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  1. Little late to this one, but welcome. I also have a 1989 Birch pair.. They are still raw.. Good luck and cant wait to see the finished product..
  2. lifter

    MCM 1900

    When I am serious this will be the first place I look and ill hit all you guys up with those systems.. Maybe, just maybe ill get lucky and one of you guys will be off loading a set.. And thats the problem, they are so good and rare that no one wants to part with them!!
  3. lifter

    MCM 1900

    You or any forum member are welcome to stop by any time . I don't have the knowledge that many of these guys have. Especially the guys that post in the Pro Section but my place is open to any member wanting to hear MCM's or THX Ultra 2's. You're pretty tenacious about getting gear so I'm guessing you will get a set Appreciate that.. Just may take you up on it.. Im currently happy with everything now.. I do most of my tinkering in the winter and sit back and enjoy it in the summer... Who knows what this winter ill bring.. ha ha
  4. lifter

    MCM 1900

    I really need to hear these!! Someday I will own a MCM set...
  5. lifter

    MCM 1900

    Just awesome... There is no such thing as overkill.....
  6. How do you get the whole vid instead of the link on the reply?????????????????????????????????
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty_y_2INYgo
  8. Yup, hang some rugs on the wall and let it rip!!
  9. Very cool.. Cant wait to see the finished touch.. Nice choice with the Danleys!!
  10. If it gets more people into vinyl its a good thing!! His antics are working though- people are buying just because.. I passed on it yesterday to get a new Kenny Wayne Shepard and a bunch of used stuff- but I will get it!!
  11. I check in at least once a day or so... Love this forum!!!!! Good honest sincre pepes here!!
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