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  1. So I know this thread was started 4 years ago. I used to have a huge collection of DVD-A but unfortunately sold them all. I was thinking about buying them back since I still have the player (Panny DVD-RP91K), so I looked on eBay for some of my old favorites. Holy Crap! Fleetwood Mac Rumours $85, Eagles Hotel California $250! R.E.M. $110, Crowded House $40. At those prices, I think I'll maybe check back in 4 more years.
  2. Very nice. Those Reference 7 Series II look awesome. I love the copper feet on the RF-7. The room looks incredible.
  3. I will go out on a limb and say not the Vikings. [:@]
  4. So, I contacted the Klipsch Parts Department and they are fresh out of Grilles. Mine are both broken. Any ideas for alternate routes of buying these? I know lots of you guys work on speakers a lot older than my RSW-15s, so maybe there is some aftermarket way? Thanks.
  5. So I got a new 32" LCD for my workout room. Right now I have it on a little end table, but am looking for a more permanent solution. My thought is, I want to mount it on one of the metal beams in the basement. I will post pictures later, but for now I'll try to describe it. I think it is 4x4 inches and is in the shape of an I (like Roman Numeral 1). If at all possible, I'd like to be able to swivel it, because we will also use the room for playing Wii, but have a different area for that. Does such an animal exist? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Nope, receiver switches automatically.
  7. 2nd for King Kong Avatar, of course I love the Resident Evil series, but was blown away by the sound on the second one (Resident Evil: Apocalypse) The Incredible Hulk (starring Edward Norton) Wanted are some of the ones that stand out for me as having excellent sound quality. Also this.
  8. I can't figure out how to use it, but I'm sure this is what they used when I toured the Infinity Campus in LA. I'll take a look later when I have some time.
  9. toddvj

    Computer Backup?

    Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost.
  10. I agree that Watson's main advantage was being able to ring in faster than the human contestants. That being said, it was impressive how he/it could figure out clues that were plays-on-words. I did notice however, that he was weak at associating the clues with the category. In other words, the category might be words that end in "eat," but Watson would answer something totally different. I can't remember specific examples, but you get the gist of it. He seemed completely lost on "themed" categories, and was often below the "guess threshold" for entire categories that relied on a common theme. I kinda wonder how Watson was fed the clues. Was he given them as Alex finished the question, at the beginning or the middle? A computer can read a text file much quicker than humans can speak or hear a sentence. Overall, a pretty cool experiment, but in the end, I'm in the group that saw it as more a "parlour trick" than anything else.
  11. He must've also taken the feet off to take better pictures. [] Maybe for $50.
  12. Yeah, especially with Widows 7, you really don't need to install much as it can handle most codecs natively. Haali Media splitter for .mkv files, ffdshow, and you should be all good. No need for a codec pack any more. Trust me when I say it's a lot easier than it used to be. []
  13. Politicians? Brilliant minds? What does one have to do with the other?
  14. Anyone who has seen Black Swan would probably add that film to this list. There are two scenes in particular, but the entire movie is filled with sexual overtones. The best scene, without throwing out any spoilers, is where Nina is doing her "homework assignment" but then looks up and sees her mother in the room with her.
  15. I have shipped a couple of empty DVD/Game cases, only to find the disc in my XBox or DVD player.
  16. On a website that accepts credit cards, it is simple to incorporate inuput validation instantly with this logorithm. As soon as the user tabs away from the Credit Card input, data validation can tell them if they entered a valid credit card number. It saves them from filling out the entire form only to have to start over after submitting. Also keeps the website from needlessly taking submissions with invalid CC#s.
  17. toddvj

    window size

    Does it do that if you just open a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) without going to favorites? If not, just do that. If so, right click on the shortcut for your browser and go to properties. Under the "shortcut" tab, there is an option that says Run: with a drop-down list. Make sure that says normal window (or anything besides minimized).
  18. I wouldn't have known him by name, but both of those songs are classic. RIP Gerry.
  19. toddvj


    Finally saw this now that it's out on Blu-Ray. Loved it. It would be stupid if they made a sequel, but they probably will. []
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