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  1. $412 shipped to the lower 48. Payment via PayPal, please. No trades, no offers, this is the price. Thanks. Jeff
  2. You're in good hands with Dean. As an added bonus, if you ever sell the speakers, folks in the know will appreciate knowing Dean had a hand in updating the speakers. Jeff
  3. How much for the used one to 53560?
  4. Boxes are ordered from McIntosh for both pieces. Before these go on Audiogon and eBay, if anyone is interested in having them shipped, PM me. I'll eat the price of the boxes, so pricing would be $3,800 plus shipping to your zip. I imagine folks may ask for shipping quotes, but I won't be able to provide any until the boxes arrive. I've been able to ship other Mac gear for around $80-150 per item with FedEx or UPS from my zip in 53560. If you're here in the midwest, let's use SpeeDee Delivery...they'll likely be half of the other major carriers. Jeff
  5. I posted these this spring and thought I'd give the forum one more shot before listing on eBay and strapping them to pallets for shipping... Anybody looking to piss off their neighbors? $6,500 for the pair, located in Wisconsin, 53560. Pickup only, no trades, firm on price. I bought this pair of Orbit Shifters from the original owner in January. They're the most insane subwoofers I've ever owned and are pure overkill for my system. These currently sell for about $8,500 for the pair, plus tax. They almost never come up for sale on the secondary market, and when they do, they've typically been used in professional club settings (their designed use). RARELY does a pair used for home use only come on the market. For those unfamiliar, please search the forum here, or plug them into the Google machine for reviews, etc. Thanks.
  6. I posted these earlier in summer, but thought I'd give it one more shot here on the forum before purchasing boxes and likely sending these overseas. For sale is a beautiful MC2205 & C32 combo. Please see the attached link for a demo, close-ups, and additional information. https://youtu.be/CbcSV2nLVUg No trades, pickup in Mazomanie, WI 53560, firm on price. If you insist on shipping these, the buyer is welcome to have McIntosh send me boxes, and pre-pay & email shipping labels.
  7. I haven't been on the forum lately, but saw this post and wanted to bump it. I saw Aaron's Klipschorns earlier this year and can vouch for their condition. They're absolutely stunning...the woodgrain on these looks ridiculously cool. Jeff
  8. An enthusiast gets a pair of JUBILEES and we still figure out a way to bicker... This board has baffled me for over 20 years. Jeff
  9. Great question. I'm positive someone will chime in with a more technical answer, but I've always thought of it as a gradual loudness button.
  10. Hi gang, my original post says firm on price. That doesn't mean shipped for $3,800, that doesn't mean $3,750, etc. The gear is $3,800. Thanks for the flattering amount of early interest. Jeff
  11. That made me laugh. Thanks for the kind words, John. Hopefully I can find a good home for these two pieces.
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