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  1. I have a pair of Forte II and love them - i would agree with trying a Emotiva Amp - i have the Xpa 5 and Umc 200 - sound very good to me - at the moment i am using them with the Emo preamp but a QSC GX 5 amp - much more power than i ever need for them - and they sound great there also - i also heard them off a Kenwood KA 801 i have - very nice - i ended up leaving mines on the Emo. because i need volume control Next is a Tube amp for them - once i make room - i need to sell the kenwood first when i am ready for a tube amp - the kenwood is now working a pair of KG 2 till i decide to change things up - those forte II can really scream
  2. i decided i am not going to dump alot of money in this - will makes things easy for me - call the guy tomorrow where my friend has his repaired and sound great - they will pick it up - check - it give me a price for the repairs etc, bring it to spec and i will agree - bring it back for $50 plus repairs - $50 is the pick up check and return - worth it - would cost me $50 for a cab to get there and back - then to pick it up again and back i was having a friend do it for me - now he wont have to lug i back and forth -- its 40 pounds - big box - looks are fine - a slider top bent a bit - two maybe - not a big deal - sliders works just the tip - A B switch needs to be checked and fixed - power plug - needs a stopper there and checked i guess - have him check it and bring it up to specs if that works out - it should sound very good - that will go on the forte II and KG 2 - since i got them now - they sit on top of the Forte - looks great - same finish - this was one reason the A B switch needs to be working - the idea was to use both pairs with one unit - less space in my rack - this way - i can make it work - i will remove my pro amp - and marantz cd player - giving that to my in law and amp in the closet - thats the plan - i see what they say and when i get it back - how it works out - all i know i heard my friends 8100 - and it sounded great on the Forte thats how this started - no EQ no Exciter in the mix - just the Kenwood and Forte - it has the bass treble knobs etc, - but nothing else really - tone defect slider- i think that works like a source direct - this was giving me a headache with the restore - have to pack it - ship it - spend $600 - on top of what i paid - and then ship it back - wait a month easy and barely a warranty - two places i have asked about to do the restore etc, - they both offered to buy it from me - if i didnt want it one wanted to give me a restored 8100 for mines plus 250 and shipping i had to pay - didnt sound like a deal to me -
  3. yeah i know - i feel the same way - but i dont think they will replace every single cap in the whole unit - for sure the larger caps - maybe power supply if needed - and other things were told to me - this is the guy i spoke with today - seems nice - and honest - another one i been in talks with - email only - looks nice also - but he offered me 30 days warranty - this guy at least said one year - and like you - i cant find much on this model either - but was told that its one of the rare models built very well - its one of those model you want to keep - i was told - also if i didnt want it - both of them each offered to purchase it from me the first guy at cdkands.com - he wanted to trade me - he would give me a 8100 fully restored - in exchange for mines and $250 - plus shipping - i rather keep mines - because i like the meters to be honest - i wanted one with meters and was told to look for this model - i would be safisfied with it - so now i am back to square one - i have this unit - it works - but needs some repair on the A B switch and rear power cord chassis - an adjustment for sure on items etc, - but it does work - i am back to considering the local shop here - they would pick it up for $50 check it and i decide after if i want to contniue or not - they would return it also - either way - my friend did both his units there and hes happy with them - but its not a full restore - its a repair - they check repair - i guess bring it up to specs. if caps are bad or out of spec - they would replace i guess - the price will depend on whats needed - maybe i should do that first - then use it and see how i like it - if i like enough for a restore down the line ? i really like those luxman models but very expensive - thanks for the link - it says free - but its not - haha - just 5 dollars if i want it - worth it i guess if i keep this thing - oh its not in english - the manual download - i knew there was something for me not getting it besides 5 dollars -
  4. i think i am changing my mind about getting it done there - not sure yet - 30 days warranty for the restore - i feel thats a little short giving the money it will cost in the end - plus shipping - now i am back to thinking of just going local - get it checked for $50 and then just repair or adjust fix just whats needed more or less - i did find another guy i called - at least he will give a year warranty - and i got to talk to him on the phone etc, - didnt think this would be so difficult to get going now - hard to choose whos good or whats what with this stuff now - but this other guy can have a friend pick it up for me and take to him - save the shipping - thats a plus -
  5. Hi Moray - thanks - i found this site for a restore - cdkands.com - i have to talk to the guy and see how we can proceed - i figure why waste money on a repair from a repair shop - it would be about double to restore but in the end - may be worth it - would be new inside and out - dent would get fixed - any other little comsmetic things that can be will be - and i dont have much in cosmetic really besides a decent dent in the rear near power cord - i dont like to see it - even though you cant when in the rack - i know its there - i cant find the user manual - would you happen to have that - ? at least cant find it for free download - thanks -
