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  1. Dan you could be right, think I'll try a different outlet and see what happens. Hmmm, but if I switch outlets I'll lose out on the popcorn....quite a predicament.
  2. Every now and then over the course of a day I hear my speakers make a fairly loud pop noise when they aren't even being used. I reconnected everything and it still does it once and a while. When it does it while I'm reading it scares the $hit outa me. What's up wit dat?
  3. hehe, yeah they usually can't tell if you opened it up unless you post the question on their web site
  4. I have an Encino Voyager and it works pretty well. The anti-skip for mp3 cds is really good (60 second) but normal audio cds isn't great (5 seconds). That doesn't really bother me though since I'm using mp3 cds 90% of the time. They sell for around $200 Canadian which is a pretty good deal.
  5. You have the 4.1 and 4.2 mixed up. The 4.2 is available in Canada and the 4.1 isn't.... yet
  6. They wouldn't HAVE to give everyone a new preamp but everyone would expect to get one (as long as they whine and complain on the board). Spend the $50 and get the new preamp, or send back your entire speaker system.
  7. heheh, the platinum also comes with a fairly phat price tag, I have a soundblaster Live Value and think it's the best bang for the buck, it's half the price of the Gamer/MP3 cards and is the same thing minus gold plated connectors and games you can borrow from friends.
  8. how much did kqew pay you to say that? If they give him a new preamp then they have to give everyone a new preamp, something tells me that just ain't gonna happen....you need to be run over with the logical steamroller. Amy please cut this topic off
  9. Well I've worked CSR at a company that wouldn't do cross border shipping because it increases costs by a fair amount. If you email Klipsh they might be able to work something out with you but it will cost you some extra $$ to ship compared to waiting and getting them from a retail dealer. I'm Canadian myself and I feel yer pain....so I got the 4.2's, BAM!
  10. bahahhahah, Forever in Blue Jeans, that song rocks! ...almost as good as Song Sung Blue =)
  11. This is the way my sub is set up in the corner of my room under my desk. It seems to sound pretty good this this. I've heard people say they get better bass if it's turned around with wires facing out but that just looks damn bad!
  12. scoggy

    nvidia drivers

    Anyone out there experimenting with nvidia reference drivers. There are so many leaked ones. I don't know which one is best (I have a ASUS TNT2 ultra card). At the moment I'm using the official 6.31 ones. They don't come with a capture driver though which kinda sux. The Asus drivers have the capture driver but not the graphics performance of nvidia. Are there any nvidia drivers that have a capture driver included or would I have to use the Asus reference driver to get that option? thank you come again
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