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  1. Well I anxt here? I heard word of the decoder box from the posts and currently own a 6.3 klipsch set with the midiland ads-2000 and a hollywood+ but am wondering will the box that klipsch's is coming have dts? Any info on the box? Dolby Digital 5.1 or 5.1 And DTS? ProLogic or Prologic2 SPDIF or Optical Connectons (Can They Be Used Simultaneously If So?) Amplified Box Or Unamplfied Infared Or Radio Remote Self Or OEM Manufactured (Seems like Videologic and Midiland push same prod's) Will it be hoookable to a klipsch setup like mine? Bass management? Type of connectors, mini-jack, G9? Gosh, I'm just so dang curious? Its like the 5.1 deal, everybody is just yanking your chain, oh, your so cruel klipsch, but I love my klipsch. - Ric
  2. Easily Greg Harrisons "Groove". Industrial rave story from sundance film festival. Awesome dvd rendition, killer film, and not only did it kick the hell out of my front sub but it knocked the **** out of my rear sub to. All noting, using my ads-2000 with the spdif coax from my hollywood+ in dolby digital 5.1 ac3 mode. Just ripped on the matrix. It must be. It must be.
  3. Well heres my question, from what I hear sound quality degrades with cord length and the only place to get "local" stereo extension cables is radio shack, all they carry however is a 20ft headphone extension cord which is about 10 or more feet more than I need. Plus its like 6.50. So I'm wondering if I run this 1/8 stereo extension cord from my 6.3's rear surround preamp stereo input cord will surround quality be degraded to severly? Or will it be fine?
  4. I have to agree that the 4.2's are definetly worth the money, 4x gaming, and dvd (especially) sound unbelievable when setup in the right manner with the 4.2's. I own a 6.3 setup and must say I've never been happier.
  5. April Fools. God, I tell you how many times I got april fooled today it was pittiful, so I had to see if I could get somebody. But yeah, the klipsch 5.1 is the 4.1's with the 2.1 center, and boy, I love my klipsch 6.3's. The 2.1 center is so worth the dough, and besides from what I hear, the digi dts has a weak center. Overall every ht fan is cool in my opinon. Happy April fools everyone. KLIPSCH OWNERS RULE!!! THEY CAN TAKE OUR LAND BUT THEY CANT TAKE OUR SPEAKERS!!! ----unlesss of course you get repoed.
  6. Honestly, is this a decent setup? And should I replace the midiland ads-2000, I really love it, but here dts is pushing up the world of audio? Is it possible to use something like the yamaha tss-1 dts decoder or one of the jazz dts decoders with a klipsch 6.3 - 5.1 channel setup like this. Any advice or comments are welcomed. Currently this is my junior PCHT setup: 3 Sets Of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speakers (Center/Sub, Front/Sub, Rear/Sub) Midiland ADS-2000 Hollywood+ Mpeg-2 Decoder Philips Acoustic Edge Pioner 16x 105s Slot Load Dvd Drive Note: I had to have 4.1 gaming, 5.1 just didn't sound right, thats why I didn't buy a real home theater receiver. Sincerely, Mr.Got Money To Spend Heard All The Waste Of Dough Remarks, But Ay, Constructive Comments Always Help.
  7. Also worth noting ult, 4x downmixing is horrible in some movies no matter what. Even in the small environment, I found I went crazy without a pair of 2.1's on the center (way worth it). My 6.3 rocks the house beyond breakage. If I were you I'd save the dough, on receiver, heck, I heard of some people round the board selling used ads-2000's for like 75.00, buy one of those, and used the extra dough on a ebay 2.1 or mysimoned pricewatched 2.1. It's way worth it if your dvd hollywood+ philin. I went that route and was never happier.
  8. Ult I had the same prob for a long time and realized one thing, just get the ads-2000. I got mine new and shipped for 95.00 total. It's amazing. The remote kicks but, and if your doing the promedia deal, than why use the ads-3000 which is essentialy the same with rca jacks that you have to convert to mini-jacks when the ads-2000 has mini-jack connectors. The ads-2000 is great, cheap, and can be replaced (upgraded) easily at little cost if a "good" dts decoder comes out. I tried a jazz decoder once over at the campus and the 4 channel was horrible. If I were you i'd spend the 105.00 get ads-2000, buy two y-cables to get analog 4 channel from your soundcard and still be connected to the ads-2000 without switchin. Also if you don't have it fork the 25.00 for the real magic remote control, it kicks arse. The LFE I connected with a mono y and the difference is hardly noticable. The stereo center (uncommon) on the ads-2000 is awesome and the lfe/sub type channeling from your fronts and center easily replaces your lost lfe and then some. Save some cash, and wait for a "good" dts decoder or new decoder format in a year, thats what I'm doing, and can tell you, the battle over 5.1 and 4x gaming is easily solved with y's and the ads-2000.
