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  1. It's been 4-5 years since I kept up with HT. Back then SVS would always have a summer sale. Last time I looked you could get 2 CS Ultras & an amp for a grand or $1200, can't remember. They did this for 3 years runnig back then, we always looked forward to it, & now that I'm in the market--no sale. I hear rumors SVS is going to go big, as in retail sales soon. Anybody else heard anything?
  2. This is a well known problem that has been discussed since day 1 of the RF-7 intro. A problem that Klipsch suprisingly has not fixed (so simple). Quality feet on a flagship speaker should never be an issue. What say you Klipsch?
  3. What ever happened to the summer sale they used to have?
  4. To get the most out of you sub, buy a splitter to attach to your sub cable and hook up to both inputs on the sub. This will give you about 10 dB increase. I recomend letting your mains can handle some of the bass. Look up the specs and adjust the crossover on the back of the sub to pick up where they start to roll off (? 100 hz). This will let the sub concentrate on less which parleys on better sound. Play with it and see what sounds good to you
  5. Yes, Mount away. Just remember to pay attention to location. If you have to go higher you may want to angle them down at the listening position. I have mine in the VCR slot of my entertainment center below the TV. Works great--you should really enjoy the system. Yamaha & Klipsch go well together. PS Wellcome aboard, I guess you know this is just the begining of a long, unending,compulsive,& expensive hobby! Oh, & did I say fun!!!
  6. Man, I just finished reading those 4 pages of posts on the subject...WOW. So I went to my local Sound Advice to see what kind of specials were afoot. Come to find out, there are really no specials at all & that they have struck a deal to continue selling Klipsch...but only in Florida & one other state (forget which one--I live in Tallahassee & SA is the only storefront so I'm covered). I feel like the SA here in Tallahassee has represented Klipsch very well & I am thrilled that they have worked out this problem. I'm don't exactly have piles of cash laying around--buying those RF 7's right now is not a priority, exactly, if you ask my wife--nuf said huh! But, back to the issue here: those 4 pages. I never really figured out what the problem was with Tweeter. Did I miss it somewhere in the volumes of text? Was the posting on "grey markets" a hint? Is it possible that Tweeter can also work out a solution to continue its relationship with Klipsch? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. JT: Ye of little faith A typo huh--have never seen a KSW 12 for $650 @ SA, ever. Can't find my sale paper#*^!!! I'll call them tomorrow. Seriously, I think something is up. They have the R-line dicounted--RF 7's without a price (listed as "come in and see for the price") & even the picture is the RSW sub. $650'ish? Would a SVS still be better? Maybe not at this price point! We needs must love the highest when we hear it!
  8. This was querried while Klipsch was anouncing this new line. I remember a moderator explained it--don't remember exactly, but, I think it had to do with looking at frequency responce across the whole spectrum. The new drivers were accomplishing the job, thus no need for a 3 way design. Cost was also a variable. Price--Sound Advice it discounting now--perhaps in leu of the loss of business (subsidiary of Tweeter). I don't have their sale paper but I think they have deals like the RSW 12 sub for about $650. I'll look up my paper & get back to you>
  9. Sony's 27" unit is very nice--can be had for $550 new. Has componet video in for DVD input. Because of the small screen size, progressive scan is not an issue, you will get a fantastic picture.
  10. As a kind of perfectionist in home upgrades (ceramic tile now--Pergo in the last house), let us think about this a minute. Laminate and tile in the same room...hummm...to put it together... First go to your local home supply store and get some of the "laminate manufacturers" step molding. This is the piece that wraps the outer edge of the step on your staircase (shapped like a piece of angle iron--some quite decrative). Second, build a base for each speaker (90 degree corners,you decide the demensions--preferrable as small as possible & VERY SOLID--based on your floor/furniture/room layout) and wrap the outside with this moulding. Use a miter box to make the 45 degree angles perfectly match (furniture quality). Now you say "But this leaves a 1/4 inch lip where the moulding wraps over the base!" (Actually adjust this to allow for tile width + thinset) Then I say... Third, arrange tile(matching the other tile in the room)in this area and set your beatiful Klipsch's on display where they belong. Using the laminate & tile keeps the room tied together. While the grout is drying, replace those broken feet with new ones that Klipsch will mail you. You should also glue some felt or rubber pad to the bottom of the box. This will protect the floor and decrease vibration. I rate this job about 2 hammers !
  11. If the RC7 is working good--better exchange the other speaker. It must have something broken, moving it to the back will only place the problem in the back!
  12. I have the KSF 8.5's and the SC-1 as a center--not the best timber match but an OK speaker. If you can, why don't you consider another set of 8.5's as surrounds. I demo'd mine against many surrounds and to me there was no comparison. Towers for rears rule...& the match is perrrrfect !
  13. Check out Audiogon.com Some solid deals there on great amps.
  14. Hey Moodym Glad to see you are able to get bach into the hobby. I reccomend not getting hung up on price so much as features. Try to anticipate what you are going to expect from your receiver over the next few years and base your choice with that in mind. Analog passthrough, componet video switching, DAC quality, etc. Many of these major brands provide solid products, listen and play around with them. Some are easyier to use, have more user friendly remotes, etc, etc. Let us know what you have looked at & what you like and don't like. Good luck!
  15. Sounds like you will have great sound. If I were you I think I would spend a little more on the componet cables. The video 1 is there entry interconnect--no turbin cutts. This can make it hard to get on the terminal if the fit is not perfect. I reccomend at least the video 3.
  16. I use the MCX-1S (not be-wire) and like them. I felt I got more bass & soundstage (I have KSF 8.5's). Nice looking wires also. A lot of people don't hear any difference, if you can demo a pair that might be best. And you know there is more to this hobby than preformance. Asthetics are part of the pride we have in our system. Ebay seems to always have a nice selection of wires & cables--some of those bi-wire sets there now as well as some of their more premium items. May be a way to stretch your dollar.
  17. Chris, don't dispair Go demo the speakers with familiar material. I think we are really sold on the Klipsch sound around here. Bang for the buck, quality, service...Gee, I could go on forever, kinda like my Klipschs' . Enjoy
  18. Moon, if you haven't decided, just remember. The purpose of all the speakers is to deliver the sound processed by the receiver to the LISTENING POSITION. Go to that center, look around where you want the speakers to be and envision what a balanced soundfield must have (by way of speaker array) to deliver that sound to that spot. One set of dipoles seems necessary. But you may want a more directional delivery from a more forward (ie., second set of rear surrounds) array. A set of RC7's more forward might blend with the RC7 (for the DTS ES)rear center to produce a superb soundstage. Will your dealor let you borrow an extra set to try? We needs must love the highest when we hear it!
  19. Quenten

