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  1. They can make all the recommendations they want (they already do to some extent), but its never accurate and I play what I want to play. At the end of the day people can try and control you, don't let them and they won't. Maybe I'm just naive? Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  2. @wvu80 any insight on value? Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  3. If you look for the HCA series from Parasound, look for the one that have an A on the end of the model number as those have 12 volt triggers. I like the sound of my 806 (I believe there is a 1206) 806 has 80 watts per a channel and the 1206 has 120. However, my 806 needs to go in for repairs.. If money wasn't an issue, I would look at McIntosh. I am currently running my diy project as an active speaker with Hypex Fushion with great results. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  4. That thing is tricky, I feel like if I attempt to get it that close, I screw everything up.
  5. Well that stinks, when looking at that dip around 80, it reminded me that my sub was still on here. Have I been chasing tail as I now have different readings with that bump again at 1.1k?
  6. Not sure what is going on in the highligthed area, but I am guessing the area I circled is out of Phase?
  7. I have to be upfront, I did something between my last GD and this gd that introduced a bump again at the 6k area. So I went ahead and added another millisecond of delay, but things went nuts around the 400 region, so I inverted the HF side of the coaxial driver. Now I have this. Current delay settings, oddly everything is inverted.
  8. Ok, now I am confused as I thought that if the GD looked better (straighter line under 2 ms), then the Spectrogram would look better. I cascaded another set of crossovers which should give me 4th order LR at the crossover points. The GD looks better (to my understanding), but the Spectrogram looks worse.
  9. In the measurement, the delay was added to the woofer/bass bin. This time around I added it to the Mid/high section. Chris, if I recall, did you mention that the excess group delay would tell me what I need for delay? If so, why is when I add that amount, It almost seems to go the wrong direction? As far as your qeustion in regards to the type of crossover, if my understanding of the Hypex software is correct. I have second order LR at 420 lp and 470 HP. From the Hypex manual, it states LR only has 2, 4, and 8th orders.
  10. Im not sure I truly understand what ms and ms are Millisecond or Microsecond. If millisecond and 345 mm is equal to 1 millisecond, then I was really low on my delay, so I have it bumped to 1003 U.S. or 344 mm which should be right at 1 millisecond. My peaks at the 3.1k and 1.2k are gone, but now a massive peak at the actual crossover point. I have tried inverting which made it worse than what the graph shows below.
  11. again, there's that reading thing I need to do
  12. Below 400 Hz, the excess group delay actually begins to decrease--an odd situation that you'll have to explain by either describing the loudspeaker you're measuring more completely or by posting a picture. Belle bass bin (diy) with crossover to k402 with lp at 420 K402 with BMS 4590 coaxial crossed hp 470 to Belle bass bin BMS is crossed at 6300 lp/hp from mid to high. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  13. Looking at your intersection line, I see it sets at the 5.39k and can see the 732u you referenced. How or why are these points determined? Sorry if I am not following, but to me it seems these are random locations. The 2 reasons I am guessing you chose these, 1 the lowest point at 100 hz where I assume there is a crossover or cutoff of some sort, 2 the 5.39 is roughly where the bass to mid is crossover ed?
  14. Here is the 420/470, note not much change other than the shift that used to be at the mid/crossover point is now further down the line.
  15. Now what should be considered 2nd order with lp at 450 with q of .5 and hp at 450 with q of .5. There always seems to be that shift around 700-800. Now knowing that the crossover was 4th order at the 420/470. I am going to give that a try next. Chris had mentioned 1st order, is the a Butterworth versus a LR?
  16. According to Google 1 MM = 1MS. If so, than 11 U.S. = 3.8 MM or 3.8 MS of delay. I also noted I incorrectly designed my crossover as I was supposed to design it with a q adjustment of .71. This has now been changed as you can see, my shift is further down to the crossover point instead of the 700-800 hz region. Some settings I found along the way for the K402/jubscala settings. Current crossover should be 4th order LR lowpass at 420, .71 q and Highpass 470, .71q. There is a slight bump between 1k and 1.6k. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  17. Sorry if I miss worded it, but I am not out of delay (at least I don't think I am), I'm just not able to fine tune it to a 1m as it appears hypex only allows 3m increments (I think). I can say the lost I can add is 11 U.S., which I assume is feet. Oh now think of it, I have convert meters/feet to speed of sound as time, is that correct? Chris, I am using a diy Belle bass bin. I've tried crossover at 1st, 2nd and 4th order at around 420, 450, and I believe 500. I believe it is 2nd order 420 hp and 2nd order 470 lp, but will need to double check. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  18. Wow what a difference a new diaphragm does. There still some more work to do, but if we are attempting under 2 m, then that is pretty close to me.
  19. I've got a single K510, couple of WG-45 horns and a pair of B&C DE750s I will be putting up for sale. You just need bass bin of your choice.
  20. Thats what I am using, but I have room for it and the wife has no say in this room.
  21. RIP Mr. Edgar. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  22. RIP Bob, my condolences to his family.
  23. Approaching everything one at a time has been very helpful to understand how everyone has dialed in REW. This all is starting to make a little more since. Now to figure out the correct equation. Unfortunately i was hearing some obvious distortion in higher frequencies from one of the drivers.
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