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  1. Actually I'm only about 1,999 miles away from them. Craters & Frieghters wants $895 to pack & ship them. I'm looking into some other options. I have some freight boxes that I can round trip for about $200 motor freight, but they have to be packed into them carefully or they will arrive junk. Thant's why I'm looking for the klipsch boxes. If they are boxed in factory boxes, then put into my freight boxes they should be mint when they arrive.
  2. Does anybody have a set of LaScalla boxes they would like to Rent or Sell? I am trying to buy a pair of LaScalla's on eBay and I don't want them damaged in shipping.
  3. Hi Everybody- I am looking to buy a pair of LaScalla's. The owner doesn't know the vintage (not the original owner). Does anyone know the vintage of S/N 5P523? Type LS-BR. Thanks for the help! I look forward to your responses. They are always fun. PS - This will be for an upgrade to my Forte II's. I will be pushing it with a Mac 6500. Any suggestions?
  4. If you still have the amp...please shoot me an email at jpeytonl@aol.com This is not my regular email account so give me sime time to respond.
  5. Just curious.....how much did you get for them? I'm in the market and wondering what the current value is. It seems that eBay pricing depends on earth's rotation, sea tide patterns and moon phase.
  6. speakerfritz- how much do you want for the amp? maybe you don't have to ship it overseas.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'll try BEC. Any sugestions on a CD player? I blew my budget on the 2275 so now I need something, eh......low cost?
  8. I checked the date and you are right. 11/29/89. I must have gotten them for Christmas 1989. 18 Years have passed and the mind is not as it should be.
  9. I dove off into the deep end today and purchased a McIntosh 2275.........tubes, bouncing meters and all. I can't wait to get it installed! Now I have to find a CD player and receiver. Has anybody had any experience with a MVP 851? What about a MR85?
  10. I purchased my first klipsch speakers 20 years ago and still have them. I have 5 brothers and we all have Klipsch, ranging from Khorns to Hereseys. [] Oh, well. Some people might not agree, but when Paul designed the Khorn speakers they were designed around tube amps. You will see "Horn's like tubes" everywhere in this forum. And they are right. Good luck finding the right combo, that's most of the fun. You have a great set of speakers. www.audioclassics.com GREAT guys! http://www.mcintoshaudio.com/ good vintage McIntosh http://www.roger-russell.com/ - McIntosh Information
  11. I think I have decided to go the amp / pre amp route. Here is my problem.....Apparently my budget is too weak for a tube set today. My "new" plan is to purchase one quality piece and one budget piece. My thoughts are to buy a c2200 tube pre-amp and buy an old Solid State Amp. I have been told that the tube pre amp and a solid state amp will have a MUCH more dramatic effect and sound much better than the reverse. Any advice?
  12. I purchased a pair of Forte II in 1988 for my High School graduation present. I never will forget the salesman. He said I would have the biggest set of headphones in the dorm. 20 years later........I am dusting them off and looking to pair them to a McIntosh amp. I have about $1,250 to $2,000 to spend on the amp/pre-amp. I am flip flopping back and forth about tube vs solid state. I wrote McIntosh and they suggested a solid state unit. The McIntosh MC6300. BUT, the MC6300 reviewed terrible. I am not against a pre-amp / amp combo. But, they usually cost more than the integrated unit. I am also not against older equipment. In 1984 I almost received my brother McIntosh stuff.(He wanted Bob Carvers latest cubes to push his K-Horns) I settled for a 40 watt NAD that I wish I still had. Sorry I drifted. Anyway, I am a McIntosh fan. It's cool stuff. I am looking for suggestions from the Klipsch family ...... Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks for your help........ PS. While I don't live in Hope, your presence is missed.
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