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  1. Hello Everyone, Sure hope there are a few McIntosh guys/gals out there that have been INSIDE an MC-7150 ...was replacing bulbs,and accentally cross-phased polarity...it happens...been around enough electronics in my days,so nothing else was damaged...just popped the fuse on the meter regulater...problem is,I CAN'T READ THE DAMNED THING! (hate getting old) does anyone know,or can verify what the fuse capacity is? I found an online service manual that says it is a 1.5 amp slow blow-250 vac. CAN ANYONE VERIFY THAT? Thanks Rob robroy3300@yahoo.com
  2. Looking for a Mcintosch MC-162 in good gondition
  3. If anyone has a set for sale, or can lead me to a seller,would sure app. it! I have a set of k-77's(one diaphram poped) and a set of Heresey horns(no drivers) to sweeten the deal,but not a requirement to seal-the-deal...just need the k401's. Thanks robroy3300@yahoo.com
  4. God,we do love our Klipschs' don't we? lol Seems like we will move or get rid of anything to make room! Thanks for all the input: 1) My stand is solid cherry and new-"Took me forever to pay it off!)lol So replacing it would be a crime;although a third Belle with a custom cabinet,would be the thing would'nt it? 2) I cannot hang my monitor due to having the picture window right in the back of it. And yes,I have tried every conceivable arrangment rather than in front of the window. I will take some pics and alot of comments will answer themselves. Note: When you guys do see the pics,keep in mind I will be putting my two Halfer DH-220's on amp stands next to the monitor. Thanks for all the ideas and taking the time!!! Rob
  5. Hello EveryOne, I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a center channel to compliment my Heritage series speakers! I understand about "matching voice capability" or the need for such in a good surround system,but I will not part from my speakers! lol I am using Bells for my fronts and Forte' II's for my rears-it is a rather large listening room! Well I guess it would be considered a Theater Room now! My guess is, another Belle would work nicley for my center,but with the monitor stand,I cannot fit it-I have a 65" lcd. I do have enough room in the cabinet to fit a Heresy sideways! HMMM I really love the sound of my K-55 squawkwers,and suspect one might work great for the mids along with a K-77-but ofcorse that leaves the question of lower end! I was thinking of a couple of 8" 'ers below the squawker-they would fit,if Bob C. could design the proper crossover! Tell me what you guys think, Rob
  6. Thanks to all that posted-I think I have some thinkin' to do! lol
  7. Does anyone prefer the cast aluminium or composite plastic? I need horns for my belle clones,and do not know which I should buy. The k-505's are what came "stock" according to Klipsch, but I have been told the k-400's sound better! Any oppinions? Thanks, Rob
  8. I am soooo ecstatic about this as it is my first step to building my Klipsch Belles! I found a wonderfully polite seller who was selling just the k-55's. I asked him what happened to the k-77s and he said they didn't work,but he had them! I asked if they were complete and had not been molested-he said they had not! Now all I have to do is buy a new set of replacement diphrams from Bob C.,and assuming there is no further damage,(I cannot see how there can be-cosmetically fine!) I have my Tophat,short of the crossovers ofcorse-(Bob C. AL3's) I think after all the feedback on the forum I am going with his cast-alum. woofer as well! Thanks to all that looked,and responded! I am going to take step-by-step pics as I go and post them (so everyone can see my screw-ups lol) Rob
  9. Yes it does-It is a 5.1 dolby pro-logic reciever HR-895 Thanks; Hey ,do you find a real difference between the 5.1 and the 7.1 ? God, if I ever DO go to 7.1,Il'l have to buy two more Hereseys! Darn! LOL My listening room which is 17x 22 will look like a display for vintage Klipsch showrooms! Darn again HMMMMM,mabee that's why I live alone! LOL Thanks for the comments and help! Rob
  10. I cannotafford to go out and buy all new equipment,( a new preamp processor with HDMI capability I meen) as do I suspect most cannot! LOL Now I shun away from just buying a cheap replacement receiver with preamp outs so I can still use my sepparates-I fear using THAT as my preamp just to acieve HDMI capability,would be a mistake! I love my Carver reciever, and use it as my preamp (It is pro-logic capable and souds GREAT with my Forte II's as fronts and a Heresey as mu center!) Now I know I can purchase an HDMI splitter and just use the inputs in my big screen-it is HD compatable with an HDMI input-one! My question is will I REALLY loose that much quality in audio not using the HDMI as a sound sorce? (just continue using the Carver for audio and HDMI separatley for video) Hope I made myself clear-any response would be appreciated- P.S. (Klipsch Belle Clones are now in progress!)-if anyone payed attention to my last post! LOL Thanks all,Rob robroy3300@yahoo.com
  11. Greg,What kind of veneer is that-it's beautiful!
  12. I really think sometimes a chatroom would help some of us out,don't you all think? I have no idea what might be involved in setting one up here,or if I may be the only one seeing this as a helpful tool! What do you all think? Rob robroy3300@yahoo.com
  13. Thanks for your response! After studying the plans,I think it might be a bit easyer-the belle that is,due to that very sharp angle you have to reproduce! I also think it might even be a stronger construction-the bass bin that is. But with just a regular home tablesaw and ordinary woodworking tools,that angle I hear is a bear! Rob
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