  6. Hi - i purchased this amp - KA 801 - i played it for a hour - didnt get hot - works - needs some work - rear back dented up a bit near power cord - front A B switch needs to be fixed - the meters work fine - one is a bit higher in operation - not by much but enough for me - a switch or two is bent on the sliders - just the tip - not the whole switch inside etc, - now i plan on pairing this with the Forte II and speaker B on the KG 2 i got - i have two options - i want to get it checked - fixed - adjusted - etc, i can bring it to a place who fixed a few of my friends Kenwoods - hes happy with them - but they dont fix cosmetic things - so the dent may still be there - and will just check and fix replace items that may need it - not a full restore - or - find a place and get it fully restored - inside and out - i am leaning now on the full restore - get it done and be happy with it - would anyone know of a good place to restore these - who do a good - great job ? fair price - etc, close to NYC area ? would be good - if close to me or else i have to ship i have been in talks with a guy who does this - i seen his site and like his work - really nice at the end - not sure if hes booked for months or able to accept it for restore - and then price is not cheap - not sure what a good price is - this is new to me now - i was thinking tube amp - and now i got side tracked and got the kenwood now - i heard his forte II on a 8100 he had and sounded excellent - at about 9 oclock postion on the volume and was pretty loud - if put on the 10 or 11 oclock - way more than enough and may be too loud does anyone have any experience with this vintage restore - kenwood 801 trio etc, are they really good when restored ? now i cant decide and have it packed in the box the way i got it - thanks
  7. whow - so many responses LOL - but thanks anyway - i did decide to just keep my 82's and work on adjusting them with the exciter - it worked very good last night so - i guess the Emo EQ didnt do a good job last time i ran it
  8. Hi - i currently have the RF 82 - original models - in mint condition - but in my space - i been having a hard time always adjusting them - to get the sound i like - - the problem i believe is that i just dont have the room to position them correctly to give them room - since the ports are in the rear - now i am considering selling them - i happen to find a nice pair of KG 4.2 models - i never heard them - what can i expect in terms of sound compared to the RF 82 that i have now - i feel the KG 4.2 may work better because of the front passive - i dont have to worry about keeping them close to the wall - i am not sure if i should purchase the KG.4.2 or shoot for the larger ones - 5.2 or 5.5 model - but the model that i can get right now is the KG 4.2 - i notice they are not tall - they come with stands which looks to be a good 5 inches high or 6 - not sure its more like a platform stand - has anyone heard these 4.2 - and 82's - maybe same time ? lately i been on a spree - - i purchased a excellent pair of KG.2 - didnt need or even get them yet - still in shipping stage - i plan to give those as a gift after i listen to them for a while - i dont have room to keep everything - i would have to get rid of the 82's if i do get the 4.2 and like them enough to keep - what do you guys think - ? any suggestions - ? what can i get for the pair of 82's in case i do want to sell them ? i also have an extra driver and grill for the 82's in the box - this is why i hate the winter - all i do is search for speakers Klipsch only thanks - Claudio
  9. a little off topic for a moment - did anyone get a chance to hear the new models yet ? is there a section here for that - if there is - can you link it to me so i can go to that section - i mean the new RP models which replace the RF 82 -62 etc, - since i am sure i wont be able to hear them anywhere around here -
  10. your right - i guess on paper - if you follow the rule - - i compare this to an espresso shot - you have no idea how many factors are involved to getting a great espresso shot - so i follow the base rules of the perfect shot - and in the end - what matters most - is your taste when you drink it - and you be surprised many times - following the rule to the perfect shot - dosnt always end up with the taste i like - so i guess - there are base rules and also how you like it - even if the rules are not right on the nose - its personal taste - i guess its the same with the speakers for me - i dont mind it - - you try it - if you like it fine - if not you can go back - or add the bandpass etc, - i decided to try it with out first - and i got used to it fairly quickly - i dont see a need for the bandpass - each his own - i also see the specs on the site for the forte II - and it shows the xover point at 7000 - which is very very close to what the Mid Ti crosses at ? anyway really dosnt matter much - yes on paper and testings shows it - so thats a fact i guess - i just dont hear any Neg. effects - - some prefer it - some prefer other speakeres that sound bad to me - but great to that person - in the end - just enjoy it - i am not pushing them or anyone to use them or try it - i wanted to hear what it was all about - and was very worried finding out after i purchased them already - but decided to install them anyway and see - hear for myself - i am sure many here are thinking that i just dont know what it should sound like - or may feel it sounds so bad or terriable - i assure you - it sounds very good to me - also it could very well be that when i ran the EMO EQ setup - it does all the work to set up the EQ curve - so that may have - could have made adjustements to limit what overlapping there may be ? does sound different with the EQ - but sounds good with out also - just different - tigher sound stage - deeper bottom end - - well lets enjoy the weather finally -
