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  1. I have a pair Epic CF-3 ver.2 that I'm reluctantly selling. They are in excellent condition but I just don't use them anymore and they are taking up way to much room. I have added port extensions to match the ver. 1 port length, I have dampened the horns and added new gasket material around all the drivers. I live in central NY right off interstate 81. I would like to get $850 for them but will consider offers. This is a stock photo, I'll post some picture shortly. Thanks for looking.
  2. These are located in Cortland NY http://ithaca.craigslist.org/ele/5704346276.html
  3. I use mine with the grills off. I would like to see a front that looked more like these, hiding all the screws. (sorry I can't get it posted straight)
  4. I saw this add will looking on Craigslist/Syracuse. http://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/5667806503.html
  5. Foam ... sorry these have gotten turned around, I can't get them to post right side up. pic 1 is the foam pic 2 is showing the top with side piece removed pic 3 is looking at the middle, down from the top pic 4 is the bottom of one speaker pic 5 is the bottom of the second
  6. Horns after and gaskets before and after
  7. I have done a little upgrading on my CF-3s and I though I would pass on what I have discovered. First I pulled my ports an added port tube extensions to make the 5 1/2 inches long. Next I pulled the horns and dampened the back with a dynamat like sound deadener. Well I had them out I also replaced the paper thin gasket with some 1/8 thick gasket that I got from parts express. I ended up doing this to all the drivers. These made a huge improvement in the "ringing" (sort of) that you could here when you tapped on the horn. At this point I though I should take pictures to document what the inside of a stock pair looks like. I found many curios things. Check the pictures below. The first speaker I opened had colored wiring so along with the short ports, I guessed I must have Ver. 3...maybe Ver. 2. I should remind everyone that my speaker are the CF-3 with no serial numbers that are mentioned in another post with that title. They do actually have serial numbers but they are so faded that they can't be read. Anyway when I opened the second speaker ... monster cable wiring! I read a blog (https://silverfacestereo.com/2015/05/13/epic-klipsch-cf-4/), where the writer had found the same thing in his CF-4's. Mine must be a mismatched pair, serial number wise or they were made right near when they were switching types of wire (!). Who knows. So I dug deeper. I looked at both crossovers (without removing them) and they matched. My pair match the CF-3 (not the CF-3 schematic. I fairly confident that they are Ver. 2's. An other things I found is none of my drivers are labeled. I have seen some pictures that show stickers with part numbers. Mine have none. Now the top drivers only in each speaker have a faint stamp on the back of the cone that reads " DU 56 ( 4 ) or maybe OO 56 ( 4 ) or even DU 56 147 ... but this is only on the top woofers, the bottom one have nothing. I also looked closely at the foam damping and how it was arranged. It is made up of pieces that are 27" long, 12" wide and 1" thick. Both speakers were arranged in a specific pattern. Starting at the top front one piece form front to back and then down the back to about even with the first brace. Then another wrapped around in the other direction covering both sides and making the back double thick. Behind the horn and also the bottom there were 2 pieces that started from each side and over lapped in the back make the back double thick as well. The bottom "floor' was bare. It is obvious that the foam was not just jammed in there randomly, but instead was placed it a thought out pattern, all side covered with a 1" layer and the back with a 2' layer and the floor nothing. The last thing I found was the back of the woofers are vented with a small screen covering the hole. On one of my woofers the screen was loose so I took it off to re-glue it. The inside is interesting and hard to describe. There is a hole that goes down 3/4" and then there are 2 holes, opposite each other that go into what you would think was the magnet. I assume this is to vent the voice coil for cooling.
  8. I was following you yeliab1 ... and it all help's. Comparing the CF-4 ver.3 to the CF-3 ver.3 it looks like the HF is pretty close but the LF has larger differences in values. I'm sure do to the 12" vs 10" drivers. I my my mind using the CF-4 ver.1 values above will not help me in reconstructing a schematic for the CF-3 ver.1. Back to were I started I guess.
  9. I'm trying to work this into schematic using the CF-3 (pn) as a starting point. I sure wish I knew were 5uf is located in HF section. Either before the .650mh (FC) or between the 1.0mh an the 2ohm resistor. Any thoughts anyone? Then again these parts are from a CF-4 ver. 1 ... they may not be the same in a CF-3 ver. 1
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