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  1. As I cleaned off this shelf, I see I have a pair of K22-E woofers, Type E networks, badges, a K77 diaphragm, and other odds n ends. I have some stuff listed on eBay, my handle there is tiedke . If you see something you like, PM through the board and we can work out the price for members. Jeff
  2. KB-WO Khorn pair, NJ

    It's personal preference, but the AK-2 networks are just ahead of the AK's as my least favorite. So, for me, factoring in complete network replacement, too, I'd take a pass. I respect your opinion, JMON, but I still think there are better projects out there. Jeff Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  3. For a variety of reasons, I'm selling off the last of my parts I've had in case I've needed replacements. I tried to save my favorite versions of things, like the square magnet K77-M's I have listed here. I did some research years ago and after doing an A/B comparison with a pair of Alnico K77's, I decided the M's were more my cup of tea. I hooked these up to my Heresys over the weekend and they work fine, but I've included photos of the impedence values, too. $150 plus shipping from 53154 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Jeff
  4. For sale is a pair of highly sought after K55 V soldered terminal midrange drivers. As far as variations go between drivers with the same part number, this version of the K55V is the best sounding (in my opinion) of the bunch. I can't hear the difference between the other K55's, but this one is night and day when I did an experiment with my LaScalas years ago. To me, it made as big of a difference as upgrading networks. SOLD
  5. KB-WO Khorn pair, NJ

    Personally, considering the damage and year of the speakers, I'd already take a pass...
  6. JBCODD, the feeling is mutual, sir. I always prefer to keep equipment "in the family" and I can't wait for you to start goofing around with this player. Enjoy! Jeff
  7. Lol, I just saw, too, that they attempted a delivery. I think you'll dig this unit's flexibility, I'm excited for you to try it out. Please give a shout tomorrow when it arrives. Thanks again. Jeff
  8. Lol, I've been down that road MANY times! Thanks for your interest. Jeff
  9. This unit is sold. Thank you for all the positive comments, it's going to a terrific home. Jeff
  10. Bill, I'm honestly surprised, too. Thank you for the plug, it's a neat, versatile piece of equipment. I think it's priced properly, considering its remarkable condition and original box w/ paperwork. The included Netgear wireless adapter is another $100 value. Someone needs this unit for their upcoming holiday parties! Jeff
  11. I'd like to move this unit soon, or send it to eBay. My preference is to always sell to forum members first. PM me if interested, this audio player is stunning! Jeff
  12. FEELER / INFO: 82 Original Herseys 2ea

    Does he have serial numbers? Those would help confirm the production year.
  13. Cool, thank you. I'm waaaaay out of the loop with these fancy active networks, so I wasn't 100% what the DX38 was in the items list. Anyone planning on making a drive from Washington to Wisconsin any time soon?!? Jeff
  14. What kind of networks are you using for the Jubilees? Thank you. Jeff