  11. if anyone is worried about the Mid Ti - just stick with the stock mids - new from bobs - and it be just as fine - i am sure you will love it either way - i think i am not so much on the warm side of things i guess - i like a little more on the top end and this works for me - bass is more than enough so not looking to make it warm sounding - also my area is warm with carpet - recliners fabric and wall treatment - that can make some difference - i learned when i first move the rug from the floor years ago and notice a big difference in sound - thats when i stared to research the wall treatment etc, and went with it - i feel it helped me - and added some color and decorated the walls at the same time
  12. i am loving my Ti mids on my forte ll -- i have not done no xover mods and sounds great to me - everyone is different - i really dont hear anything over lapped - mid to tweeter etc, - cant say it dosnt - either the muisc i been listening too just dosnt expose it - or i just doing hear it - either way - i dont even think about it - i just look forward to listening to them all the time - everyone who heard them and hears them - all say the same thing - its LOUD and CLEAR - actually my friend on the 13 floor last week told me how clean it sounded -- i am on the 15floor and they heard it clean and loud - in there kitchen - two floors down dosnt sound that far - but hey - i have heard someone from the 7th floor tell me once also - i was playing it LOUD then - every so often i really let loose on a song or two - but for the most part - its pretty loud all the time - i am just used to it - i say on my EMO pre pro - Volume goes from 0 to 80 i am in the 50 area mostly and 40 for normal listening - once i get near the 60 on the volume - then it really opens up - i cant keep it there for long - maybe one song or two - this is with the XP5 amp - its rated at 200 x 5 - but with two channel is 275 - not a bad amp - i am still used to my GX5 - 500 Watt amp so this sounds a little weaker till i get up there in that 60 range on the volume - either Mid would be fine - i just wanted to try the Ti and i am happy with it with no mods to Bobs xover - Emo Eq does help and opens the sound stage - compared to direct mode - either way sounds great - but Emo Eq gives it a little top edge and opens it up a bit wider - i enjoy both and go back and forth depending on the music
  13. hi - i am not sure if this is the correct section to ask about this - is it possible to connect iphone or ipad to the marantz 7002 AVR - so i can play the music off the ipad - play Pandora from my ipad - i want to have the music come out of the speakers connected to the marantz 7002 ? i am lost when it comes to this stuff this way - i gave my marantz and KG 3.2 away to a friend - but she listens to music from her Ipad - Pandora on the ipad - iphone etc, - but i havnt a clue how i would get it to work - the marantz does not have a usb port etc, - is there some add on item i can get to connect to the marantz and then use the ipad to either connect it with a cable to the marantz to play it - or if it can be done wireless somehow ? i am so confused - since i dont use a i phone or ipad etc, - so have no clue - and the marantz doesnt have wireless in it or any USB for music etc, - thanks -
  14. thanks James - but i am 100% certain - they were that way before i touched it - and yes that one horn was very very hard to remove - i believe i said that at the beginning when i first explained this - i was not able to remove it as easy as the other one - it took time and forcing it off - i had others helping also and trying to remove it - and once i finally got it off - i looked at it to see why it was so hard and thats when i noticed on the magnet - they were slated just a little bit - one was one way and another also just enough so they were not straight - which was the reason i was not able to put the horn back on - the tweeter itself was not going on as easy either - but that was ok - but the horn was not givin who ever managed to get it on before me - had to really force it on somehow - who knows what the previous owners have done etc, - all i know is they were bent some and I was not going to get that back on with out breaking the whole thing if i tried any harder - so i decided if i wanted to get this done - i had to do something else - and the dremel was my answer to this problem i faced - maybe someone else might have managed to get it back with out doing what i did - but that someone was not here to help me - so i am on my own really - either i figure it out or it wont get done - at least not at that moment - i wish i did take a picture of it - i missed a few chances of taking more pictures - the speakers were opened and touched before me - for what reason - i dont know - but in the end - i am very happy i got it all back and its all good - if i removed the horn in question - and took a picture fully together - you wont see anything wrong with it - its when you take it apart - you will see it - but your right - its important to remember how you remove things - - i am glad its all good now and i can just enjoy them - i have been listening to them only since i started - and dont feel the need to go back to my 82's any time soon only thing i am still doing is i want to give it a few more coats of beeswax - no rush to do it but thats my plan - i am very pleased with the sound - thanks for all your help suggestions - always welcome -
  15. yeah - it does - i had it on slow - and had the perfect fitting - fit right in and just a few seconds - just to widen the hole enough to fit on the magnet - worked great - good thing i even had it - i got it a while back for another project and was used maybe 3 times - comes in handy i would have been stuck that day if i didnt have it - besides using it on the one horn - i needed it to for the New Mid Ti i purchases from Klipsch direct - the Pos Terminal was too wide for the x over wire to clip over it - another set back - and back to the dremel - worked - i had a few bumps in the road - when i did this to my smaller KG 3.2 - had none of these issues and was simple easy -
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