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  1. It's the old line in speakers.... "there's no replacement for displacement". Meaning, the amount of cone area of (4) 10" woofers is greater than (2) 12" woofers, all things being equal.
  2. And they were even licensed by "Paul A Klipsch", per the ad.
  3. @jimjimbo Send you a PM about some EL84's. Kidding... It was for other stuff.
  4. Amen to that. I'd MUCH rather eat at home and not trust that my food is being prepared like it should be. My wife is a real stickler about that...especially being in medical. I enjoy the gathering, the cooking, and the people more being at home than I do going through the process it takes now to go out and eat. I hate it that people in the food service industry are losing jobs but it really doesn't make my day any different in the end. I'll just buy half a side of beef fully processed and packaged for a tad over $300 and eat good for about 6 months or so. And listen to good tunes and drink cheaper drinks than going out, too.
  5. @Coytee. Just out of curiosity, is satellite your only option for internet? Who's your cell provider? Does AT&T work good where you live?
  6. Yeah, all they originally have is just a small channel they sit into which might have been 3/8" or so. I miss those speakers.
  7. What I did was cut 1x1" (3/4" square) "glue blocks" out of solid oak pieces from Lowes (or anywhere like that). I pre-drilled holes in the oak for the screws to go through to keep the glue blocks from splitting then glued and clamped down and nailed in place. Once dried, I used an adhesive similar to F26 where it was on 2 strips, dropped the panel in and clamped it down, then screwed into place using 1-1/4" coarse wood screws. Don't use drywall thread screws as they don't grab as well. I also braced them by adding on to the cross braces to the back walls as they had no bracing at all. I believe I added some extra 3/4" pieces to the tops and bottoms to give them a little more solidity.
  8. Used pair prices have shot up this year quite a bit most likely due to the 'Rona stuff like toilet paper shortages. ha. If a person can build their own cabinets, you could actually come out quite good overall. Hell, most people buy LS's, Belle's, Klipschorns, etc., then start replacing drivers, crossovers, etc., ending up with just Klipsch cabinets with new drivers. I guess that's the reason I built a set of Belle inspired clones, as I call them.
  9. @hogwylde09 Here's some pictures of the repair I did on my CF-3's a few years back. Also had to do this to the KLF-30's i had for a short time. You can see how sloppy the glue work was. I had areas that had no glue at all on them and apparently that was ok with QC. These are from the CF-3's as the front baffles on the CF's come off by removing the female grill plugs on the front baffles and removing the Phillips screws. Makes it simple.
  10. Looks MUCH better than Oak. Maybe that's what they covered up.
  11. True. The last reasons I bought a newspaper was for the coupons and the comics. But that's been maybe 10 years now. My mother was a newspaper hoarder before she passed away....literally. Had newspapers dating back close to 30 years...in chronological order. That was a poopload of papers for recycle when we were redoing her house to make it nicer for her before she died. She had a rough time with that.
  12. These are not speakers that you see come up in Arkansas a lot, for sure. This is a great pair of EPI 200C speakers that have beautiful Walnut veneer cabinets, new foam surrounds on the 8" woofers, new 16uf Clarity Caps in place of the originals, rewired the insides with new 16ga speaker wire, and added new binding posts which allows you to use banana plugs, spades, pins, or bare wire connection. I also built new speaker grills and covered them with new grill cloth so they are brand new, basically. One of the original grills was broken as it's 40 year old particle board and crumbly. One grill was ok but the cloth was kind of ragged so I stripped the cloth off and used it for a pattern to make new grills out of 1/2" MDF and painted them flat black before the new grill cloth. They also have their original grill emblems. The original passive radiators are in great shape as they have rubber surrounds. These speakers sound great and are ready to plug and play with NO work needed. The original wiring is still inside the cabinets zip tied in the upper section where the stock potentiometer is located, which has been bypassed, as they are kind of worthless. I also have the original speaker plates that you can have for the slim chance anyone would ever want to put them back on. You won't find many speakers that will best these in sound quality for this price without spending $1,000+. Read some reviews on them and you will see others feel the same. Below is a link to the Human Speakers website. These were the last iteration of the 200 series which most feel are the best with the highly upgraded, and costly to R&D, passive radiator. The speakers are 30 1/2" x 17" x 11" and weigh 58 pounds each so these aren't lightweights. https://www.humanspeakers.com/e/epi200.htm SOLD
  13. Oh dang...nice. Does the BKRW mean they were originally "raw Walnut"? That doesn't look like a factory stain job. Beautiful speakers! GLWS!
  14. That's nice and all but who the hell gets a newspaper anymore....and who hardly even prints one anymore.
  15. People store speakers in the winter? Is that like summer tires and winter tires? How big are they that they can't just stay in the normal area?
  16. Yep...using it and also the C-7000R CD player. I hardly ever use the CD player, though.
  17. Gotcha. That makes sense.
  18. Just out of curiosity, what are you going to hook it up to speaker wise? If you can find one of the "newer" M-5000R's, that's a healthy contender at 80wpc weighing in at 52-lbs. That's what I run to my Belle clones as it sounded way better than the VTA ST-70 tube amp. The under hood of the amp is my avatar.
  19. That's a great deal on those Eliptracs 400 and Belle frames. Is that Crites grill cloth or original?
  20. I forgot what I put under my Belle clones but they are getting furniture sliders now so I can move them around on occasion. Actually when I first built them, i put furniture sliders that nailed on and had the felt pads for our wood floors at that point. Now they are on carpet upstairs thus the reason for carpet sliders now.
  21. If you ever need a guinea pig to try them on a pair of Belle clones with A55's and Type AA crossovers, do let me know! Those look awesome.
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