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  1. How much would you pay for a pair of these illusive creatures? lol I've pondered changing mine out; still not sure.
  2. Well, here we are over a year later and the weather is finally getting cold outside where it's more fun to work in the garage. I despise working in the heat with big *** horseflies, wasps, etc., trying to get into the garage. It's not like we don't back up to 40 acres of woods or anything. I've decided to go with the Table Tuba using a 10" woofer and I know the Dayton DCS 255-4 is the recommended. But, I was thinking about going through the specs of some car audio 10" woofers that I can get for cost locally "IF" their specs fall into the range. @jason str I'm assuming an 8-ohm woofer would be fine to go in this cabinet IF the specs work, right? Only asking depending on the amp I use. I'm definitely going to get an amp that has DSP so I can Hi Pass back to my Onkyo amp that runs the Belle clones so no power is wasted on bass in them. I do like the price of that Dayton plate amp, which shows out of stock, but would really like to have an amp that would go in the same rack as everything else which would be shorter RCA runs versus a longer distance. But, I don't care to spend $500 on an amp to get that, either. Going to buy the wood soon as we will be building our base cabinets in the garage, to match the upper cabinets we built last winter, so I'll add a sheet or two of 1/2" to the purchase.
  3. Easy rectangle cabinets and can add some bracing to make them even better. Are the fire damaged cabinets not measurable? Are all the drivers ok that were in the cabinets? Sometimes you can keep the front and back baffle and build the rest. Have any pictures? Moray attached all the dimensions you'll need. Easy cabinets.
  4. Mine's a pretty simple Synology NAS storage for FLAC ripped CD's (and my backups) and the only location in the house I access those are in my upstairs music room (or man cave....whatever you want to call it). I have two systems upstairs...One is an Onkyo Reference stack (P-3000R pre, M-5000R amp, & C-7000R CD), Pioneer PL-518 TT, a PS3 (for BD & games) and a Dell SFF PC that I use to remote into from work if needed so it's on all the time plus for JRiver and Spotify access. I feed the USB from the PC back to the Onkyo pre which already has good DAC's in it. The other is my Carver gear (C-1 pre, M-1.0t amp, & DTL-200), PL-514 TT, and a Dell i7 Quad core laptop that does the same as above and the USB feeds into a small stand alone DAC to feed the pre. Nothing fancy, really. Hell, I have tinnitus and can't hear like I used to so maybe, in a way, it's a blessing I can't hear as well as the point of diminishing returns for me happens really quick. ha But I enjoy the sound of both systems so I guess that's what counts.
  5. I'm pretty sure 4/6 and 2/3 are the same thing. As is 6/9, 8/12, etc.
  6. Is there any apparent downside to using these horns when I'm sitting about 10 feet back from the speakers? I use the Belle clones on the long wall as they sounded better being 10 to 12 feet back from them versus being on the short wall (15 feet across) and having a 30 foot room to fire into. Most any speakers on that wall have sounded a little off
  7. True. Even in the beginning when I built them, there were plans I used as a reference that showed using a K-510 in the top section...maybe with a tweeter, maybe not. But, I would have thought it possible to do in a 3-way as long as there wasn't any major bad side to using the smaller throat A-55G's for the time being. And I agree, a 2" driver would be better eventually. Thank you sir.
  8. Thanks for that info....that's what I was looking for. Yeah, I wouldn't "commit" to the full build until I could tinker and see how they performed. Who knows...might even leave the tops off then time align the mid and tweeter. That's a thought.
  9. I've been pondering this for sometime now and had questions for those in the know. I would have to believe that the K-510 would be a better mid horn, but, it also depends on what I'd have to do crossover wise as I don't have any interest in bi or tri-amping to use them. I would like to improve the midrange area as it seems to be restrictive with the K-500. Again, no interest in multi-amps, DSP, K-402's, etc. I would like to be able to keep the A-55G's and CT-120's, too. If it can work, I'd build new side pieces and veneer them plus new grills to keep the look similar to what i have now. If it can't be done reasonably, then I'll scrap that plan and leave them as they are.
  10. The amp is basically just how I got it as I've done nothing to it. Thanks
  11. Decided not to sell this one just yet. I'm going to have a tech in Little Rock repair it along with a Scott 299d amplifier and do some listening. Might sell...might not. Neither have remote control volume and I'm lazy like that. ha.
  12. I had a pair of KLF-30's for a short time. I stripped off the black for the same reasons but repainted them back because there was oak underneath.
  13. Yeah, those don't come up too terribly often; I've looked at those, and for those, over the years but fairly rare around here. If I do decide to change mid horns out, I may try a set of the K-510 knock offs that are on e b a y for $50 each. But, it will also depend on what I'll have to do with the Type AA crossovers as I don't want to get into having to change all of that and I'm not going active as it's just not that important.
  14. avguytx

    EPIC - MN Auction

    I'd gladly pay $475 for a pair of CF-4 v3's. I don't have a huge hang up about all the versions....there's no factory replacement parts for any of them anyway.
  15. Are you making a 2-way or 3-way? What are you doing on the top hats? I'm pondering changing my Belle clones top sections up maybe over the winter months and go to a larger mid horn and sell off the K-500's. But, I want to stay with the A-55G's and CT-120's. Nice build!
  16. Now down to $500. Thought I did that the other day.
  17. I have an Asus K60I 15.6" laptop for sale that I've personally owned since new. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, has a 500gb hard drive and 4gb of memory, CD/DVD drive and VGA out (no HDMI). It would make a great laptop for a youngster, and oldster, or just anyone needed something additional that won't break the bank. It comes with the original charger and the battery holds charge fairly well. Asking $100 plus shipping anywhere in the CONUS and payment via PayPal F&F or you pay the 3%. Thanks for looking!
  18. First off, this amp will need repairing as it won't power on and pops a fuse when you put one in and power it on. I was going to take it to Durham's Electronics in Little Rock and have Chris (long time tech from Custom Audio back in the day) but I don't think I'm going to get around to it ever. So, I'm just going to sell it and let someone else enjoy it after it's brought back up to specs. If you made it here, you probably already know about this amp so I won't bore you with long details or copy/paste a bunch of crap to fill space. It's 45 watts per channel @ 8-ohm and was first built in 1966 thus the reason that it needs to be gone through. Even if it was functional, it would still need to go to a tech for checkout. It does have a bubble in the glass on the left side but these can be replaced, or, lived with. Personal choice. Asking $550 cash only with local pickup in Searcy, AR. I really don't want to have to ship this but I can...just count on it being kind of pricey since rates have gone up some plus finding/purchasing good packaging material for a SAFE delivery. I would be glad to drive a "reasonable" distance if someone is interested. Thanks for looking.
  19. Seems like I bought this when I got my Harmony One, which I don't have anymore, or it came as the kit. I might have taken it out of the package and looked it over and that's it. Not sure which models it works with but, as mentioned, I bought it for, or came with, my Harmony One. Asking $20 plus shipping anywhere in the CONUS and payment via PayPal F&F or you pay the 3%. Thanks!
  20. There's a set of Forte II on Little Rock Facebook Marketplace for $800 with their boxes. No affiliation.
  21. I remember the day I bought the debut Van Halen LP back in 1978, too; I was 11 then. Was completely blown away by the Eruption solo and he took the guitar to a completely different level. Not to mention, made me put more effort into my playing. R.I.P, EVH. Thanks for the many years of great concerts back in the 80's.
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