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  1. One last bump...$50 shipped to the lower 48 via USPS Priority Mail.
  2. 3 are sold, 1 left...
  3. Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 set - Plainfield, IL 60585

    This is a terrific deal for someone looking to get a 1st class home theater at a reasonable price!
  4. $90 via money order or PayPal friends and family for the pair, shipped to the continental U.S.
  5. Hi guys, I've been in and out of town for most of the summer and forgot I still had these two diaphragms. PM me if you need these. Thanks! Jeff
  6. Two of these are sold, two are left. Thank you for the interest, I believe all PM's are answered. Jeff
  7. Hi guys, I have a couple Klipsch K77 M drop in replacement diaphragms. This is a non solder replacement that I believe is no longer being made. I bought these from Bob Crites 10-ish years ago? I have 2 available. critesspeakers.com/klipsch_tweeters.html This is a direct replacement for the square magnet K77 M, but will work with the round magnet K77. I honestly don't even remember what I paid... I have them on eBay right now for $54.99. $90 to forum members, shipped to the lower 48. Jeff http://
  8. Hey guys, After 42 years, the power switch on my McIntosh MC 2105 has failed. Luckily, it's failed in the "On" position. I can send this switch out for rebuild, but before doing that, I thought I'd see if anyone has one for sale. I checked with Terry DeWick already. Have a super day. Jeff
  9. I have my eye on another pair of speakers and moving these subs would help expedite that process. I've reduced the price to $1,800 on this documented, one owner, well cared for system. Please see my eBay ad for additional photos. If you're interested in these, I'm getting incredibly reasonable shipping quotes via FedEx Ground. Jeff http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-THX-ULTRA-2-SUBWOOFERS-amp-MATCHING-AMP-TWO-KW-120-amp-1-KA-1000-AMPLIFIER-/192202712034?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  10. I just quoted shipping to Texas at just under $200. Lots of interest, but no cash in hand. Someone out there must be in the market for a couple house shaking, yet accurate, subwoofers. Have a great day, guys. Jeff
  11. Alright, here's what I'm going to try: I bought the Marantz NA 7004 here on the forum and I'm purchasing a Chromecast Audio unit. I feel like these two pieces should get me 90% of what I'm looking for at a damn reasonable price. Please keep the conversation going, though, as I dig hearing what other guys are doing to stream music in their homes. Thank you again for all of the suggestions, I sincerely appreciate it. Jeff
  12. John, I keep learning every day. I will also check out the Grace Digital unit tonight. Looks intriguing...
  13. Bmoelle, I will do some reading about the Echo Dot. I do have a Prime account, so I will see what this little guy does. Thank you for your input. Jeff