  9. Well I'm still stuck with this unopened extra acoustic edge. I own two already (one in each of my systems) and don't need a spare so I'm kicking my price from 85 to 80 to 75 USD firm. If anybodys "seriously" interested its packed, weighed, still sealed, and ready for shipment upon payment. Let me know if your interested. skaplaya@hotmail.com One last note, I like the live 5.1 alot too, I owned it before, the only negs were the cruddy wannabe spdif digital outs, lousy driver updating, and analog hiss. Otherwise it was good card, excellent at EAX. But as for quake3 with the edge, it is amazing. Course maybe thats cause I'm running a 6.3 promedia setup.
  10. Well heres my opinion. I own a klipsch 6.3 speaker - 5.1 channel - midiland ads-2000 digital setup and I'll tell you for the most part, it's really nice. Where as its kind of faint for most dvd's when 4.0 gaming, really gets rid of the sweet spot and makes a difference. I like the effect of 2 2.1's compared to my buddys 4.1's. Where as I guess the 4.1's get a few more watts per sattelite, I couldn't notice a difference. My only really con, getting up to turn up or down the surround. I love it none the less though. And for dvd or games, goodbye sweet spot, hole floor and chair a shakin. It's definetely worth it for games, but for dvd's a 4.1 might be just as good.
  11. Well I'm stumped. My PCHT is coming along nicely now. But I'm stuck on figuring which monitor to get, I'm preety much set on the following: SGI 1600SW 17.3 Widescreen Flat Panel LCD With Digital Connections = 1500.00 USD or Sony GDM-FW900 22.5 Widescreen Flat CRT With BNC Connections = 1900.00 USD What do you guys recommend, any experience? My Current Setup Is A Follows: Old POS Case Old POS 333 Board w/128 Ram & Riva TNT2 M64 Midiland ADS-2000 Digital Decoder Pioneer 16x DVD 105s Slot Drive Creative 8x4x32 CDRW Blaster Drive 3 Sets Of Klipsch 2.1's (Center, Front, Rear) Sigma Designs Hollywood+ Mpeg-2 Decoder Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card Real Magic Remote Control Intellimouse Optical I plan to finish my pcht by getting: Coolermaster ATC-201 Case = 250.00 Hauppage HDTV Tuner Card = 400.00 IBM 75GXP 75GB Hard Drive = 275.00 Athlon 1.33 Ghz Motherboard = 150.00 Athlon 1.33 Ghz Processor = 230.00 512 Mb DDR 266 Mhz Ram = 450.00 Geforce2 Or 3 = 250.00-450.00 PS: And yes I've heard every waste of money comment in the world. As I said, I live at home, computer science major, so my computer is always a plus, and I have 2 1/2 year old niece running around all day so a big screen tv just aint working. Peace to you all.
  12. As for the 16x pioneer its nice. But like the tray it revs like a 56 t-bird. I would try something like one of the toshiba or aopen models. Much quieter. The slot load is nice, great if you have shaky hands like me. But other wise, hella loud, good though. No buffer lapse at all. As for the 5.1 channel deal. I know the deal. I know its only 6.3 speakers and 5.1 channels, its just it makes it confusing to convey the design if you say 5.1 for a 6.3 - 5.1 setup. As for the money deal, its upgradeable cheaply with time. Computer receivers at about 100.00 are far cheaper than "most" good receivers and will do 4x gaming real well. Thus thats one of the main reasons, others is the space deal. Well it works
  13. Yep, I got the one out of the two 2.1's in my oredered 4.2 set today, and with my center channel 2.1's its a 4.2 till tommorow when it'll be 6.2. For games (ex:q3 arena) must admit, beyond awesome, how shaking, earth quaking, pure pure heaven. The 4x was awesome for gaming, but damn if I am anxed waiting for philips to release 4 channel spdif mixin. For dvd: ok but no cigar, the lack of the center channel at the moment hearing 4.2 is good but feels dizzying with no center vocal orientation, like surrounded, but only in corners. Overall more than worth the dough spent. With my rb-1's and pro's I am beyond content. So far my current setup: Klipsch 2.1 (Front) Klipsch 2.1 (Rears) Klipsch 2.1 (Center - Tommorow FedEx) Midiland ADS-2000 Digital Receiver 16x Pioneer 105s dvd slot load drive Hollywood+ Em8300 Mpeg-2 Decoder Real Magic HW+ Remote Control Philips Acoustic Edge
