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  1. I've had a few inquiries on these Cornwalls, with two people asking if I am open to an offer. I have a little room on these Cornwalls, so keep in touch with a price that will make your drive worthwhile. Jeff
  2. No worries at all! If I were closer, I'd be in to assist. I'm a transplant, from the Milwaukee area originally. I will check out Madisound sometime, I am not familiar with them. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. Those Belles are pretty darn clean, too. If you have some interest, keep in touch. Depending on where you are, I could potentially meet you somewhere closer to your home. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the update on the vault. What a shame! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. I wouldn't be able to assist on this one, I'm just outside Madison, WI. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you for the heads up, Lyle. Admittedly, when I post things on the forum, it's because I'm seeking an easy sale. It's a bummer that the vaults are missing, they were brick shithouses and would've made shipping these a breeze. If any interested buyers want to seek shipping quotes and set up shipping, I am more than happy to meet a driver at my house and help load the speakers onto a pallet or into a truck. But right now, I'm unable to take care of the logistics of coordinating shipping and packing.
  7. I have a pair of Cornwalls in the Garage Sale forum. I'm about a 6.5 hour drive, so it'd be doable in one long day. Jeff
  8. I recently acquired a pair of Cornwalls that I can't use. I will consider storing them, but thought I'd offer them on the board first. Pickup in Cross Plains, WI, just west of Madison. This is a 1 owner pair of 1976 Decorator models, with consecutive serial numbers. If you're interested, but need them shipped, maybe you can inquire about the whereabouts of the Cornwall vault for shipping, at the buyer's expense. Shoot me a PM if you're interested in these, or the McIntosh MA6100 in my other thread. This would be a menacing combination that would surely piss off your neighbors. Asking $1,000/offer. Jeff
  9. Thank you for the kind words, guys. I'm home today and will take some photos of this unit. Again, posted here for pickup. If I am unable to find a new home here, I'll get a box from McIntosh and throw it on eBay. This would pair nicely with the Cornwall decorators I'm putting up for sale...how's that for a teaser, lol! Jeff
  10. I heard one once, with CDs I brought, so I knew how they sounded on my system. To say I was impressed is an understatement. I'm with Thebes, this is a great deal!
  11. I'm doing some spring cleaning and am going to part ways with my McIntosh MA6100 Integrated amp. It's 70 watts per channel and has a nice sounding preamp stage. I'll post some photos in the next couple days, but wanted to get it out there for any interested parties. I would prefer pickup in 53528 on this, but if someone wants it shipped and is willing to pay McIntosh for a box, I will ship it. The amp powers up and works, but needs to be recapped. There's a pop on startup and one channel has some static until it warms up. A local shop quoted $150 to recap, but since I'm selling, I figured I'd leave it up to the buyer in case you want this sent to your specialized repairman. Chrome is stunning, two small bubbles on the glass. The unit is clean. Two long term owners, which is what I believe kept this unit so clean. Jeff
  12. Smokin' deal for these K77's...someone should pick these up for spares! They're the only drivers somewhat at risk of blowing in our speakers and at $60 each, it's not even worth putting in new diaphragms if one does go. Jeff
  13. These are priced in a fair pricerange, but after considering shipping or pickup, I have to pass. Damn nice speakers, though. Jeff
  14. Depending on asking price and shipping logistics, I might be interested. Mahogany K-Horns would look stupid cool in our 1850's farm house! Jeff
  15. I was in the market for Jubes a few years back and this setup is a sweet deal. For someone looking to get into a speaker system for your lifetime and still have some flexibility to go with active crossovers or driver swaps, this is it. Someone please buy these before I tell Jen we have to rearrange the living room!
  16. Good Lord, will someone buy these?! There are a ton of newbies within driving distance asking about the "Heritage sound" and here's your ticket in, without ever having to lose a dime if you decide to sell down the road. So much more speaker than the Heresy for pennies more. And, sincerely, I don't have a clue who the seller is, I'm just giving my opinion. Jeff
  17. Lol, when I missed these, I thought "well, at least Brandon got 'em!" None of my buddies snagged these, but there's a guy in Brookfield who's been buying lots of Heritage, so maybe he got 'em.
  18. Someone jump on these. I had a pair of Cornwall verticals in the man cave for a year or two and thought the soundstage was incredible. If you want "big" sound, these will do it. Jeff
  19. Guys, when you wonder where so and so went, or why people don't shy around here anymore, this is why. Years ago, my thread would have been met with "for friends looking to match their '70s Klipschorns in a home theater situation, these Heresys are a perfect match" or "these speakers feature the MOST sought after Klipsch drivers and will blow your socks off..." But today, far too many members can't resist the urge to spout off, without any sort of thought behind their words. I understand that this will be met with "good riddance" or "who is that guy, anyway?", but I really feel like this thread sorta sums up the ugliest aspects to this forum. Take care- Jeff
  20. Be honest, ClaudeJ1, you weren't trying to be helpful at all. Your intent, like some of the other entitled members on this forum, was to impart your perceived value of my speakers on the rest of the membership. You felt like the forum rules didn't apply to you and without thinking about what I was actually selling, you thought you were entitled to "save" some member from paying a price for a pair of Heresys that you felt was too high, like you're a martyr or something. I suspect this sort of behavior has applied to other parts of your life over the years. 400+ posts isn't relatively new to the forum and a simple inquiry into my username would have shown that I joined nearly two decades ago. Your inability to just man up and admit your intention speaks volumes to me. Jeff
  21. Thanks for the thumbs up, Lyle. It's been terrific living out here in the driftless area, I'm only sad that I didn't leave the Milwaukee area years ago! These are gorgeous speakers, that sound like a million bucks. A few have questioned the price, but quite honestly, I could part them for $1,000, so I thought this was fair. I'll try eBay this weekend if I don't have a buyer.
  22. All PM's have been responded to and thank you for the interest. As of now, the Heresys are still available. Jeff
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