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  1. My original Post was from 2008, but I never ended up doing the mod. I moved into a different house and I like the way they sound now.
  2. They do have Large coasters under them, she learned her lesson the first time a candle melted onto carpet.
  3. With Grills on so they are protected from destruction little hands.
  4. Cable management is coming in time.
  5. I know I need a little cable management, just have not gotten time to take care of it.
  6. I finally have some pics to post of my humble system. I have read alot on this forum over the last 5 years or so, but within my life I can't apply everything I have learned due to children and WAF, but any way here we go.
  7. It is just on the inputs of the amp. Directly on top of the rca inputs. The avr adjusted so that all channels are probably set.
  8. I don't think there is a way to turn off the fronts on my avr. Good idea i will have to remember that for future reference.
  9. I have never the heard kg's but I would think they may be a little harsher than the RF-5's. To me I still have the same problem with the highs I guess my ears are sensitive to them. Eventually I hope to get the crossover rebuild, I may do it or just have deang do them since he is who has the experience. I bought them without listening to them but i still love them. They have everything I want in a speaker. My dad runs NHT speakers powered by carver 705 amp it sound really good but I wanted that live sound and I got it with the RF-7's. I haven't had any issues with the shut down using the adcom and probably won't. I looked at getting a marantz but because of funds I ended up with my hk which also does well I just wanted more headroom than what the avr provided. I have also read that the mic from the marantz should not be to far off axis because it will throw off the reading.I have not had a chance to really push the a500x, I got to about 50 watts on the meters and backed down. It just got a little warm. But my hk still continues to run hotter than the a500x when the hk just acts as a preamp. I don't know why this is, I guess it is just the way it is built.
  10. Well for a while now I have been looking for an amp to augment my avr. I found one A Carver a500x. Bass improved mainly, but I think the highs stayed just about the same and for the mid it is a little louder not much. I just notice certain things I have not noticed there before. Got a good price for it I believe. Love the look, for some reason I like amps with meters. I have a few questions. Is it ok to turn off the amp with my adcom ace 515 power conditioner? Were should I adjust the the inputs on the amp itself? This amp has adjustments, right now I have them all the way up, i haven't noticed any problems with having it this way.
  11. Ray you should place this ad in the garage sale section in the forum.
  12. What is the 1 ohm resistor for? Or better yet, were does it go? Never mind I found out why and were it goes http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/60039/588208.aspx. Sorry about that.
  13. I have read a lot of threads about adding a mills 10 ohm 12 watt resistor to the existing 2 ohm resistor on the high freq board. Will this change help the highs the best? Or is there more that needs to be done? Do I just solder the 2 ends to or near the already existing 2 ohm resistor ends? Is it done the same way on the RC-7 and RF-7? I want to be sure before I try this. I think if I add the resistor I will be happier and probably would not to do the extensive crossover as some of you have done. Just want to make sure I do it right. I know that deang has done crossover mods for many. But as I have read he is not currently doing them at this time. Is there anyone else on this forum the does something similar to what deang does? This sounds pretty easy I think I can tackle it with out any adverse reaction. I am new at crossovers and electrical components dealing with home theater so please bear with me if I ask a question about something that is common knowledge to many of you guru's out there.
  14. johnyholiday that is perfect thank you. I have alot of reading to do
  15. I like the way you did that. I was reading that another way is to just get rolls of insulation stack them on top of each other. Then cover in fabric of our own choosing. But I though that it would not look very professional. But I think the way yours is would look great and also help the highs out allot.
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