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  1. Also, I see the R51PM's have speaker connections as well, so you could use the amp in the receiver by hooking the receiver to the speakers by using speaker wire. Using that method you wouldn't use the amps in the speakers (but that kind of defeats the purpose). Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  2. Or use the Aux out RCA plugs on the receiver. The speakers has amps in them, so they are in effect like the receiver. The speaker wires are to run into speakers without amps.. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  3. Photos of Blues Boy's basement... Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  4. Appreciate it Billy Bob! Psevilla, I found all my pictures, so I will PM you. It's a great center channel, I used it with my Forte's and it was a perfect fit. Upsized to Belle's so i'm using a modified Heresy for a center now. Keep you posted. Roy
  5. I've got pics, I'll figure out how to send or attach them.
  6. Now I think I'm me. Let me know if you're interested.
  7. Mine is arriving on Wednesday, so I'll give what report I can. Meant for use in the kitchen and on the deck (when it gets a bit warmer that is). Sure a good looking little unit!
  8. For that amount of money, I'd have somebody hypnotize me so I would think they were walnut... that's a steal! Can't drive from WA to Chicago and back at the current time however... damn...
  9. I knew I should have got to you sooner! Glad you made the sale my friend, thanks for posting!
  10. Beautiful speakers, if I would have seen these last year, I'd be traveling down to OSU town! Only bad thing is AB networks, but Bob Crites can solve that fairly easily. Don't see many of these, especially with cane grilles, in the PNW... have to show this to some friends! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Sorry, just saw this. Definitely not easier and as I'm in Washington state, definitely not cheaper either Besides Phil did me right price wise, so it's all good and I LOVE these Belle's, one of the best purchases I've ever made!
  12. This is a beautiful pair of Belles, even more so with Greg's mods. Blister, I know you don't want to ship, but just FYI for anybody interested, I recently bought a pair of beautiful Belles from Arkansas and had them shipped to the eastern side of Washington (the state). The cost by Craters and Freighters to package and ship them via UPS Ground was approximately a grand. So for anybody interested in these better than new Belles, which aren't even available new any more, even with freight added this pair is a steal IMHO... if I hadn't already made my investment, I would buy these in a heartbeat. Just sayin... Good luck I got blisters on my fingers!
  13. Spoke with Wendell today, and they said they're not making it any more. Even though it was one of the more popular items they sell, there is a component (I think she said paper) that they can no longer get. I wanted to by some for a grill on my entertainment stand that my center channel sits behind. The Mojotone is close, but it's double thread, not single thread. Would be willing to go in on some if any can be found...
  14. p.s., love the shot of you on the TV as well... LOL Also, nice metal moose! Fits right in!
  15. Looks great! Love the turntable stand and the end tables, it's like he made them for you. And oh well, you needed to get used to the original networks anyway so you can appreciate the upgrade more, right?
  16. Having just bought some '87's for a lot more than that (although the freight was a killer). I have to say, these are a steal at jimjimbo's asking price. However, there was someone that got a very similar pair (pickup only) on eBay yesterday in MA for $1,576... that was a real steal.
  17. Heck, if I would have known they were only asking $23 million, I'd have bought the damn plant! I'm sure I've got that much left on my credit cards...
  18. Dude... you win! That performance was great! I hear a lot of Albert King in your SRV and it sounds excellent. As my Aussie relatives say, Good on ya mate!
  19. Mookie, SRV is probably next after Keen... then again, things are subject to instantaneous revision! I've been into both Vaughans for as long as I can remember. I have the originals of Stevie's first four on vinyl, plus rebought them all on CD, plus have Texas Flood on SACD, plus just bought the new collection Texas Hurricane on vinyl (33 not 45) which has his four studio albums, plus The Sky Is Crying and Family Style, all on 200 gram virgin vinyl masters from the original tapes, plus several concerts on DVD and BluRay. Ya might say I'm a fan. Of all of them, I think his last album, In Step, is my favorite. After he got cleaned up his playing was even better. The last song on that album, Riviera Paradise, is my favorite instrumental, but I like them all. Saw him in concert about two months before the plane crash at the Gorge on the Columbia River. He was opening for Robert Cray and totally blew him off the stage... it was nothing short of fantastic! I'm a big Jimmie Vaughan fan too... the T-Birds have never been as good since his departure. He recently put out two albums that I highly recommend, Jimmie Vaughan Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites and Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites. Easy to get on CD, tough to find on vinyl (or should I just say expensive to find, but worth it IMHO). Also just bought a Jimmie Vaughan signature stratocaster... now if I can just learn how to play the damn thing... it is beautiful however. BluesBoy's son Dylan can really make that puppy sing! Speakers will be delivered Monday, so I sense my ears are going to be very very happy next week!
  20. I have a pair of Heresy I's and II's, but I prefer not to lose my media center. Another concern, whether valid or not, is a Heresy puts the woofer fairly low and may be firing at my coffee table. I'm also considering for whatever center channel speaker I decide on, to replace the grill cloth that matches the Belles, since it is available from Crites. Good idea, I would hate to separate my Heresy's too, that's why I think I'll end having the custom one built... my Academy is already aimed up towards my head, so we'll do the same with the custom. I found another outlet that sells speaker fabric that matches the cane grilles pretty well, so I intend on replacing the fabric on my cover too regardless of which speaker I use. Damn we have an expensive hobby.
  21. Musicook, Thanks for the pictures of your rooms! I envy you for the amount of space you have... I'm a bit constricted as to space. And thanks for the complements on the Belles I have coming (just got shipped yesterday, supposed to be here Monday!), they are the pair I have been looking for for quite a while. As for the centers, I like your Altec setup, those speakers I'm sure will provide a great soundfield for the front three (and all the surrounds as well). I'm going to experiment with the Academy and one of my Heresy's, but I'm pretty certain the Heresy will win out as the tweeter and midrange is virtually the same as the Belles and that should provide an almost invisible wall (if anyone has that setup, I would appreciate your feedback). If that's the case, then I will definitely have BluesBoy built me a custom Heresy center, resized to fit my A/V stand and possibly with the tweeter and midrange mounted horizontally for better dispersion laying on it's side. Mookie, the first thing I'm going to play is side two of the new Sticky Fingers remaster I just got.... I'm very familiar with that whole album, but side 2 sounds fantastic through the Eico's and the Heresy's, so it should sound even better withe the Eico's driving the Belles! Second album will probably be Petty's new one, Hypnotic Eye, followed by Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains... "No Excuses" has some opening drum beats that will rock! First digital play will probably be Dylan's Oh Mercy SACD, running through my OPPO BD-103 and the Onkyo (for some reason, SACD's sound better playing through it rather than tube equipment... it does have good DAC's, maybe that's why). I just got the vinyl of Gravitational Forces by Robert Earl Keen, which should also sound pretty damn good through these big puppies. I can't wait!
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