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  1. Lol, I have two old F150's. We can race and put one in each truck!
  2. Ok, someone please purchase these so I don't have to drive to AZ from WI. This is A LOT of speaker for the money, thanks for listing here first. Jeff
  3. These are all sold. Thank you, forum members. Jeff
  4. Hi Roger, I'll send you a PM. My apologies, this is $289 for a pair. Thank you for your interest. Jeff
  5. Bump on these. For those not familiar with why I'm asking $100 more than normal K55V's, check out this Dope From Hope article from PWK: http://assets.klipsch.com/files/Dope_800430_v19n1.pdf?_ga=2.103696841.876860094.1581955272-1339087747.1565577841 Many of the differences in driver variations are perceived, but not always measurable. Here is a case with the dual phase plug K55 where the difference is perceived AND measurable. Yeah, they're that nice on the ears...
  6. No affiliation. This is a really nice deal for someone looking for small footprint, big sound, Klipsch speakers. For those not familiar, the KLF lineup was plagued with some cabinet vibration issues that didn't seem to arise until after these speakers were several years old. It sounds like a previous owner took the time to make sure every correction was made before re-securing the back panel. I imagine it probably took a long day, or two partial days to get this work done. Based just on the labor alone, this is a great price. Throw in the phenomenal cabinet condition, and this is a no-brainer. Someone snag these! Gosh, does my love for the KLF 20 and 30 come through loud enough, lol! Jeff
  7. Thank you, Wuzzer, I appreciate the kind words. Two pair are left!
  8. I have 2 pair of K55V solder terminal drivers available for sale. All are matched pairs, tested with speakers, as well as DCR tested. $289 shipped. Payment via friends and family paypal only. Photos available for sincerely interested parties. Please message me if interested. Thank you. Jeff
  9. Your post has been out for 1 day, I'm sure someone else will have something to offer. Yeah, I miss $800 Klipschorns and $100 Heresys, too. Take a look around, $255 for a pair of woofers and networks shipped to MONTANA isn't close to eBay pricing. Jeff
  10. There's sure a lot of nice gear in that collection. It'd be some work to go through each piece properly, but worth it for someone who has the time.
  11. I have a nice L52 with panlocs I would sell. It's the same size as an L12, but with with round feet, not wedge feet. $270 plus shipping from 53528. Jeff
  12. Jim, Flanner's in the Milwaukee area used to offer this service, but I'm not sure if they still do. There was an "upgrade" kit you could purchase from Klipsch to bring your Heritage speaker networks and wiring up to par with what was currently being sold. When I used to work at American TV in the late 1990's, they too, sold the upgrade kits, but didn't do the installation. I hope this helps a bit. Jeff
  13. I really appreciate the compliment, Joe. I wish I could compare this one to something else, but honestly, I just don't have a ton of experience with tube amps. I can say that what really blew me away the first time I heard this Cantabile is how much headroom it has and how upfront the bass was on my Klipschorns. If you are able to sell an amp and have further interest, don't hesitate to reach out. Jeff
  14. Peter, you made me spit my cereal out this morning! I know we can't lean on a Stereophile review too heavily, but this amp is truly a brick shi*house. Their comments about build quality are spot on. It's not fussy, either, which I like. I still use solid state stuff because of its "plug n play" characteristics, but I've had this tube amp for about 15 years and have enjoyed the hell out of it.
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