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    Unavailable...Parts Available on eBay

    Guys, when you wonder where so and so went, or why people don't shy around here anymore, this is why. Years ago, my thread would have been met with "for friends looking to match their '70s Klipschorns in a home theater situation, these Heresys are a perfect match" or "these speakers feature the MOST sought after Klipsch drivers and will blow your socks off..." But today, far too many members can't resist the urge to spout off, without any sort of thought behind their words. I understand that this will be met with "good riddance" or "who is that guy, anyway?", but I really feel like this thread sorta sums up the ugliest aspects to this forum. Take care- Jeff
  2. tidmack

    Unavailable...Parts Available on eBay

    Be honest, ClaudeJ1, you weren't trying to be helpful at all. Your intent, like some of the other entitled members on this forum, was to impart your perceived value of my speakers on the rest of the membership. You felt like the forum rules didn't apply to you and without thinking about what I was actually selling, you thought you were entitled to "save" some member from paying a price for a pair of Heresys that you felt was too high, like you're a martyr or something. I suspect this sort of behavior has applied to other parts of your life over the years. 400+ posts isn't relatively new to the forum and a simple inquiry into my username would have shown that I joined nearly two decades ago. Your inability to just man up and admit your intention speaks volumes to me. Jeff
  3. tidmack

    Unavailable...Parts Available on eBay

    Thanks for the thumbs up, Lyle. It's been terrific living out here in the driftless area, I'm only sad that I didn't leave the Milwaukee area years ago! These are gorgeous speakers, that sound like a million bucks. A few have questioned the price, but quite honestly, I could part them for $1,000, so I thought this was fair. I'll try eBay this weekend if I don't have a buyer.
  4. tidmack

    Unavailable...Parts Available on eBay

    All PM's have been responded to and thank you for the interest. As of now, the Heresys are still available. Jeff
  5. tidmack

    Sold-1976 Klipschorns

    Having owned 4 pairs of Klipschorns over the years, two vintages stand out to my ears and this pair falls into one of the categories. If anyone out there has wondered what the Klipschorn "sound" is all about, this pair checks all the boxes. I am not affiliated with the sale in any way, but if the cabinet condition is as nice as the photos, this purchase is a no brainer. Whoever purchases these, please post your thoughts! Jeff
  6. I've been faced with some tough decisions regarding which stereo gear comes with me in my upcoming move. Here is a link to a Yamaha amp I got at a rummage sale many years back. I've priced it for parts, but I'm pretty certain the amp works...it powers up and you can here the amp turn on. No funny noises or buzzing. Jeff Yamaha Amp In Milwaukee
  7. Back in the 1990s, a Milwaukee-area audiophile was making these custom tube amps with a terrific, warm sound. It's a two channel that puts out approximately 40 wpc. Nice quality German National EL34 tubes on here, too. What I've learned about myself over the years is that once I find something I like, I stick with it. So, after falling in love with my McIntosh equipment, no matter what else I tried, I've always gone back to the Mac. So, this one just doesn't get used very often and stays stored under a pillow case in a spare bedroom. It's a sad, lonley life and this guy deserves better... $650, pickup only, please. Can be picked up in Oak Creek or Cross Plains, WI. Thanks for looking!
  8. I apologize, I have to clarify a couple things with this amp. I'm in the process of moving, so right now, I don't have any equipment to audition the amp with, a buyer will have to bring their own source material and speakers. If the amp doesn't sell on the forum this week, I will post a link to its ebay listing when it goes up for auction. Have a super day, guys. Jeff
  9. tidmack

    Pioneer SX650 Reveivers Sold

    I have two Pioneer SX650 receivers I've had in a spare bedroom for 10+ years. They're box estate sale finds. I'm in the middle of moving and don't want to hassle with these on eBay, go through the process of doing a thorough test, etc. They both power up. My thought is that for $50 each, they're great parts units. If they work, that's a bonus for the buyer. Pickup in 53154, Oak Creek, WI on these, please. I'll get some photos by this weekend, but they're clean, presentable receivers. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  10. tidmack

    Pioneer SX650 Reveivers Sold

    Both receivers are still available, I'll do my best to get some photos up tonight. Jeff
  11. Hi guys, I listed my MC2105 case on eBay and there's a link to the listing below. If anyone here is interested, the price is $270 plus the ride via FedEx. For reference, I just shipped an L12 to Texas for just under $40. Thank you for looking. Jeff https://www.ebay.com/itm/192547484273
  12. tidmack

    Pioneer SX650 Reveivers Sold

    No one has been able to stop by to look at these receivers, they are still available. Jeff
  13. tidmack

    Pioneer SX650 Reveivers Sold

    Thanks, Nick. I'll be in touch later this afternoon. Jeff
  14. Guys, I just took a peek at the ad. If the location is accurate, this is a daytime pickup only. This neighborhood has deteriorated rapidly over the years and you need to be aware of your surroundings. I wouldn't pass on them due to location, but i just want whoever picks them up to know this is a lock your doors neighborhood. Jeff Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  15. Sorry guys, I've been off the grid. I am uncertain if I can snag these, but i could hold them in a climate controlled garage until Thebes and get them. I'm in Tue middle of a move, so I'm just not sure if I could be the guy who picks up the speakers. PM me if the speakers need to be stored in Oak Creek, WI for a period of time. Jeff Sent from my SM-G920R4 using Tapatalk
  16. tidmack

    Oak Creek WI: La Scala pair, $900

    Whoa! Thanks, Lyle, I'll inquire. Are you interested? I'm happy to pick them up for you... Honestly, I'd just use them to trade up to another pair of Klipschorns, so if you're interested, I'm happy to help.
  17. tidmack

    AK 5 (?) Crossovers $400.00

    What are you looking to get for these networks? Where are you located? Thanks.
  18. tidmack

    Walnut Klipschorns - $1500- SOLD

    This is ALWAYS the way it goes, though, right?! Have a terrific day, Lyle and good luck if you move on either pair.
  19. tidmack

    Walnut Klipschorns - $1500- SOLD

    @Rivernuggets , these have your name all over them. What a deal...
  20. tidmack

    Sold 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive sold

    No worries, I've forgotten to list prices, too. These should move pretty quickly. Jeff
  21. Hi all, I also have a pair of Type E networks for sale. $80 plus shipping from 53154 in Oak Creek, WI.