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  1. Guys, I just took a peek at the ad. If the location is accurate, this is a daytime pickup only. This neighborhood has deteriorated rapidly over the years and you need to be aware of your surroundings. I wouldn't pass on them due to location, but i just want whoever picks them up to know this is a lock your doors neighborhood. Jeff Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  2. Sorry guys, I've been off the grid. I am uncertain if I can snag these, but i could hold them in a climate controlled garage until Thebes and get them. I'm in Tue middle of a move, so I'm just not sure if I could be the guy who picks up the speakers. PM me if the speakers need to be stored in Oak Creek, WI for a period of time. Jeff Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  3. Oak Creek WI: La Scala pair, $900

    Whoa! Thanks, Lyle, I'll inquire. Are you interested? I'm happy to pick them up for you... Honestly, I'd just use them to trade up to another pair of Klipschorns, so if you're interested, I'm happy to help.
  4. AK 5 (?) Crossovers $400.00

    What are you looking to get for these networks? Where are you located? Thanks.
  5. Walnut Klipschorns - $1500- SOLD

    This is ALWAYS the way it goes, though, right?! Have a terrific day, Lyle and good luck if you move on either pair.
  6. Walnut Klipschorns - $1500- SOLD

    @Rivernuggets , these have your name all over them. What a deal...
  7. Sold 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive sold

    No worries, I've forgotten to list prices, too. These should move pretty quickly. Jeff
  8. Sold 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive sold

    What kind of price on these, Mark?
  9. I'm getting ready for a move this summer, so the rest of my parts will be listed as I find time. Here is a pair of Heresy 12" K22-E Woofers for sale. $130 plus the ride. PM me for a shipping quote. I'll ship the woofer bolted front to front as seen in a photo. They'll be wrapped and shipped in a heavy duty 14" x 14" x 14" box. Jeff
  10. New Klipschorns Walnut $9000

    Thank you for getting the serial numbers. Fellas, I know we're not supposed to comment on price, but this is a super deal. Wow. jeff
  11. New Klipschorns Walnut $9000

    Are you able to confirm whether the serial numbers are consecutive or if these are A stock or B stock? Jeff
  12. Taking this to the top...