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  1. Keep looking. You can find cabinets. May take a while.
  2. Same dude reached out to me on a L-12 McIntosh slant leg cabinet. His English was excellent and he addressed some technical questions very fast. The bitcoin thing was the red flag.
  3. Shop here used to have a directional FM antenna. He would pick up stations 200 miles away, CRISP. I really miss that shop.....
  4. I've never noticed the "k" until after I read your thread. lol Great read. Thanks
  5. Looking for a Mcintosh L12 cabinet. Any one have one they want to part with for a decent price?
  6. Purchased two boxes from AudioClassics today. Shipping them North next week.
  7. So you still have the L12 for sale?
  8. I'd like to see them after you finished. Post a pic please.
  9. Nothing like buying an amp and getting a free pair of LaScala.....(and accessories)
  10. Here is the NEW upper Mack built for the Khorn cabinet. These things are going to be Beautiful. Can't wait to see what he veneers them in.....
  11. And ready for testing. They sound great!! Again, this was a Mack Garrett project. He did a great job!! Thanks again Mack.
  12. Final Assembly on the LaScala project!!!
  13. Here is a shot of a similar set of designer series K-horns. These started as industrial K-Horns.
  14. One done and one to go……You can see the K-horn cabinet in the background. Notice the upper is short. These were a designer series Khorn with factory bases and an extended panel that the horns mounted in.
  15. First speaker sprayed with Duratex…. Mack and I went back and forth about this . Originally flat lacquer was discussed but there was too much repair to hide, so Duratex was applied. It turned out well!
  16. After some Bondo and more sanding……
  17. Taking care of the jig saw cutout for the old handles….Can’t believe someone would do that! Mack made a jig and router cut some straight lines then reversed the jig for the filler piece.
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