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  1. This will do the job in 600s------------------------------- Eminence SIGMA PRO 18A-2 Nominal Impedance* 8 ohms Power Rating** Watts 650W Music Program 1300W Resonance 28Hz Usable Frequency Range 41Hz - 2.4kHz Sensitivity*** 99dB Magnet Weight 120 oz. Gap Height 0.37", 9.53mm Voice Coil Diameter 3", 76.2mm THIELE & SMALL PARAMETERS Resonant Frequency (fs) 28Hz DC Resistance (Re) 6.29 Coil Inductance (Le) 1.9mH Mechanical Q (Qms) 8.28 Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.3 Total Q (Qts) 0.29 Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) 441.2 liters / 15.6 cu.ft. Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (Vd) 695cc Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms) 0.24mm/N BL Product (BL) 22.1 T-M Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (MMs) 130 grams Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) 93 Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax) 6.1mm Surface Area of Cone (Sd) 1140 cm2 Maximum Mechanical Limit (Xlim) 18mm MOUNTING INFORMATION Recommended Enclosure Volume Sealed N/a Vented 93-212 liters / 3.3-7.5 cu.ft. Driver Volume Displaced 403.9 cu.in. / 6.62 liters Overall Diameter 18", 457.2mm Baffle Hole Diameter 16.56", 420.5mm Front Sealing Gasket Fitted as standard Rear Sealing Gasket Fitted as standard Mounting Holes Diameter 0.28", 7.1mm Mounting Holes B.C.D. 17.25", 438.2mm Depth 8.15", 207mm Net Weight 24.5 lbs, 11.1 kg Shipping Weight 28.1 lbs, 12.8 kgs MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION Coil Construction Copper voice coil Coil Former Polyimide former Magnet Composition Ferrite magnet Core Details Vented and extended core Basket Materials Die-cast aluminum basket Cone Composition Paper cone Cone Edge Composition Cloth cone edge Dust Cap Composition Solid composition paper dust cap
  2. No longer looking, Have a pair now.
  3. Hi, I am looking for a 401 ( Plastic) horn for Lascala - Cornerhorn Anyone have a spare laying around ? Thanks Steve
  4. Looking for 8 K77 screws, No stripped heads. Anyone have any laying around? Thanks Steve
  5. Photo of system is in the very first post,
  6. MCM1900 System still available
  7. I had to build one, PM me for the passive xover drawing if you don't already have it. I have a mounting bracket for the 510 for sale , If anyone needs it. Mounted a AL-3 passive in the bass bin. Just the woofer part. Worked real nice.
  8. Updated , List on very first post.
  9. Updated, Lowered some prices. What is on the first page list is available.
  10. Well, Sorry for the confusion. Just what is on the first page list is what is available. I am glad they were what you wanted.
  11. Hi Fritz, The items available are on the first page with prices, that is where they have always been. i put this in Pro because 95% of the gear is pro. Thanks Steve
  12. Thanks Tony, Added stain to the post
  13. Hi, I am looking for a set of mint early 80s LaScalas, Walnut Stain Lacquered with black top grills. Thanks Everyone
  14. I also have them for sale in Pro Audio Performance Directory 1988.pdf Performance Directory 1988.pdf Performance Directory 1988.pdf
  15. Here you go KP 600.pdf KP 600.pdf KP 600.pdf
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