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  1. Dude, If you want to see some Bad.. Assed... Bugs, go on mt Facebook page and look up Damon Harmon, that's Kevin Harmons little brother and he has two Super Stock VW Beetles, think 9.13 in the quarter naturally aspirated and rowing gears !!! Rog
  2. With that custom polished stainless exhaust he bent up for me, she's loud as hell. He sold custom exhausts for the V-Max but mine is only one of two systems he did in thin wall polished stainless, just for me... Rog
  3. Carl, Did that guy get in touch with you last night ? His Majesty would like to SNIFF YOU... Rog
  4. 2 inches, hit both keys in the dark. I need a lighted key board !
  5. I had downloaded all my pics of when she was at Jon Cornels shop onto the VMOA Technical sight but I can't remember my password and don't even know if the sight still exists. Jon Cornel who did my bike died of lung cancer. I will ask his wife if she still has any. The bike is out sitting in my kids play house and needs fininshed. zero miles since I had all the work done and just sits since my buddy died. Rog
  6. I have a 1995 Yamaha V-Max with over $27,000 in modifications. Performance wise she has 39mm Kehin Flat slide race carbs and an aftermarket intake manifold with chrome velocity stacks, a 50 HP shot of direct port nitrous, an air shifter, an aftermarket ignition box with retard for the nitrous, aftermarket hotter coils, 8.5 mm MSD wires, aftermarket polished stainless UFO 4 into two headers and mufflers, worked tranny, an air shifter, a 3 inch over braced and chromed rear swing arm, Billet Aluminum rims with a 200 rear tire, shocks and springs are lowered 23 inches, seat is lowered 1.5 inches, she has R-1 Front chromed billet brake calipers and EBC brake pads at all 3 locations, rear brake rotor has been enlarged to same size as the front two. Custom Rotors all around, and a $500 steering assist adjustable shock. Front forks have aftermarket springs and gold emulators and has aftermarket shorter rear shocks as well.
  7. Two KP-600 Mid Sections, two KP--600 high frequency sections and a single KPT=1802.... A LOT of Awesome Rogelio in that room !!! Roger
  8. No disrespect Glenn, but I want to see that sweet lady you are married too!! Give her a hug for us... Rog
  9. Thanks dude ! I have a couple of modern barrel tuners on some of my guns. Several manufacturers are producing them and this info has been lost to time and I want it to become common knowledge! Look up E.C. Tuner under Erick Cortina on YouTube. Roger
  10. Thanks Moray.. Looking for all three but especially the one for the barrel tuner. Rog
  11. Hey Jim, Could you please post copies of Paul's three patents on firearms please ? Roger Gordon
  12. Trav, Suggest including a copy of one of the three interviews Kevin did with Paul with every book purchased Rog
  13. In this case, ABSOLUTELY !!! LaScala play down to about 55 HZ. but the Bass Bin is two short so LaScala don't even act as a horm until 100 Hz. and above. The TSCM Bass bin plays flat down to 35 Hz. Rog
  14. No, they are actual corners built into the Bass Bin. Rog
  15. No, they are Klipsch TSCM or Klipsch Pro Klipschorn Bass Bins. TSCM stands for Theatre Stage Corner Monitors and they ARE Klipschorn Bass Bins with the backs, tops and bottoms of the Klipschorn are completed out of 3/4 inch plywood. The TSCM bass bin plays down to 35 Hz and earlier ones have K-33E square magnet woofers rated at 100 watts RMS where as later ones have a K-44E that was only used in the TSCM bass bin and is rated at 269 watts RMS. On a small theatre, they would use Three LaScala and two TSCM Bass Bins, in a midsize Theatre, they would use three TSCM's and might also use two more TSCM Bass Bins or two MWM double bass bins and on large theatres, they would use three MCM-1900 3-way and later the used three MCM-1900 4-way speaker systems plus an extra two MWM Bass Bins. The TSCM also has it's own TSCM only top hat that is completely different as well. I used to own five TSCM top hats and eleven TSCM Bass Bins. I now own seven complete TSCM speakers.
  16. In phase yes, Carl, but still time lagged and cannot be corrected. Therefore any time there is a tonal change, it will have milli seconds of smear of the last note as the second wave exits the horn. Is this noticeable? For most, I would say the brain corrects for this but I am certain you would notice it in an A/B comparison with a true horn sub just like your brain corrects for time misalignment and you don't notice it until you A/B with time alignment. That big a deal, probably not but I think we all strive for the closest to perfection that we can achieve. This is for someone with plenty of extra space... Rog
  17. You are 100% correct on this and this is the reason I do NOT like Tapped Horns.... Tapped Horns are more efficient but the wave from the back side of the driver exits almost immediately, while the waves from the front of the driver exit the horns mouth milliseconds later. This is 100% distortion and it cannot be time corrected because of the two separate wave fronts. An F-20 is a true Horn Sub and Can be time corrected to match with the lower frequencies individually time delayed to match and is a much preferable solution in my opinion. Roger
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    No breasts either!
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