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  1. I am using RP-140SA (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZIQZBTG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) in my 7.1.2 living room Heresy system. In ceiling speakers are not an option (ceiling fans). Orginally had them on top of Corwalls, now Heresy IVs. They do a nice job with atmos stuff without standing out as different from the Heritage sound which was my main concern when buying them. In ceiling would prorbaly be better for atmos but if not an option I recommend these without hesitation.
  2. Claude is the expert on which driver has the best low/top end for the QP, though it is still minor differences betweeen them. I think it unlikely you will get an additional 100 HZ at the top end with any driver choice. I highly recommend the EV HP640 horn with the EV DH1A driver. You can cross that combo at 450 HZ. The big JBL 2360A is another great choice, though it it huge (bigger than the K402). That is what I was using for my LR in my home theater before the 402s. I did use those with a tweeter taking over around 8000 HZ.
  3. Quarter Pies are wonderful horns, you won't regret building a pair. Why do you want to push the crossover so high. The QP is stellar to around 400-450 HZ, past that you have squeezed most of the goodness out. There are many nice horns and drivers that will take over 400-450 HZ (and can be used in a 2 way). I should know because I have tried most of them. K402s sit on top of them now and are crossed at...400 HZ.
  4. Do a horn sub. A Tuba Table sub works well with a LaScala and is easier to place on a room. A horn sub will give you both big and clean bass that the little SVS subs can’t touch. My Tuba Table sounds huge compared to my Monoprice Monolith 15 inch sub, though the Monolith can really dig deep.
  5. I also have an Aegir that I use with my Klipschorns. Very nice amp in my system but not totally quiet (very faint hiss). Otherwise a great amp, though I use a Crown now on the bass bin and let the Aegir have the K402s. The Aegir loves the mids but the Crown gives better bass detail.
  6. May not be what you are looking for but I have a couple of Integra DHC-80.3 pre/pros (one is currently a spare). Excellent units with very good dacs that will also decode SACDs. I am currently using one in my Klipschorn/K402 combo. I paid under $500 for each (possibly well under, I don't remember the exact cost). It also has 5.1 analog inputs.
  7. Let me know when you are coming up. It would be pleasure to meet you.
  8. I had a KG4 on it's side in my former all KG series living room setup, and now have a Herersy on it's side in my all Heresy setup. Sideways works fine, esp. for the center channel. That is with LR aprox 14-15 feet apart and the center elevated above tthe TV. YMMV
  9. I did also get a B&C DE750TN for my center channel between the K402s. The center HP640 with the EV DH1A driver did not sound right with the K402/K-691 for LR, but matches up much better with the B&C. I plan on trying a couple more horns to get it just right but the B&C seems to be the same driver as the K-691.
  10. I am going to pretend those don't exist and be happy with the K691s for a long while.
  11. K691 came with both pairs.
  12. I must say I am totally pleased with the sound of these things. It's AWESOME!!! Sounds great in both the theater and with the Klipschorns, but it's with the Klipschorns where the sound really improvement is so huge. I have really enjoyed listening to two channel again for the first time in a long time.
  13. Well, my wife told me to leave the 402s alone and not paint them. She likes the sound and doesn’t mind black. The damaged pair are in the basement so she doesn’t care about looks down there, and the pristine replacement pair are on top of the Klipschorns in our teaching studio and she thinks black makes them less omnipresent. A truly understanding and indulgent person!
  14. I have tried a few Chinese tube amps. Thus far the only ones I have tried that I would recommend without hesitation are Yaqin models. I have owned a couple of their integrated amps and phono preamps (still own some) and was very happy with them on Klipschorns as well as some other less efficient speakers. Very quiet and nice sound. The one I still own is EL34 tubed and pushes 35-40 watts. Should work well with any big Klipsch including Cornwalls.
  15. Forgot it’s official name, so yes the A55G/2.
  16. I have pretty much all of the old K55 driver variations (maybe time to sell off a few?). I now have the K55 G2 in my Cornwalls and several Heresys. Georgious sounding driver, totally worth the price IMO.
  17. All good suggestions. Heresys will sound great for your purpose and there are a lot out there on the used market. The others are good too but harder to find and bigger.
  18. These will require an active crossover to work well. I have used both Ashly Protea and Xilica with excellent results.
  19. I am selling my pair of JBL 2360a horns with heavy JBL adjustable metal stands. They currently have EV DH1A drivers on them and I have added tweeters to the JBL stands (easily removed). The tweeter is a QSC horn Claude was recommending a few years back with Dayton D250P-8 drivers. I have used these for several years on top of quarter pie bass bins. The combo produces a really nice sound, HUGE soundstage, with great detail. I would like to sell them as a complete unit but will consider parting out the horns and stands seperatly. Asking $500 as a complete package. Local pickup in West Chester Ohio (Cincinnati area).
  20. Love the old house photos. I have a bunch I have taken in rural Vance County NC where we have a place. Lots of old abondoned houses and other structures. This is one of a crazy looking sunset earlier this year. Just my iphone.
  21. I would like to see that. How did you have it applied (DIY or professional)?
  22. I like the photo shop! I have thought of that but am reluctant to remove the K-horn top hats. I am worried something might happen to them. I am still figuring out painting. I may take them to an auto body shop and get them to do it.
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