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  1. I've hit the $1,000 threshold two other times with Heresy 1's, just not on the forum, lol. Too often, guys chime in with comments that essentially crap on sales...things like prices being too close to Heresy III prices and displaying eBay sales with other forum members laughing at the price. Once again, THIS is why this forum is so incredibly annoying. Buy or don't buy, but everyone is an online appraiser behind their keyboard.
  2. Hi Bill, thank you for the kind words. It'd be a shame to part these, so I hope someone else feels these are the pinnacle of first generation Heresys and keeps them whole. We'll see what happens...
  3. I'm not usually into the K77 sounds better or worse than the K77M discussion, but like you, the soldered terminal K55V is phenomenal. Thanks for the message, Wuzzer, good to hear from you.
  4. I hear ya, but I'd certainly rather keep them whole. Hopefully there's a guy out there putting together a vintage system and wants what many say are the sweetest sounding version of the Heresy made. We'll see...
  5. I tried this years ago and my post lasted about a day before I got frustrated with the responses and just parted the speakers out. But, let's see if things are different this time around. I have a pair of 1981 HWO Heresys with angle risers and the most sought after version of the K55V; the soldered terminal, dual phase plug version. Theoretically, these should be the smoothest sounding Heresys from the golden age of Klipsch. They're $1,000. I'll give them a couple weeks, and if they don't sell, I'll part 'em out. Even after eBay fees, I'll do better than my asking price parting them out. These are pickup only in 53560, just West of Madison, WI. Again, if I have to box these up, I'll just part them out. I've done nothing with these speakers except let them sit in a spare room. No stains, but a few chips...still living room worthy. These would look gorgeous oiled up with 0000 steel wool...once a day for a week, once a week for a month, and once a month for a year. Lol, I think HornEd shared that trick with me, and it WORKS. Those who have worked with me before know I'm a pretty reasonable guy. My intention is not to come off harsh, but I don't have time to do math with guys who will inevitably say they're not worth the money. But, those are the same guys who get angry when speakers get parted out... Get a pair of subs with these and have a system that will rival Klipschorns. Seriously. Thanks guys. Jeff
  6. Just a quick bump. When listed, I set the price thinking "If I don't get $1,200, I'll keep them." I've had a dozen or so close offers on these without anyone out at the shop. It's not a huge reduction, but might pay for someone's fuel. I'll go $1,150 on these.
  7. No objection at all on my part, but thank you for asking. When these sell, I'll be sure to let the buyer know glass tops and a Forte center are within an hour from me! Jeff
  8. I believe all messages on these speakers are responded to. The listing includes photos of any flaws I can find, these are THAT clean and still available. Jeff
  9. This is a fantastic deal for these special drivers. For those unfamiliar, search for the Dope From Hope article on the these dual phase plug K55 drivers with soldered terminals. Jeff
  10. Thank you, I'll give Lyle a ring in case he's interested. Thank you for the kind words! Jeff
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