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  1. I am leaning heavily toward the Yamaha at this point. I am not in a big hurry so I will see if any good deals pop up in the next 6 weeks or so.
  2. Claude, thanks for the vote of confidence in Yamaha. It seems like Marantz gets all the press and the Yamaha has less written about it.
  3. Now that 4K projectors have started to become more affordable I am thinking of upgrading my projector and preamp. I am currently using an Integra 80.3 which I have been quite happy with, but I have read a number of posts about how the newer Integra units are not competitive with many of the other brands . I am currently considering an Anthem AVM 60 or a Yamaha CX-A5200 (or CX-A5100). I would love to be able to consider the Marantz AV8805, but I am not willing to spend that much. The Anthem sounds like it is super well built and has a great reputation for sound, but it is several years old at this point. The Yamaha also seems to get good press for build quality and sound and is a slightly newer design than the Anthem. Any thoughts or advice appreciated
  4. My mom has told me stories of finding wreckage from torpedoed shipping washed up on shore at her families place on Holdens Beach (NC), and having to have blackout curtains at night.
  5. Lots of things you can do to hotrod your K-horns. Go slow, and enjoy one improvement at a time. I would suggest reading lots of the old posts on here, there are so many different things people have done and found real improvement without spending a fortune.
  6. Not the greatest speaker Klipsch made, but $40? Yes!
  7. BTW My point was not to argue that John Williams music is better. Better is a matter of taste. Artistically speaking, it is superior IMO, but better? Another composer whose soundtracks tend to dominate the film is Philip Glass.
  8. John Williams clearly has studied musical composition and orchestration. He can be accused of "borrowing" frequently from other great composers, esp. in sound tracks, but is also an excellent composer in his own right. John Williams writing is so excellent it tends to stands along side a film instead of hiding in the background. Few modern movie composers have his level of knowledge and craftsmanship. The film with live orchestra concert is very popular right now. I have played Star Wars and Jurassic Park film concerts this past year, a Danny Elfman concert (video and music from several different films), and Pirates of the Caribbean a couple of years ago. The level of musical sophistication between the Williams scores and the others is vast. The decision to have that level of musical involvement, as well as where it is placed is also decided by the films director. Zimmer's stuff is not bad, just not the same level of writing. Danny Elfman has written some good stuff too, and a lot of fun to play. John Williams is over 80 at this point, I am not so sure he will be producing many more new works.
  9. If Zimmer and Williams were painters, Zimmer would paint the living room, Williams the family portrait.
  10. You are welcome to stop by and hear them if you find yourself in the Cincinnati area.
  11. Claude's quarter pie horn. You could build one that stands vertically (woofer firing down), and shorten the horn flare to 2 feet. My surround QPs stand vertically and work great. I would imaging that being that short would mean that the horn would bottom out 90-100 HZ instead of 50-60 HZ, but an F20 can handle that.
  12. I spent several hours today playing test tones and measuring with REW. After getting the LR channels sounding superb with the Xilica I decided to tackle the other channels in my HT. I am using a pair of Ashly 3.24cl units which are not nearly as user friendly or capable but having learned A LOT over the last day the results are impressive. Speakers have location-ally vanished. Everything is super clean, music and film sound awesome! Many, many thanks to Chris A for sharing his knowledge. I owe you a beer or 3 for sure.
  13. I also wonder if the odd readings on the bass bin could be from the Integra pre/pro I use. It switches output on, with an audible mechanical click from the unit, when it detects a signal. There is a slight delay, maybe affecting the beginning of the sweep?
  14. The bass horn is a quarter pie with an Eminence 15c driver (60-600 HZ), JBL 2360 with EV DH1A drivers (600-6000 HZ), QSC horns with Dayton drivers (6000-20000 HZ). I hope this is the image.
  15. With the above corrections. Better, though not sure how to interpret the bottom zig zag.
  16. I assume I should be looking hard at the crossover points (in my case 600 HZ and 6000 HZ)? Using the spectrogram values that you show above I don't see anything resembling your time mismatch. I am I still not getting something, or do I already have it very close?
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