    Blade II

    Oh man! This is why we have HT. Truely awesome sound package--a must buy. We needs must love the highest when we hear it.
  20. I think Boa's right about timber matching. Stick with the reference series. You don't get quite as much sound from the rears and this can fool you into thinking you can get by. But after you have owned the system for a while and are familiar with their subtleties it will become apparent. Then comes the upgrade bug Speaker wire opens another can of worms. I use Monster MXIS and am very pleased. Felt I got some bass extention & bigger soundstage, just my ears though!
  21. Quenten

    Sub amp?

    Thanks guy's Seems strange that they don't mention power handling capcity in the speaker specs (or I'm not seeing them). Subwoofage has never been a strong point for me.
  22. OK, my $2 (cents don't get anything nowadays) An ugly situation on 0ur Board! We can only "do unto others"...It looks bad that Myram decided to bail on helping. I would'nt do that to others. He did'nt respond with proof of insurance, he has'nt reported making any calls to Australia (like to the post office). All he has done is said "see ya!" Ones definition of Honor & Integrity is the measure of a man. Myran has told us who he is, it is up to us to hear him. I hear you Myram--the ball is in your court, we are watching.
  23. Quenten

    Sub amp?

    The SVS Ultras on sale now with the S1000 amp--seems to be a great price, but I'm wondering (if I only get 1 sub) is this more amp than I would need? I mean, the amp will drive 2 subs so is there any use to get it with only 1. Can you bridge it for 1 sub or is this too much power. Significant differences in the smaller amps?
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