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  1. What makes you choose the rf 5 over the kg besides being newer? Do they sound better?
  2. I did kgs are 220 plus 60 for tweets and 240 for xovers 520 total but i want to know if they would be better then the rfs
  3. Hi, im wondering if anyone can give me any insight on how the kg 5.5 stack up against the newer rf series i can get either pair i listed above kgs being the cheapest and will do crites upgrades also if i get them but would like to know how they stack up against the others. Thanks
  4. Hey scrappy honestly how do they sound to reference stuff? Or heritage/extended heritage
  5. Ok thanks for all your input i really appreciate it
  6. Hmmmm ill probably fall in love with what ever i get lol. How were the rf5s? Compared to the others i mean
  7. I have not heard 83s or 63s but have heard 7s and like them there is a pair of 63s in vancouver bc for 800 but thats a pretty far drive...
  8. Those would be a little out of my price range lol, then id still have to build the rest of my hometheater to match!
  9. Hi, im working on a new home theater system but before i get started i want to find my mains, im looking for a pair of the above speakers. im located in portland oregon but will drive to meet or will consider shipping depending on price. Thanks for all the future help!
  10. Here is some pics of the quartets, is there anything I can do for a couple spots on the top of the speaker were the black has came off? What color/ laquer to use thanks guys
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