  14. This is simply a list to show whats available, theres a lot more, but these in most cases are the major players for those willing to spend the dough for PCHT, hope this helps. Its not everything of course because that would take to long to right and compare, but its a good assortment. Home Theater Sound Cards Available: Philips Acoustic Edge (5.1) Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (5.1) Hercules Game Theater XP (5.1) Audiophile 24/96 - Studio Sound Blaster Live Audigy (5.1) Sound Blaser Live (5.1) Mpeg-2 (DVD) Decoders: Ravisent Cinemaster - Decent Function Creative Labs DXR3 - Package Deals Common Sigma Designs Hollywood+ - Excellent Audio Dolby 5.1 Decoders (Non-Receivers): Midiland ADS-2000 (May Be Purchased Alone) Midiland ADS-3000 (Must Puchase ML S4 7100+) Dolby 5.1 & Dts Decoders: Jazz Hipster DE-005 (Not In US) Jazz Hipster DE-006 (Not In US) Yamaha TSS-1 (With Yamaha TSS-1 5.1 Set) Home Theater Monitors: Sony G500 - 21" Flat CRT FD Trinitron Mitsubish DT 2060U - 22" Flat CRT Sony GDM-FW900 - 24" Widescreen Flat CRT SGI 1400SW 17.3" Widescreen LCD Flat Panel Major Software Mpeg-2 Decoders: Intervideo WinDVD (multichannel ver.) Cyberlink PowerDVD (6 Channel ver.) PCHT Accesories: SB Live 5.1 Live Drive w/Remote Live 5.1 Digital Output Bracket Real Magic Remote Control Hoontech Live 5.1 Signal Amps Major DVD Drives: Creative 12x Encore - Good Memory Buffer Pioneer 16x 105s - Nice Slot Load but Loud AOpen 16x DVD - Cheap And Workable Major TV Tuner Cards: All In Wonder TV (Simple Enough) Hauppage Wintv-HD (Costly, But Oh The Joy) Hauppage Wintv-PVR (Video Recording) Major Graphics Cards: Nvidia Geforce2 Ultra - Costly Nvidia Geforce2 GTS/Pro - Decent Nvidia Geforce3 - Soon To Be Released ATI Radeon - Ok, But No Show Horse Matrox Millineum GT450 - Dual Out TV Dealy Other Options: HT Receivers (Cons - No Real Analogs, Sometimes G9's, No Real 4-Speaker Gaming) Various Manufacturer/Review Sites And Audio Sites: 3dsoundsurge.com - Major Audio Updates Neoseeker.com - Major Reviews Maximumpc.com - Magazine/Reviews Zdnet.com - Various Reviews Cnet.com - Various Reviews Firingsquad.com - Reviews Gamespot.com - Reviews Soundcardcentral.com - General Audio 3dfiles.com - Various 3d Stuff Nvidia.com - Graphics Cards Sonystyle.com - Widescreen CRT's Midiland.com - Decoders SGI.com - High End Graphics Sigmadesigns.com - Decoders Philipsusa.com - S-Cards soundblaster.com - S-Cards Turtlebeach.com - S-Cards
  15. A lot of people don't like it. Personally however I think the ads-2000 is friggin awesome. Its main neg is the one digital input at a time deal, but its is easy to switch the hollywood+ and acoustic edge if thats what your doing. Personally I recommend running two stereo adapters from the ads-2000 front/surround outs and the rear/surround outs with the acoustic edge or live 5.1 analog outs to get original style 4 speaker out and digital 5.1 style. The remote kicks and where as it ain't as flashy as a receiver for the price, I wouldn't part with it, at least till solo dts thx school decoders are more advanced. Good to hear you joined the club. On a last note, I have a two year old niece, faboulous with crayons and markers, and a dinky little living room that I call mine with an oversized fireplace and little room to maneuver when living with the folks on a college budget, thus as for the true ht and budgeting deal, a big arse tv is a giant whiteboard for kinds, and with the nice pcht deal, its a tv, radio, gaming system, school workstation, and the whole nine yards consolidated into one concentrated unit. Easily locked up in a cabinet. As for the receiver hooks and such, 5.1 is laggin in the game depts and a receiver where as it will do true 5.1 all the time well, doesn't do the whole 4 speaker eax deal well. So thats the nine yards. On another note again, the ads-2000 rocks. I just wish the acoustic edge did more than 2 speaker spdif coax output at a time, but heck, maybe its in the works. Sound is great, and definetely better in my opinion that software without the lag. So magnum do you have a hw+ em8300 or such too? If so let me know. I'm trying to find people with similar setup and interests. Its all good. Dang though if I could ever sell this extra acoustic edge card I have. Still sealed and everything, but everybody wants to fork the full at the store or something. And I just don't trust ebay these days. Dang capitalists. Well peace out. Ric
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