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  1. The tonearm is a JMW 10 (not 10.5), the same tonearm I have on my VPI Aries. It is a very nice, and highly adjustable, arm. The platter is from a TNT V, half delrin and half stainless steel, no lead. It is considered by many to be the best platter that VPI has made, even over the Super Platter. If I were local, I would be tempted to pick it up for the platter, spare motor and tonearm for my Aries (the TNT is too big for my shelf). Just saying, this is a great deal for someone looking to upgrade their turntable.
  2. It was legit. Echo Audio is a brick and mortar shop in Portland. I have bought a couple of components from them, over the years, and have visited the few times I've found myself in Oregon. They are great to deal with, usually very fairly priced, and know how to pack. I saw the ad when the NBS was still available, and briefly considered it. Alas, I need another preamp like I need another amp, or another pair of speakers.
  3. I just came across these. Pretty rough, but the price is right. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/ele/d/klipsch-rf-7-tower-speakers/6354135363.html
  4. They have been on there for about three weeks. The components are listed separately as well; MC2500 for $5000 & MR80 for $1200. C33 appears to be sold.
  5. PM sent, with intent....and paid!
  6. A very nice match with Klipsch. I used mine with Heresys, Chorus IIs and Cornwalls, all with great success. I traded mine for a McIntosh M74 tuner, and sometimes wonder why. A wonderful sounding receiver, and looks great in the walnut cabinet.
  7. The Lehmann Black Cube is definitely worth looking at. I have the original version, but the SE version, with upgraded power supply, is supposed to be much better, and is within your price range on the used market. I've used mine with a Shure V15 III and Denon DL160 MM cartridges, as well as a 0.24 mV output ZYX Airy 3 MC cartridge. It has sounded excellent with everything I've thrown at it.
  8. Great deal for somebody local. Good luck with the sale!
  9. I apologize, and am not sure what happened. Both PMs came to my email <gmccaughey@gmail.com>, and I replied from there. I will try again via Klipsch PM momentarily. Edit: All PMs replied to. Sorry everyone, I neglected to read the part in my email about not responding directly, and having to click the link to respond via PM. In the interest of full disclosure, I was celebrating my wife's birthday last night, and might've had a couple of drinks before getting online.
  10. No way! Are people in Southern California stupid? Have you put this on CL? They should be gone in a snap. Ha! I guess they just have different priorities. I am still optimistic that these will sell here, or at AK. Craigslist will be my last resort.
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