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  1. Thanks everybody for your help. I am thinking of a Pass Lab x-250. 2x250W/8Ohm, highly biased in a Class A. I've heard very good things about the Pass Lab power-amp. Does anybody own one, or did listen to one ? regards, jérôme
  2. Hello, my name is jérôme ans I am writting from France. I would like to buy a new amplifier for my RF-7 speakers. I am not really sure about what I want. I am thinking of tube-amp (for ex. Audio Research VS 55) or maybe a class A transistor one (for ex. accuphase A-30)... I am mostly listening to rock, jazz, fado, dub... my listening room is ~20 m2 (4m x 5m). My system is: - Accuphase C-260 preamplifier - Accuphase DP-500 CD-player - Thorens TD 165 MKII Maybe some people on this blog have ideas ? advices ? Thanks
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