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  1. Guess what? It's gone now. I unhooked the left speaker and listened to just the right speaker and heard no distortion. Then I hooked the left speaker back up and there was no distortion. I'm bewildered but very happy. Could a loose connection cause this? Perhaps the Rythmik F18 next to the left speaker loosened something?
  2. Interesting. I tried playing those songs through the same streaming device (Xbox) on my Focal speakers and there is no distortion. I had to order the cd since I do not own that cd. I have heard it in other music too but not nearly as prominent. I'm 90% sure this is a recent development so it must be a mechanical failure of some sort. I don't really think playing a cd vs digital will make any difference. If the concern is the quality of digital streaming I would hear distortion across the majority of the frequency range and after years of recording arts I have a very critical ear. My main question is if anyone has experience with another component failing and causing this issue? The only other component I can think of is the crossover.
  3. I don't have either of those songs on disk. They are surprisingly good. I listen to everything aside from the devil's music (country). I'll try other music.
  4. Hi Everyone, It's been a long time since I've posted on here. I'm having an issue with my 83's. The wife and daughter went away for a day so I decided to let loose and play some music at man-volume. I think I overworked something because I noticed distortion on songs I didn't notice it before. It was definitely coming from the tweeters. I thought perhaps it could be compression in the recording but I have listened to these songs before and there's no way I missed this. I also tried listening on my headphones and I hear little to no distortion. I assumed that the tweeter was blown so I ordered a new one. I replaced it and the issue is still there. I then removed the tweeter to make sure it wasn't coming from the 8" speakers. The distortion was gone when I removed the tweeter so I think process of elimination shows it is not the 8" speakers. I highly doubt the new tweeter is blown but I will install the other new one to see as well. The distortion is in both speakers and it is only noticeable during certain frequencies. The songs I listened to are OTW by Khalid and Don't Matter to Me by Drake. It's right in the beginning and it seems to be right at the cross over frequency. This begs the question: could there be an issue with the crossover? Is this possible to damage at high volumes? I'm running class D 200 watts per channel.
  5. Klipsch THX Ultra2 for sale in my area. Great price. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ele/4805059596.html
  6. I spoke to someone recently on this forum who talked some sense into me and I am no longer selling!
  7. Thank you! Yes, I listen to a lot of music on this system. Just two channel of course for music well...I have the subs crossed over at 80hz but they blend exceptionally well. The Ausyssey helps.
  8. Why is it so difficult to add pictures? I remember the old forum and what a pain it was then. I don't see any option to add pics...any advice on how?
  9. Therefore it is a very limited instrument
  10. I think it's good for pushing a product you want to move but I think there are a lot of great product lines missing from it. I think sometimes people want a definitive answer and almost want to be told what to do but I think you should add a budget parameter as well. I never saw a Palladium or Ultra series in there or am I missing something?
  11. Thanks guys! Monroe, WA 98272. CECA, I remember being a couple really beneficial discussions with you a long time ago. It's been a while since I have been on but its nice to hear a familiar voice.
  12. Why are you selling? I am very interested an live in WA so I can pickup. However, I am waiting to sell my current RF-83 system (Wife) before I can buy anything else. Jeremy
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