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  1. So for right now i have my heresys for mains, rc-52 for center and r-5650-s for surrounds and ksw-12 for my woofer. i love my inwalls but i am moving into an appartment and will not be able to install them there, so i will be needing a different speaker. Since i have the rc-52 for my center i feel the need to go with the rs-52 for my surrounds, but i will be moving into my bigger better home in about 8 months or so. Which i have intenions to upgrad my mains to some k-horns, with that in mind makes me think i should upgrad my center once those come along so should i just go head and get the rs-62 or is there any other recomendation on surronds or will i be fine with a cheaper make shift surround in the appartment and continue to use the in walls in the new house as my origanl plain. i will be moving my heresys to the back, if that helps.
  2. doesnt seem logical to replace all in a solid state does it. also what does it look like when one melts.
  3. seen alot of people around here replaceing caps especially on speakers. How necessary is this on all amps, pre-amps, etc... the reason is i have a hamron/kardon 2 channel power was wondering if i should replace caps if possible. Also there seems to be a brand that everyone perfers sonicaps from what i understand. Are these the best and widely avalible to everyone, if so were and can they match all caps. nick
  4. and thats what i want to build. man am i geeking out.
  5. I just picked up a pat-4 pre-amp off of ebay though the guy said it works great and which i am sure it does(havent got the chance to check it out yet) but i mainly got it for the chassy.. I cant wait until i start dumping some of those up grades in it. it might take me a couple of months but that gives me time to finish working on my amp for this bad boy, and save some bucks for some Cornwalls ide like to but in the system. Speaking of which if anyone recomends any certain Cornwalls as far as 1 or 2s go with any updates let me know that will be the next thing i do for this two channel set up. nick
  6. I being in my mid 20s actually going on 27 grew up in an age coming from cassattes to cds so cds is all i really had except my dads collection of vinyl. As he retired these and the recent discovery of vinyl, I have seem to find a difference in certain recordings. Like someone said i feel some stuff sounds good on vinyl and some doesnt, i injoy going to the couple of record stores around town and shopping for great stuff from The Beatles all the way down to Billie Holiday (which i havent found yet). But i think the hole thing is depending how a band records there album alot of them to day find it cheaper going digital. So i believe it would be hard to come out with a decent analog album. I dont know im not a recording engineer, alls I know is that its alot fo fun having more than one media. If it sounds good play it. nick
  7. I like a good ramble makes for better detail. I like Olorin am a fan of HK I have an Older 225 which for just 5.1 with no hdmi inputs i think is great. Since then HK has came a long way with adding pre outs and 7.1, and dont for get the hdmi in/outputs for video upscaling. I have read where there coming out with a new model allready, probably wont be until late spring or even fall. Seems like they change regulary. But could probably pick up a 345 for less than 700.00 if shoped around. nick
  8. what size is that screen and how big is the room..nice by the way very nice. nick
  9. any sound cards out there for my dell that has a left and right out put or anybody have a better solution. I just want to hook my comp up to my pre amp. ive seen some have the 1/8" plug but thought maybe there was something better. n ick
  10. if its just a glue issue i would think that a repair shop would be able to fix it alot cheap, i dont know what goes into reconeing if that would be the issue. But the speaker guys i talk to make it sound like they can recone a woofer cheaper and better than the manufactor. I was all ways wondering how the rt-12d held up. hope it doesnt go for all of them.
  11. Nice looking piece, looks like i picked the right time to get started on a 2 channel system glad this forum is around to get people started in the path on audio. As i like to think to start with something like this to learn and enjoy, especially for the price. Can't wait to get started.
  12. hey folks, since i have got involved into this sickness the past year I have built my ht with something that i am happy with in the house that i am in now. The problem is that since everyone one eles has taken over the room for movie watching, and i recently got my turntable going alls i want to do is jam some tunes but i cant in this room. So i decided to build a second room for my listening pleasure, i Know i diffently want to give the seperates a chance. but i dont know were to start ive always dreamed of a mcintosh or possibly a marantz system. So if theres any one of these brands that someone recomends to start with i could use your advice. I do have a power amp that i think would work for know so ide like to start with a pre-amp something vintage that i could hook up my turntable and cassatte deck to. appreciate all the help i can get. Also my power amp has 1/4", balanced, and regular rca plugs on it so it has lots of options. duder
  13. tonight something light, rolling rock extra pale ale. good old number "33" and heck yea for some burn notice, can anyone tell what year that charger is.
  14. i have a 40 gb i bought a little over a year ago, i think its a great unit the only problem and its just with the 40 gb that i know of is that it doesnt have the memeory card slots and its only got 2 usb ports, but since the controllers are cordles that doesnt matter. And you cant play playstation 1 or 2 games on it which i dont have anyway. All in all im pretty happy with it graphics sound processor etc.
  15. i know its the next day but i enjoyed listening to some jimi on my record player, while drinking some belhaven scottish ale.
  16. I've seen a couple of you have hardwood floors in your listening room. I always wondered how this differed from a carpeted room i would think the bass would rattle the wood or it would sound echoy. nick
  17. I have a technics sl-bd27 turntable. I noticed that the plug dosent have a ground, is that what the external ground wire is used for. Also if i can come up with shielded audio wires is it necessary to shield the power wire if so how could i do this with out a ground. If any one has any dos and donts on hooking up turntables could use any advice. Othere than a pre-amp i will just use decent wires i can get at a local store. Plus i am looking for a dust cover for this bad boy, if any of you have one laying around im willing to give a couple bucks. thanks nick also what can you do about scratches in the records. will they make a difference.
  18. no thats my perse she actually smokes cheap cigars
  19. thanks mark, and thanks to all for the compliment.colterphoto1 nice LSBR. James i just used some 1/4" oak plywood i hade laying around. and as for the reed garden i think it was a Christmass gift.
  20. rooms a little messy kids play ground as well.
  21. thanks for your help speakerfritz. still kind of new to the forums.
  22. heres the after i havent glued the badges on yet didnt know what type to use. also i requested samples of the right grill clothe from one of the fabric companys that was recomended on one of the post around here.
  23. Well peoples i haven't taken the time to call newfoam or any of the other fabric companys that have been mentioned on here. but as much as i'de like the cane grills I for now settled for less. I know how much you all like pics so are are some. Dont worry no good grills were used to make these, I made both grills from scraps i had laying around, tell me what you think. I know its not as good as some of the operations ive seen on the forums but its the poor mans way in my book and I am some what happy with them. well thats if someone can help figure out how to post pics i will be more than happy to. nick heres the before. not that i didnt like the black just like the lighter color more.
  24. you guys are great help. for the recorded i never planed to put crap in the speakers for component wise. also the plans i have, have already been altered for 3/4" parts. so i am in luck there. I do relize that for the money i could almost buy a pair off line but i still have to consider cost of travel or shipping but atleast its the real deal. but then i would also have to recondition them seems that anything online that cheap is do to horrible cosmetic reasons.
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