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  1. Thanks. New owner is very happy and so is my wife.
  2. Bump.That holiday cash must be burning a hole in your pocket!! $250 pickup though a meet might work.
  3. and I'll give anyone here a couple of weeks to audition and refund your purchase price if not happy.
  4. bump. I'm listening to reasonable offers but pickup only.
  5. Thanks everyone for the responses. I should add that my listening room is rectangular and about 180 square feet. Our chairs are about 6 feet from the fronts. I looked at the center and there is no info on the speaker itself and I found an email from the guy who sold it to me (HT installer) several years ago and he listed it as MC. It sits underneath the TV on the stand and that works well. At this point, I will probably get the new fronts and see how it integrates with the new speakers, However, nothing is going to happen until I move some gear unless I can find some $$ to cover the new speakers. I should add that my BR player is an oppo 103.
  6. thank you. This is helpful. As I said, my sub provides plenty of bass so not a real issue.
  7. had not really considered changing the center channel. I bought the MC from an installer and it sounds good to my tired ears. What would match the Klipsch? Height and width are issues with my space. I don't think I can go any higher than 3 feet but maybe. Is there a noticeable sonic difference between the 2 speakers ? Bass not that important as the Carver supplies plenty.
  8. I don't have much space and the paradigms 11 v2 which I'm using and like have received a severe downgrade in the WAF category so looking at these as these were oked by her. Anyone use these for this purpose? My current HT setup is: HT-Pioneer SC-65 Elite AVR, Carver true signature sub. Paradigms fronts, Sonance in ceiling for speakers 4-7. Samsung 8500 51'' plasma HDTV.Audioquest sub cable and Audioquests for fronts. Center channel-MC Appreciate your thoughts!
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