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  1. http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/S-YLFSILo0dOY/ProdView.asp?s=0&c=4&g=12700&I=584QSS&o=m&a=0 This is a link for the Pinnacle
  2. Oh I already know to stay away from Bose.
  3. Im looking into buying a speaker system. I not totally sure which one to buy. Thats what I turn to this forum for a little help. Some of the options I was looking at are the Energy Encore, Klipsch Quintet, and Pinnacle Quantum. What do you guys like best out of these 3 and what else would you suggest?
  4. BTW you can find the denon 3802 for $750. Do yourself a favor and get the 3802
  5. I would have to go with the denon 3802 on this one.
  6. Would the philips acoustic edge be a good card for the 5.1's?
  7. what about using a acoustic edge?
  8. What would be needed to hook up a sblive 5.1 to a home theater receiver? I'm wondering what kind of cables and where all the connections would be made. Thanks for any help or links.
  9. I thinkin on gettin rather th klipsch quintet with rather the ksw 10 or 12 but i was also thinkin bout the energy encore. What is better?
  10. What is better? The Klipsch Quintet or the Energy Encore 2?
  11. i called my home almas hifi stereo in dearborn michigan a week ago and they said they just got some!!!
  12. go on napster and get THX - I Love Big Speakers -or- THX - Ultimate Bass Test -or- THX - Bass Test really Loud
  13. If you guys make a 5.1 and it has a decoder like the midiland ads 2000. It would be great if it had the option to be in its own box or fit in a 5.25 bay in a case. What do ya say? Is it a go for 5.1?
  14. How do i hook the ads 2000 to my pro media's? i have a acoustic edge card so i do know that u use the s/pdif. Also how good does it work?
  15. I was wondering whats the deal on a 5.1? Are they planning on putting one out? Give me the whole info. thanks
  16. What new products will klipsch be putting out for this year??
  17. Try and go into the surround mixer for the sblive. FAD. TRE, and BAS have bars that you can move and whatever. Try and move the bass bar up. Hope this help.
  18. i have the AE and i would recommend it. It replaced my sblive xgamer.
  19. get the new drivers see if that helps
  20. well when the new ones are availible online.
  21. get the new 4.1 with the new crossover. then the midrange should be there.
  22. i tried to fade it. it did help a little. should i exchange the card and try a diff one just to make sure its not a bad card?
  23. The bass for my PM's on my acoustic edge just doesnt have the wall rattle power that my xgamer had. BTW i do have the newest drivers.
  24. Should i reinstall the card and see if anything changes. I dunno though bass is alright (not as much as my sblive) at higher volumes, but i would like some more at lower volumes.
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