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  1. Thank you both very much for the replies. ------------------ ogAkira
  2. Hi all, Been gone a while but came to share this WTC Tribute me and a buddy made. Even though the events happend a few months ago, we will never forget. WTC "Heroes Salute ------------------ ogAkira
  3. Put it diz way...it should have the new preamps with headphone jacks------------------ ogAkira This message has been edited by ogAkira on 07-09-2001 at 07:22 PM
  4. Well me being a graphic designer and familiar with several photo minipulation programs and their capabilities, think that the first photo is someone's creation. First off, the displacement of the water underneath and around the plane not just behind would be quite agitated if a supersonic jet were to jet by in that fashion. Second, if someone where to capture this jet image jetting by, the image produced would be heavily blured(motion blur). Third, Pilots are prohibited to fly at that low of an altitude especially over water. Fourth, the Pilot is picking his nose. Well just my thoughts to let yall know, "Don't always believe what you see on screen." Of course I could be wrong.
  5. Thanks all. Justin, Thanx for the input on Fortunecity. I'll check'em out. I have a few of Gondor and your screensavers. I was here when you first posted them. As far as making screensavers, I made my project in Macromedia's Flash then used a third party software( Flash Jester Creator 1.2 ) to make the screensaver. There are a few out there but all fails in comparison to Creator. Super King, Screensaver Disclaimer: I nor Klipsch will not be held responsible for any damage that the screensaver may cause. BTW there is the Music Mute option through Display Settings.
  6. Thanx again All. Enjoyed makin them. Webmaster, Yes it would be great if you could host them. As you noticed, Im hosting it at Lycos free 50mb webspace. Barely enuf for the two files, and not enuf room to grow. I believe we had some wallpaper submissions in the past.
  7. The link is in my post above. ^^
  8. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it.
  9. Like some of the guys suggested in the past, some PVC pipe and duct tape will do nicely or you can check this out Here
  10. Well I believe the real reason why the images of Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System have been pulled is because, ever since The Duct Tape Mounting System gone into production, The Klipsch WB-1 custom ProMedia Wall Bracket has shown a drastic decline in sales. Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System California Branchc>
  11. Got Klipsch Screensaver? Well hea it tis...check it out.......... Poke Me
  12. Got Klipsch Screensaver? Well hea it tis...check it out.......... Poke Me
  13. Has it always been unable to read Music CD's or did the problem just arised? The only thing I can think of is download the latest drivers for your players. Good luck.
  14. Thanx for the review Crunch. I will definitely consider the XP when it comes time for me to upgrade sound cards.
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