).
  20. For pure volume very few watts are needed for the big horns (K-horn/La Scala). Like many posters I have used some pretty low watt amps over the years and volume was never an issue. I have found however I strongly prefer a robust SS amp on the bass bin. The lower watt amps loose bass definition/articulation compared to a good powerful SS amp. Conversely, a smaller amp with a few high quality watts is what sounds best on the mids. For me the perfect combo is a nice Crown class D amp on the bass bins of my K-horns, with a really clear lower watt amp, currently a Topping PA5, on the upper horns (in my case K402s). Also, time alligning makes a HUGE improvement in bass definition as well. Everyone hears a bit differently so...YMMV.
  21. I've got a great room for Klispchorns, and yes the soundstage is enormous. Best 2 channel I have heard. Cat like them too and always joins me to listen.
  22. Caviat, I have never heard the new Cornwall IV. I am sure the new CW-IV sounds great but you can get an older pair of Klispchorns for half the price of new CWs. The Klispchorn's horn loaded bass is so much better than direct radiating bass, once you hear it, and live with it, its hard to enjoy "lesser" designs IMO. Where the CW-IV might be superior is in the mid horn. The old K-horns mid K401 is ok but not a favorite of mine. But for less that the cost of the new CW-IV you could get both the Klipschorns and a pair of K402s (top half of the new 30K Jubilee). That combo is very hard to beat! I also have a horn sub in the room so all horn goodness 17 HZ and up.
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