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  1. http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/S-YLFSILo0dOY/ProdView.asp?s=0&c=4&g=12700&I=584QSS&o=m&a=0 This is a link for the Pinnacle
  2. Oh I already know to stay away from Bose.
  3. Im looking into buying a speaker system. I not totally sure which one to buy. Thats what I turn to this forum for a little help. Some of the options I was looking at are the Energy Encore, Klipsch Quintet, and Pinnacle Quantum. What do you guys like best out of these 3 and what else would you suggest?
  4. BTW you can find the denon 3802 for $750. Do yourself a favor and get the 3802
  5. I would have to go with the denon 3802 on this one.
  6. Would the philips acoustic edge be a good card for the 5.1's?
  7. what about using a acoustic edge?
  8. What would be needed to hook up a sblive 5.1 to a home theater receiver? I'm wondering what kind of cables and where all the connections would be made. Thanks for any help or links.
  9. I thinkin on gettin rather th klipsch quintet with rather the ksw 10 or 12 but i was also thinkin bout the energy encore. What is better?
  10. What is better? The Klipsch Quintet or the Energy Encore 2?
  11. i called my home almas hifi stereo in dearborn michigan a week ago and they said they just got some!!!
  12. go on napster and get THX - I Love Big Speakers -or- THX - Ultimate Bass Test -or- THX - Bass Test really Loud
  13. If you guys make a 5.1 and it has a decoder like the midiland ads 2000. It would be great if it had the option to be in its own box or fit in a 5.25 bay in a case. What do ya say? Is it a go for 5.1?
  14. How do i hook the ads 2000 to my pro media's? i have a acoustic edge card so i do know that u use the s/pdif. Also how good does it work?
  15. I was wondering whats the deal on a 5.1? Are they planning on putting one out? Give me the whole info. thanks
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