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  1. I saw on audio asylum NYC $500 and shows sold. http://audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Speakers-Stand-Mounted/Klipsch/RB-75/Cherry-Finish-NYC-area-pickup/186132
  2. I emailed back few hours after it was posted. I missed it.
  3. These are likely Opusk2k9's
  4. I've become kind of a nut about privacy/anyonymity/security. I understand that if someone wants something they will get it somehow , so it's not fool proof. I use a VPN and entware on our home router to encrypt data and remove trackers. I use an open source varaint of Chromium and duck duck go, Proton email. I run an open source custom Android ROM on my phone without any Google apps. No Facebook yadda yadda. I usually encourage friends and family to ditch the "convenience" and take back some of their privacy. The people who say they don't care usually don't know how much is tracking is being done and how much is stored. The argument of I have nothing to hide is silly. Would you allow all the businesses or people claiming to be in business stare in your home windows because they will be able to better take care of your needs or ....better exploit you. What about letting them open you mail? Only the junk mail, medical bills, is there a limit to what you would allow? Or does one not mind the above example? People are usually unaware until someone shows them. Google tracks and store your location, errands, route, time and places it on a calendar ...every day. It stores your voice command as well as recordings of errantly enabling those feature. Go and dig into your Google data and see what's really there. It's accessible although not always easy to locate and delete.
  5. I wish these were in my neck of the woods! Great deal for someone.
  6. I rented a van and drove 9 hours (1 way) to get my Khorns. If there's a will... There's a way. Looks to be a good deal for someone.
  7. Anyone live in SE Missouri near Poplar Bluff? Looking for some shipping assistance.
  8. Where are you located? So I can calculate shipping.
  9. This is what I would do, as Chris said having the surrounds slightly ahead of 90 degrees is great. This is how I have our surrounds setup, its by far the best I've heard it. I've had them up high above doors , behind the listening position as suggested, etc. I would advise against placing them too high , like above the door. If you do place them to the left of the door, make sure to take some precautions to keep the door from swinging open and hitting them.
  10. Wait for an rc 7, it will save you from buying something and then buying the rc 7. Save some coin, do it once.
  11. The center channel is probably the most important speaker in a home theater setup. It's also a good idea to stay within the same family of speakers, a model up or down won't be as detrimental as using something extremely different in design. Speakers within a family are typically voiced similarly to one another, you may notice a difference in output and frequency response is all.
  12. I recently was gifted a new receiver that I've put in place of my Stage One pre. I'm having a hell of a time trying to get the 12v trigger to work. Does anyone have this model that could give me some insight? I have RTFM Like 15x, I still am not seeing what I need. A little about the current setup and what I've tried. I'm using the preouts on the Denon to connect to my amp. I have my amplifier, an Aragon 2005 (no native 12v trigger), plugged into the "switched" outlet of a Mondial RPC-120. The 12v trigger is connected to the 12v trigger out on the Denon 3311ci. In the settings on the Denon, there is an option for "trigger out" settings. I have it set to "Main Zone" in hopes that it would trigger the amp in the theater. I have also played with it triggering on with different inputs , sources and surround modes to enable it. I've googled for an hour or 2 with no results, I'm hoping it's something simple that I'm over looking. Thanks for the help!!
  13. Here's a r117 local to me. http://quadcities.craigslist.org/ele/5883918212.html
  14. RockOn4Klipsch

    Math riddle

    So it seems that the only time the sum of 96 represents itself is if we assume that the equations 4+7 through 7+10 need some type of equation. The number 40 represents itself only when solved for the currently present equations. I kept missing the sum of 40, even when looking for it as I was continuing to search and solve for the equations that weren't present. Either way, I suppose there isn't an actual correct corresponding sum as it's only a matter of locating a pattern in which 'works".
  15. RockOn4Klipsch

    Math riddle

    3 of the patterns I see all equate to 96. Addition: 1+4=5 2+5=7(+sum above 5=12) 3+6=9(+sum above(12) =21) 4+7=32 5+8=45 6+9=60 7+10=77 8+11=96 Multiplication and addition: Second column multiply by first column plus column 1. 1+4=5 4x1+1=5 2+5=7 5x2+2=12 3+6=9 6x3+3=21 8+11=96 11x8+8=96
  16. See No Evil , Hear No Evil was one of my favorites of his.
  17. I have 3, 2 channel setups and a dedicated theatre room. The theatre also double as my guitar room with amps and cabs behind the acoustic transparent screen. When the kids grow up and move out I'll have 4 more rooms to play with!!!
  18. Take some time and listen to a young man from Texas , Hamilton Loomis. A Bo Didley protégé, I've met him a few times at local blues festivals. As someone else mentioned, trampled under foot and Amanda Fish have some nice tracks as well.
  19. Is this the same pair you listed last year? Or another pair? Either way they look great!! Don't hesitate to do business here, I bought a pair of Khorns from Fleawatt!! GLWS.
  20. The members of this forums usually treat each other like family, if a deal was had it is your prerogative to sell it for what ever you desire, however, in the past members keep deals in the family and pass it on. I don't think I've ever seen and item resell on this particular forum for more than the original sale price. Good luck with your sale.
  21. http://peoria.craigslist.org/ele/5591851772.html Here's a set close to me for 3500$
  22. Of all the receivers I've had , onkyo, HK, Yamaha, dennon, the HK receivers always bested them in the 2 channel department. The others performed better feature wise but could not compete in the music department. If music performance is what your after, don't let the power rating scare you away.
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